A deafening violent sound wave spread out in all directions.

Clark’s face sank, and he looked at Rorschach, “Why do I feel that monster has become stronger again? What’s going on?”

Rorschach squinted his eyes and scanned Doomsday in front of him, “He is evolving. I forgot to tell you that Doomsday will continue to evolve by itself, death after death. It will evolve a countermeasure according to the means of killing him. So, it is impossible to kill Doomsday twice in the same way.”

“I feel that you Kryptonians are already strong enough. Why is there such a monster as Doomsday? Where did he come from?” Diana couldn’t help complaining.

Before the Kryptonians, Diana felt she was the most powerful being on the planet. But it all changed when Kryptonians appeared.

“The timing of Doomsday’s appearance is wrong, and I don’t understand why he appeared at this time. It may be because of my appearance, which caused some butterfly effect. Regarding the appearance of Doomsday, I have two options.”

Black lightning appeared all over Rorschach’s body. He looked at Doomsday in front of him and said quickly, “The Doomsday is just a newborn baby. Once he is fully evolved to an adult, no one in this world could kill him.”

After speaking, Rorschach moved and disappeared instantly. Clark and Diana also jumped up at the fastest speed and charged in the direction of Doomsday. Rorschach appeared behind Doomsday. He exploded with all his strength and punched Doomsday.

A shock wave like a missile explosion spread out around Rorschach’s fist, and Doomsday’s body flew forward uncontrollably, just in time to meet Clark’s fist and Diana’s sword. Clark’s fist hit Doomsday’s chin, and Diana swung the sword at Doomsday’s head.

Doomsday, who had remained stationary, suddenly rolled its eyeballs quickly, capturing the movements of Clark and Diana.

Only two crackling sounds were heard.

Clark and Diana were sent flying by Doomsday’s colossal palm. Doomsday stepped on his foot. His body jumped up, raised his foot, and stomped Diana. Seeing this scene, Diana raised her shield to defend herself with all her strength.

A black lightning flashed across, blocking Diana’s body. She forcibly received countless trampling by Doomsday.

Another boom sounded, and Rorschach threw his hands at him, throwing Doomsday’s figure into the sky. Clark flew up, turned all his anger into a punch, and slammed Doomsday into the ground.

“Martian Manhunter, use your psychic abilities.” Rorschach suddenly remembered that they still had an assistant here.

In a battle at the level of Doomsday, even a Martian Manhunter, an extraordinary existence, would have difficulty intervening. However, Martian Manhunter possesses powerful psychic abilities, which can restrain a Kryptonian’s power for a while.

Kryptonian’s physical resistance is invincible. But their magic resistance and mental resistance are much weaker. But it is worth mentioning that even if the Kryptonian’s magic resistance and mental power are weak, this “weakness” is not weak like ordinary people.

Hearing Rorschach’s words, Martian Manhunter immediately charged at Doomsday.

Doomsday, who was fighting Diana, started holding his head with a pained look on his face. Seeing this, Diana took a step and slashed heavily on Doomsday’s fist with the sword in her hand.

There was a crisp metal impact sound, and the sword slashed into the bone of Doomsday’s fist. But it is only a small cut, not completely torn off its limbs.

“Diana, you are not strong enough.” Rorschach waved his right hand, turning the black cloak into a long black sword.

The sword can break through Doomsday’s skin, but Diana is not strong enough to cut off the bone on Doomsday’s body. This was the first time she heard that she was too weak for the enemy.

Diana held the sword tightly, and aimed at the area of ​​Doomsday’s ankle and slashed it with all her strength.

This sword indeed sliced ​​through Doomsday’s skin, and under the stimulation of severe pain, Doomsday became even more berserk.

Martian Hunter’s spiritual energy was turbulent, and he suppressed the enemy, “Do it quickly. I can’t hold him anymore longer.”

Martian Manhunter has experienced the power of Doomsday firsthand.

In the beginning, Doomsday’s mental resistance was very weak. But in this short period of tens of seconds, his mental power skyrocketed, and it is estimated that in a few minutes, even the Martian hunter would not be able to overwhelm Doomsday.

Because he became stronger every time.

Rorschach heard the sound of planes flying in the distance, some from the military and some from Batman. Being on the safe side, Batman first went back to get some Kryptonite weapons. But when he dealt with General Zod before, the military had vaguely learned that there was a weapon that could kill Kryptonians.

If Doomsday is killed with a Kryptonite weapon this time, then the Kryptonian’s weakness will be grasped by the military and the entire world. Certainly, Rorschach didn’t want this to happen.

Therefore, Rorschach intends to rely on his strength to kill Doomsday forcefully. The Necrosword cut through him and slashed toward the area of ​​Doomsday’s abdomen.

Doomsday almost instinctively raised his hand to block, using the bone spur on the back of his hand to block Rorschach’s Necrosword. He clenched his other hand into a fist and slammed down on Rorschach.

Clark appeared in front of Rorschach, raised his hands, and roared, resisting Doomsday’s punch. Rorschach took this opportunity, and the Necrosword pierced fiercely at the exposed skin under Doomsday’s ribs.

The NEcrosword broke through Doomsday’s skin.

The Necrosword is stained with Doomsday’s blood and draws its power from his blood.

“Perhaps I can use the blood of Doomsday to forge the Necrosword again.”

This idea came to Rorschach’s mind. The blood of Doomsday is no weaker than the blood of the gods in the Marvel universe. The most important point is that Doomsday has unlimited physical strength potential, extremely terrifying adaptability, and the ability to regenerate after death.

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Published On: June 22, 2023

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