“Breaking News. Just this afternoon, a bank robbery occurred in the Metropolis. Superman appeared to stop the robbers. However, Superman seems to be in a volatile mood. He almost killed the robbers who were trying to resist arrest.”

“According to the latest news learned by our reporter, one of the robbers was severely injured by Superman and sent to the Metropolis Hospital for emergency treatment. The surviving robbers declared that they would sue Superman in court and demand that Superman compensate them for their damages.”

“The Metropolis Court responded that it has accepted the lawsuit of the robbers in the Superman assault. Whether Superman has the right to harm a citizen of the United States, even if that citizen is a criminal, whether Superman is subject to the United States in the exercise of vigilante activities.”

“A follow-up from the Metropolis Court that a hearing against Superman will be held next Monday, but no one can guarantee whether Superman will be willing to appear in court.”

Barry stared blankly at the TV on the wall. Most TV channels now have topics about superheroes, such as the incident where Superman almost killed a criminal this afternoon.

In addition to Superman, new superheroes have emerged in many cities. For example, the Green Arrow in Star City, Martian Manhunter, and Superman.

In addition to superheroes, there are also a large number of supervillains. The most famous of which are the monsters that suddenly appeared in the Central Park of the Metropolis a few days ago, Doomsday, and General Zod and his army who invaded the earth.

“How long have I been in a coma?” Barry found that he didn’t seem to know the world at all.

While Barry was concentrating on browsing information about superheroes on TV and the Internet, there was a knock on his door. He went to open the door, and several figures standing at the door came into Barry’s eyes.

“Hey guys…how did you get out?” Barry looked at the man standing beside West. This man looked a little old, dressed plainly, and looked very upright and old-fashioned at first glance.

This is Barry’s father, Henry Allen.

Henry stepped forward and hugged his son tightly, patted Barry on the shoulder vigorously, and said calmly, “It was the Dark Knight who provided the police with clues about the murderer who killed your mother, and it was the one who pretended to be Harrison Wells. Although the police did not catch the criminal, it is enough to prove my innocence.”

Eobard Thawne traveled through time and space, went to Barry when he was a child and killed his mother. When the police arrived, they thought it was Henry who killed his wife and then put Henry in prison for more than ten years.

Thanks to West’s efforts, Henry was finally acquitted, but all of this happened after the Speed ​​Force lightning struck Barry. So Barry doesn’t know anything about it.

Hearing that the Dark Knight cleared up his father’s criminal record, Barry was immediately moved, “I owe a huge favor to the Dark Knight. But I have a question, why am I in STAR Labs instead of the hospital? “

Cisco stood up and explained the problem, “The hospital can’t handle your situation at all, and we have the most advanced medical equipment in the United States, which can provide you with better medical conditions.”

“It must be very expensive. I hope you two don’t get broke just for me.” Barry said with some guilt.

Henry shook his head, “No, it was the Wayne Group who heard about us and provided us with free medical services.”

“Wayne Group? Father, are you talking about the Wayne Group in Gotham City?” Barry suddenly had an unreal feeling, as if he had been unlucky for more than 20 years, and suddenly his fortune turned around.

“Don’t think about it too much, Barry. Let’s go home, I prepared a big dinner to celebrate your condition.” West said.

Cisco reminded Barry that he would have a re-examination in a few days and some tests were needed to make sure his body had fully recovered. Barry naturally agreed. After all, all of this is free.


Gotham City, Batcave.

Bruce and Diana looked at Clark. Now that Clark’s condition is worsening, he seems to have difficulty controlling his emotions, wanting to vent his heart unscrupulously. As a last resort, Bruce irradiated Clark with a red sun lamp.

“I have informed Rorschach that he is on Mars now and should be back soon.” Diana kept her hand on the Kryptonite sword at her waist,

The Kryptonite sword was stored in a lead scabbard. Once Clark made any move, Diana would immediately pull out the long sword and suppress Clark. Even under the red sun lights, Bruce is not sure that he can control a mad Kryptonian.

Lois really wanted to go up and hug her lover, but Clark disagreed with Lois approaching him because Clark was afraid that he couldn’t suppress his inner anger and hurt Lois by mistake.

“Rorschach is here.” In the red sunlight, Clark looked up at the entrance of the Batcave.

Before he finished speaking, a flash of black lightning appeared in front of everyone, and when the lightning disappeared, Rorschach stood in front of everyone.

“Rorschach, Clark is in a strange mood now. He always feels angry for no reason and can’t control himself.” Lois saw Rorschach coming and couldn’t wait to tell Rorschach about Clark’s situation.

Rorschach glanced at Clark, “This is not good.”

These words made the hearts of everyone present tremble.

Bruce stared at Rorschach and asked, “You already know what’s wrong with Clark?”

Rorschach nodded, “Remember the monster we defeated in Central Park a few days ago, Doomsday?”

Clark and Diana nodded again and again.

“Clark may have been infected with the Doomsday Virus, but I’m not sure. Further testing of his cells and gene sequences is required to confirm this.” He recalled that Clark was injured in the previous battle against Doomsday.

Combined with symptoms of being unable to control one’s emotions today. It is basically 100% certain that Clark was infected with the Doomsday Virus.

Rorschach looked at the Kryptonite sword pinned to Diana’s waist and said, “I need to take some of Clark’s blood for testing. Diana, please give me a few drops of Clark’s blood.”

“No problem.” Diana responded immediately. She drew out her Kryptonite sword and approached Clark.

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Published On: June 24, 2023

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