“Because both of us have the genes of elite warriors. Those inferior warriors, as well as the scientist genes, will pollute our noble elite warrior bloodline. I think that even if genetic matching is to be performed, among all Kryptonians, only you are the best candidate to pair with us.” Faora said seriously.


Rorschach coughed lightly, “Faora, I said that we want to promote natural pregnancy. But we don’t force genetic matching on everyone. We are all individuals with self-awareness.”

“I think you should learn about the emotional culture on Earth. Before two people mate, you must first understand each other and develop an emotion called ‘love’ instead of having children to increase the population.”

“Faora, do you know what ‘love’ is?”

Hearing Rorschach’s question, Faora shook her head blankly, but nodded again, “Maybe I know, just as I love Krypton deeply, our nation, and its people. I would like to dedicate this life to Krypton.”

“Yes, that’s love. But we are talking about love for another person because only a child with the person you love will be regarded as a treasure.” Rorschach has always felt that Krypton’s family system is very different.

All children are not conceived naturally but are combined with gene sequences through the Codex, and then cultivated through the incubator.

Faora was silent for a moment, “Your Highness Rao, I am willing to dedicate my life to you. In fact, all Kryptonians are willing to dedicate their lives to you. So according to what you said, all-female warriors are willing to bear children for you, but those inferior female warriors will pollute your noble genes. In the form of orders, I suggest letting them be paired with the genetic pairing.”

“Not like that.” Rorschach found it difficult to instill human concepts of love into a Kryptonian female warrior.

He pondered for a while, “Well, next time I come back. I will bring you some film and television works about love on Earth.”

“Of course, His Royal Highness Rao, I will definitely study the emotional culture on Earth.” Faora promised.

Rorschach glanced at the projection on her wrist, “Don’t mention things like genetic pairing, but when building a planetary infrastructure, you can let male and female Kryptonian work together. It would be even better if you can create a relationship.”

After dismissing Faora, Rorschach sighed, although he only needs to move his fingers now, and all Kryptonian female warriors on Mars can communicate with him in depth.

He didn’t continue to worry about this, Rorschach went out alone and seized the time to use the blood of Doomsday to reforge the Necrosword.


Metropolis, Planet Daily.

Clark Kent had a quarrel with the editor-in-chief just now. Because of a trivial matter, the editor-in-chief belittled a few words about the report written by Clark, but Clark felt a bit of anger in his heart. He slammed the desk but not exerting all of his strength.

“You wanted some trouble? Do it then and I’ll call the police. If you do, you’re fired.” Perry was quite frightened by Clark’s actions.

People outside heard the movement in the editor-in-chief’s office and immediately surrounded him. Lois was also quite frightened. She rushed into the editor-in-chief’s office and looked at Clark in disbelief.

“Hey, what’s up with you today?” She stepped forward and tugged on Clark’s sleeve, trying to calm Clark down.

“Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m just, not in the mood.”

Clark looked at Lois with some guilt. He tried hard to control his bad emotions, took a deep breath, and told Perry, “I’m sorry, Mr. White. I will compensate you for the money on your table.”

“Just stay away from here.”

Perry glanced at the broken desk with lingering fear. If he had been slapped on his face, he would probably have his head blown off, “Maybe I’m too strict with you, but I suggest you go to see a psychiatrist. You must give me an explanation for what happened today or I’ll have to fire you for behavior conduct.”

As soon as he heard he still wanted to fire him, Clark subconsciously took a step forward. His hands seemed to be out of the control of the brain at all, and he wanted to pinch him to death.

However, he quickly noticed his abnormality, suppressed the urge, and forced a smile on his face, “I’m sorry, Mr. White. I’m going to see a psychiatrist now, I’m really sorry.”

After finishing speaking, Clark turned around and left.

Lois was worried about Clark’s situation. She said to Perry that she’ll buy him a new desk later and then chased him out.

Lois took Clark to a corner where there was no one in the newspaper office, and asked with concern, “Clark, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know, Lois. This kind of situation has never happened before. I always feel angry. Yes, I feel very angry, like a powder keg, it will explode at one point.” Said Clark.

“Is it the influence of Kryptonite on you? The gang of robbers last night, why did they have Kryptonite weapons? Did Batman give them?” Lois thought about it, only thinking that what happened today would be It will have something to do with last night’s Kryptonite.

But Clark shook his head, “I asked Batman, and he didn’t lose any Kryptonite weapons. After all, I was injured by Kryptonite before, and this situation has never happened.”

“But if it wasn’t Batman, where did the robbers get the Kryptonite?”

“There may be more than one person who owns Kryptonite.”


“Lex Luthor. When I was in high school, Luthor’s father invested in a factory in the small town of Smallville, and they dug out a batch of kryptonite around the factory.” Clark recalled.

Lois didn’t understand, “Aren’t you good friends with Luthor? Whether it’s Clark or your other identity. If it’s him, could it be that the Kryptonite weapons in the hands of the robbers came from Luthor?”

“Friends? Maybe something went wrong between us.” Clark had a headache.

The matter about the statue of heroes in Central Park must have deepened Luthor’s suspicion of him, and Clark felt that he needed to have a good talk with him.

While speaking, Clark suddenly turned his head and looked out the window, “Louise, there is another robbery.”

“Okay, Clark. If you can’t stabilize your mood, ask other Kryptonians. Maybe they will know something about it.” Lois took Clark to a corner where no one was around and quickly kissed Clark on the face.

He showed a bright smile, tore off his coat, revealed the Superman uniform inside, and flew to the sky through the window.

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Published On: June 24, 2023

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