Metropolis Central Park.

The appearance of Superman made the audience cheered. Countless Metropolis citizens gathered in Central Park. They cheered and welcomed the superhero with the warmest voices.

Clark is taking pictures dedicatedly below. In the past, all the news about Superman was exclusively reported by Lois. Now, with Martian Manhunter’s help, Clark can finally experience himself reporting the news about Superman.

Just when Clark thought today’s event was about to end successfully, a noise suddenly appeared in his ears. Clark’s face changed, and he suddenly looked up at the sky. Above the sky, a meteorite falling at high speed appeared at some unknown time.

The meteorite seemed to appear out of thin air. It just appeared in the sky of the Metropolis and fell straight towards the central square.

“How is this possible?” Clark’s face changed. Under normal circumstances, if a meteorite falls to the Earth, the military will definitely have satellites to detect it and take corresponding measures.

Even if the military ignored some small meteorites, Clark would feel the moment the meteorite entered the atmosphere.

However, the meteorite in front of him seems to have appeared in the sky out of thin air. What’s even more weird is that the meteorite fell straight toward Central Park. Clark subconsciously wanted to find a place where no one was around and took off his suit, which contained the Superman suit he would wear at any time.

But this is the Metropolitan Central Park, and there are a large number of people gathered here. All of them are here to see ‘Superman’. In this way, Clark couldn’t change into Superman nearby.

After a slight hesitation, there was a loud sound in the sky, and all the people in the park looked up. Even if they didn’t need a super vision, they could see a meteorite falling in their direction.

“Oh my God, a meteor comes crashing down on us!”

“Superman, stop that meteor!”

“Superman, save us!”

When they saw the falling meteorite, they felt fear and wanted to escape. But they soon realized that there was Superman.

For Superman, a mere meteorite is easy to handle. For a moment, the eyes of countless people focused on the Martian Manhunter disguised as ‘Superman’ on the stage, and even Luthor looked at ‘Superman’ calmly.

“Superman, you should be able to stop that meteorite, right?”

Martian Manhunter looked up and saw the meteorite in the sky. He couldn’t help but twitch his mouth, and his heart beat wildly.

Being stared at by all the people, Martian Manhunter felt the anticipation in the eyes of the people in the Metropolis. He gritted his teeth, raised his head to imitate the flying movements of Superman, raised his right fist above his head, and flew to the sky.

“Come on, Superman!”

“Smash that meteorite with one punch!”

“You’re the best!”

Watching ‘Superman’ fly into the sky, countless people raised their mobile phones and took photos and videos.

“Hey, Tony. Guess where I am? I’m watching Superman stop a meteorite from falling on my head. Whoever told you to go to Gotham City to see Batman, you will regret it.”

The people at the scene were chattering, but none of them had the slightest worry on their faces because, out of their trust in Superman, they felt that Superman would definitely protect them.

Luthor felt strange in his heart: “Why do I feel that the speed of Superman’s flight today is very slow?”

Although the ‘Superman’ flying speed in front of him is already fast, it lacks a sense of power.

After having this strange feeling in his heart, Luthor subconsciously looked into the crowd, looking for Clark. He stood under the statues and looked around the crowd but did not see Clark’s figure.


“Where are you, Clark!”

“Jim, take a few people and help me find Clark. Go!”

Jim is Luthor’s personal bodyguard. Lex is completely disregarding his safety at the moment and sends his bodyguard to look for Clark. At the same time, Luthor takes out his mobile phone and calls Clark.

Martian Manhunter disguised as Superman in the sky was almost about to fly in front of the meteorite. He could already feel the terrifying heat generated by the meteorite falling at high speed.

Because Martian Manhunter’s weakness is fire, facing the falling meteorite carrying raging flames, Martian Manhunter was terrified. If it wasn’t for the strong spiritual support, he must have shown his original shape at this moment.

Seeing that it was about to hit ‘Superman’, another figure shot up into the sky, blocking Martian Manhunter, resisting the small meteorite.

“Look, two Supermans are appearing in the sky!”

Countless people were confused by the sudden appearance of two Superman. The people did not understand what happened and why two Supermans suddenly appeared today.

Luthor’s bodyguard returned soon, and he reported to him, “Boss, I took someone to look around. But I didn’t see Clark. Maybe he may have left here. Do you want me to keep looking around for him?”

“There’s no need for that…”

Luthor looked up at the two Superman appearing in the sky, his face darkened, “I think… I have found him.”

In the sky, Superman exerted all his strength in an attempt to hold the meteorite.

However, this meteorite was heavier than expected. Even with all his strength, Superman fell hundreds of meters downwards before he was able to hold it in his hand, preventing the meteorite from falling to the ground.

“Let’s go!”

“Thank you, Superman!”

“Although it is very inappropriate for me to ask this. I would like to know why there are two Superman.”

The crowd below burst into cheers, and many of them were curious about why there were two Superman in the sky. People pointed their mobile phones at the sky, but the other ‘Superman’ had disappeared without knowing it.

Superman held the meteorite in both hands in the sky, and he glanced below. Although many people gather in the park, most people are around the hero statue. Superman intends to put the meteorite in an open place and then wait for the authorities to come and deal with it.

Superman now only wants to put down the meteorite quickly and then slip away and change back to his previous appearance.

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Published On: June 21, 2023

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