The transforming friend Rorschach mentioned naturally refers to Martian Manhunter or Hank Henshaw.

“But once you find someone to replace you, wouldn’t two Dark Knights appear in Gotham and Metropolis at the same time? Wait, how is the transformative effect of your friend who can transform?” Clark didn’t continue to worry about Rorschach’s inability to participate. But more concerned about the friend he mentioned.

“Let me tell you this, if I turn him into me, I can’t tell if he is a fake just by X-ray vision. Unless I go to him and punch him.” Rorschach explained.

Martian Manhunter’s ability to transform is amazing, almost to the point where the real one can be confused with the real one, even though he’s a fake. Martian Manhunter can only imitate the appearance but cannot disguise that person’s strength.

Clark seemed very happy to hear this, “Can you lend him to me? Lex Luthor has been suspecting that I am Superman. Not only he made an appointment with Superman, but he also made an appointment with Clark for an exclusive interview. Lois made up an excuse for me. If you make that friend of yours can turn into Superman, maybe you can dispel Lex Luthor’s suspicion of me.”

“Then why don’t you just tell Lex Luthor your real identity?”

In Rorschach’s memory, there are several versions of Lex Luthor who really cared for Clark, but Clark kept concealing his identity. This gradually caused suspicion between the two sides, and eventually, the two turned against each other.

The most crucial point is that in almost all versions, Luthor will eventually discover Superman’s true identity and start to target him crazily. Rather than being discovered later, why not have a confession at the beginning?

“I have thought about confessing my identity to Lex Luthor countless times, but…he is too obsessed with an alien civilization, or more bluntly, he is too obsessed with Kryptonian civilization. If I tell him my identity that Superman is Clark Kent, he’ll ask me to study Kryptonian technology. Once I refuse him, he will turn against me .” Clark said with some embarrassment.

Clark does not want anyone on Earth to study Kryptonian technology, especially Lex Luthor. Luthor has great ambitions. If he is allowed to come into contact with Kryptonian technology, it will most likely lead to catastrophe.

Rorschach said, “I understand what you mean. Superman can be anyone, but it must not be Clark Kent.”

“Yes, that’s what I wanted.” Clark was very happy that Rorschach understood him.

“If the story between you and Luthor is adapted into a drama, it will definitely become a hit.” Rorschach joked.

Almost every version of Superman and Lex Luthor will end in a very big conflict between the two. If Rorschach puts himself in Clark’s perspective, on the premise that Clark is Superman facing Luthor, there will be two outcomes.

Either let Luthor study Kryptonian technology or break up with Luthor.

“Luthor and I are just friends.” Clark justified.

Rorschach chuckled. Superman and Luthor, just like Batman and the Joker, have a complex relationship.

However, Joker in this world has been obliterated by Rorschach. As for Luthor, if Luthor only targets Superman, Rorschach is still interested in watching the scene where these two wanted to kill each other. But if Luthor dares to find himself to find trouble with Kryptonians, even if Superman and Luthor are good friends, Rorschach will kill him.

“I’ll help you make an appointment with my friend, who can transform later. He’s a Martian, named Martian Manhunter.” Rorschach told Clark the basic information about Martian Manhunter.

He hung up the phone. Diana had already changed and walked in. Rorschach tells Diana about Bruce and Clark’s invitation, and Diana goes to Gotham City with Rorschach.


In Afternoon. Metropolis, Central Park.

In order to commemorate Superman, The Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman saved the Metropolis, Lex Corp specially carved three statues of more than ten meters high for the three superheroes.

Now that the statue has been built, Luthor invited three heroes to attend the opening ceremony. But because there is no Batman in the statue this time, this move seems to have angered the people of Gotham City.

On the day Lex Corp announced the opening ceremony, the Wayne Group also announced that it would hold the ceremony of the statue of heroes in Gotham City at the same time.

“Mr. Luthor, The Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman have already appeared in Gotham City. They probably wouldn’t come to us.”

Among the crowd in Central Park, a bodyguard reported to Luthor.

“It’s a pity. But it’s okay. Superman is here. You just need to remember that there is only one superhero in Metropolis: Superman.”

Luthor is crazy about alien civilizations, and the invasion of General Zod made him realize that there is something beyond the Earth. In the vast universe and starry sky, there is a wider world waiting for him to explore. Superman is his bridge to explore those extraordinary civilizations.

“Luthor.” A familiar voice came. Luthor looked back and saw Clark in the crowd at a glance.

“Clark, why are you here so early?” Luthor was a little surprised.

He has always suspected that he is Superman, but he has no proof. This time Luthor invited Superman and Clark at the same time. He wanted to test each other out. If Clark was Superman, they would definitely not appear at the same time.

So, Clark arrived at the venue on time, which made Luthor doubt his guess.

“Your invitation, of course. Luthor, stand under the Superman statue. Let me take some photos for you.” Clark waved the camera in his hand to the other party.

Of course, Luthor would not refuse, “Clark, do you still remember the photo you took for the football team in the school newspaper when you were in high school? I still hang it in my office.”

“Didn’t you take that photo yourself? At that time, you said that you also wanted to experience the feeling of being a reporter.” Clark replied casually.

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot about that.”

Luthor had an expression that he had a terrible memory. He just wanted to see if the Clark in front of him was really Clark. Because of this detail, only the real Clark knows.

While Clark was taking pictures of Luthor, Martian Manhunter who turned into Superman, flew over the venue. For a while, the people who came to watch screamed one after another. Seeing Superman and Clark appear at the same time, Luthor completely dispelled his doubts this time.

“Superman! Thank you for coming. I hope that in the days to come, we can protect the Metropolis and America together.”

Luthor stepped forward to shake hands with Superman. Clark also stood under the stage, holding up the camera in his hand and quickly pressing the shutter to record this historic moment.

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Published On: June 21, 2023

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