Doomsday was pierced through flesh and blood by Rorschach’s Necrosword and let out a violent roar. The sound waves shake the surrounding ground.

The wound on Doomsday’s body turned red like a piece of red-hot iron. Flesh and blood around the Necrosword began to turn into bone, and several thick bone spurs grew out, which stuck the Necrosword among the bone spurs.

Fortunately, the Necrosword can change into a liquid substance at will. Rorschach took a step back, and the Necrosword turned into a liquid substance, leaving Doomsday’s wound.

“Superman, help me keep Doomsday under control.” Rorschach said to Clark that Doomsday had accumulated a lot of damage and tends to evolve again, so it must be dealt with quickly.

Before the words fell, Doomsday’s eyes suddenly turned red, and two jets of hot light shot toward Rorschach. Clark also uses his thermal vision and fends off Doomsday.

However, even if Clark bursts out with full power, the comparison between his rays and Doomsday’s is like a small rifle versus a rocket launcher. Doomsday’s thermal vision was too strong and kept moving toward Clark. As soon as he was about to hit Clark, a golden lasso flew over and bound Doomsday’s neck.

When the lasso tied Doomsday’s neck, Diana’s pulled the lasso in her hand with all her strength, pulling Doomsday back. Doomsday stretched out his claws to scratch his neck and, at the same time, raised his eyes to the sky.

Clark rushed out and locked Doomsday’s body. Martian Manhunter’s mental ability has almost reached its limit. At this moment, Doomsday is like a nuclear bomb that has reached its tipping point. It seems that in the next second, it will completely explode.

Black lightning broke through the sky, and Rorschach increased his speed to the limit. This was the first time he had exploded the Speed ​​Force to its peak since he obtained the Speed ​​Force. His speed seems so fast that even time and space will be reversed.

The whole world seemed to have pressed the pause button, and everything stopped at this moment. Only Rorschach rushed to the front of Doomsday step by step. He swung the Necrosword in his hand, dragging a series of long air ripples aimed at Doomsday’s head in mid-air, and stabbing him with the sword.

When the tip of the Necrosword pierced Doomsday’s head, Rorschach seemed to hear the sound of glass shattering. The Necrosword did not stop and continued moving forward, piercing Doomsday’s head.

The Speed Force covered the Necrosword, and Rorschach quickly retracted the sword, which turned into a black cloak on his body again. He raised his left hand and waved it in a defensive posture.

Everyone just felt a blur in front of their eyes.

“Dark Knight, Superman…” Diana froze in place. She had no idea what happened at that moment.

In the previous moment, she was still using the lasso to hold on to Doomsday, and in the next moment, both Doomsday and Clark disappeared. Even the lasso in her hand was gone, and she only felt a burning pain in her palm.

Martian Manhunter was also dazed about what had just happened. He and Diana glanced at each other, and the two quickly rushed to the deep pit thousands of meters away.

In the deep pit, Rorschach was standing in the deep pit, stretching out his hand to pull Clark, and the pit was a mess The chest of Doomsday exploded, and his head was split in half, lying on the ground in the deep pit.

The lasso is still on the shattered head of Doomsday.

“This monster…is he dead?” Diana was relieved to see that Rorschach was fine.

Rorschach scanned Doomsday, “He has lost his heartbeat, but don’t take it lightly. Doomsday will come back from the dead. Superman, you and I will melt all the cells of Doomsday into molecules.”

“Alright then.” Clark was panting heavily. He felt a little tired after going through such an intense battle.

Fortunately, under the sunlight, Clark quickly recovered his strength. His eyes suddenly turned red, and together with Rorschach, they burned all of Doomsday’s corpse.

“Every corner must be checked. There must be no cell left behind. Even if it is a cell, Doomsday may be reborn.”

He asked everyone to check every corner of the battlefield carefully. No matter whether it was Clark’s blood or Doomsday’s blood, they could not be left behind.

In the distance, the crowd on the tall buildings outside Central Park. Although they didn’t see clearly how Rorschach’s final blow was done, it didn’t prevent them from understanding that it was the Dark Knight who killed the powerful monster.

“That’s awesome! I’ve slowed down the video just now by 36 times, and I still can’t see clearly how the Dark Knight killed that monster in the end!”

“The Dark Knight is awesome. Whoever dares to be better than Dark Knight with Superman in the future, I will use this video to slap them in the face!”

“Does anyone think that the sword in the Dark Knight’s hand is cool? Is it alien technology? How much does it cost to buy a black sword of the same style as the Dark Knight?”

After the crisis was over, the people completely relaxed and began to discuss the battle on the Internet. Someone also noticed Martian Manhunter. Remembering the two Supermans that appeared before, some smart netizens guessed that perhaps this new superhero is the ‘Superman’ that appeared before.

The military also arrived at the scene immediately with the lead of General Sam Lane. Knowing that the crisis has been resolved, General Sam Lane canceled the follow-up reinforcements.

“I saw that monster on the Internet. Do you know where that monster came from?” General Sam looked at Clark and asked.

Superman said that he didn’t know anything about it, and Rorschach didn’t want the military to interfere in this matter, so he explained, “I suspect that some alien civilization dropped biological weapons on the Earth. Because according to Superman, this monster is It was hidden in a meteorite and fell down, and before that, your military satellites did not capture any trace of the meteorite approaching at all.”

Rorschach did not tell them that Doomsday was a product of Krypton, and the invasion of General Zod had caused the people to fear and have a crisis of trust in the two Kryptonians. If it is known as a product of Krypton, it is estimated that someone will criticize Kryptonians.

“Yes, when I found that meteorite, it had already appeared over Metropolis.” Clark said.

“Alien civilization, huh? A few years ago, I thought that human beings were the only intelligent creatures in this universe. But you told me that now alien civilizations are wanting to invade the earth?”

“Don’t worry, I will investigate the reason for the appearance of this monster in the future. I will not sit idly by if an alien civilization invades the earth.” Rorschach promised General Sam.

“Your words reassure me a lot.” General Sam showed a smile towards Rorschach.

This is an order given to them by the US government. All personnel who come into contact with the Dark Knight should express friendly emotions to the Dark Knight as much as possible without violating the interests of the US government.

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Published On: June 23, 2023

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