Superman solved the meteorite crisis, and Martian Manhunter saw that he had appeared, so he ran away directly and secretly swore in his heart that he would never do such a thing as pretending to be Superman again.

Superman carried the meteorite and slowly flew toward the empty area of ​​Central Park. In an instant, a faint heartbeat appeared in Superman’s ears.

“There is a living creature inside.” This thought flashed through Superman’s mind, and he immediately cast an X-ray vision on the meteorite and began to scan the interior of the meteorite.

Following the X-ray vision through the thick shell of the meteorite, Superman saw the inside of the meteorite at a glance. It had a pair of scarlet eyes staring at him at this moment.

“What is this?”

Before Superman could see the whole picture of the creature in the meteorite, the creature inside opened his hands, and the meteorite burst suddenly. The powerful shock wave even sent Superman flying several meters away.

After the meteorite exploded, a huge figure of about three meters appeared in mid-air. The whole body of that figure is covered with rock-like muscles. The fists, joints, chest, and other body parts are covered with ferocious barbs, making people tremble in fear just by looking at it.

The huge monster let out a deafening roar in mid-air and hits the ground heavily. In the distance, around the three statues, all the people saw this scene.

“A monster appeared in the meteorite?!”

“What are you afraid of? Superman will definitely get rid of that monster!”

“Come on, Superman! Knock out that ugly monster!”

People shouted towards the open area ahead, not realizing that something terrible was about to happen. The voices of the people attracted the monster’s attention. Once the monster looked at them, the crowd suddenly became silent. Scared that they would attract the monster.

The monster roared toward the crowd. Seeing the monster rushing towards them, the crowd immediately scattered, and everyone fled in panic. Superman punched the monster, knocking it into the air and smashing it heavily on the three hero statues behind him.

Among them, the statue of Superman was hit by this monster.

The monster seemed to be irritated by Superman’s punch. He stabilized his figure, raised his huge palm, grabbed Superman’s red cloak, and swung it forward. The terrifying force sent Superman flying, smashing the statue of the Dark Knight.

Being knocked into the air twice by the monster, Superman raged. He raised the head of the Dark Knight statue with both hands, jumped up, and slammed the huge statue’s head on the monster’s head. The head of the statue exploded, and the monster was also thrown back a few steps.

Superman took advantage of the situation, flew in front of the monster, and smashed down with his two fists. The monster he hit backed up a few steps.

“Mr. Luthor, That monster seemed to be stronger than Superman. Let’s evacuate quickly.”

Luthor’s bodyguard clearly felt that Superman is having trouble fighting the monster. It surpassed Superman in terms of speed and strength, so staying here would be a very dangerous thing.

“No, it’s alright.” Luthor responded, but his eyes never left Superman.

The surrounding crowd had run away. On the tall buildings outside the park, quite a few people were poking their heads out of the windows of the tall buildings, watching the scene from a distance. The news of a mysterious monster appearing in Central Park immediately spread on the Internet.

Martian Manhunter went back and forth in the sky, followed by Rorschach and Diana. There were bursts of piercing sounds in the sky. People looked up and saw several figures in the sky.

“It’s the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman. Here they come!”

“Superman alone can’t beat that monster, but adding the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman will definitely be able to.”

The appearance of Rorschach and Diana seemed like a slight hope for the people in Metropolis. At first, the people of the Metropolis were concerned that the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman did not come to the opening ceremony.

However, the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman rushed to support when Metropolis was in danger. This moved the Metropolis people very much.

Rorschach flew to block the monster’s punch at Superman, and Diana jumped forward, holding the sword while slashing toward the monster’s back like a shooting star, and Martian Manhunter also joined the battle.

The monster was attacked from the front and back, and its huge figure was blown away, smashing the third huge statue of Wonder Woman to pieces. At this point, the three hero statues that had just been built were all smashed to pieces.

Rorschach landed in front of Superman, reached out to help him up, looked at the blood flowing from the corner of Superman’s mouth, and couldn’t help laughing, “So you can bleed too.”

“Please, now is not the time for sarcastic words, Rorschach. Do you know the identity information of that monster? Why is it so strong?”

At this time, everyone already believed in Rorschach’s identity as the “man of the future”, so they would ask Rorschach about enemies that they didn’t know the details of. Superman reached out to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. He felt the sun’s rays and quickly recovered from his injuries.

Rorschach glanced ahead and said, “That monster is called Doomsday, and it is a super biological weapon that existed on Krypton in ancient times.”

There are many versions of the origin of Doomsday, but the root cause cannot be separated from Krypton. Zod transformed into Doomsdays after his death, and some were created by Brainiac and used as a strategic weapons. Even in some plots, Darkseid also created Doomsday.

“Doomsday? That’s a very fitting name.” He complained. No wonder he can’t even beat the opponent because this monster is a product of Krypton.

In the distance, the monster called Doomsday let out a roar, and a circle of energy force field suddenly exploded. Doomsday seemed to be a bit taller. When he looked at Rorschach and the others, he felt a sense of oppression.

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Published On: June 22, 2023

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