The wilderness of New Mexico is around 30 kilometers from Old Bridge Town. Rorschach established a wilderness camp there with the help of the others. Rorschach understands Loki’s tactics for following up, so on the one hand, and he wishes to stay out of sight of the FBI or S.H.I.E.L.D.

The opposing side would deploy the Asgard Weapon Destroyer to Earth to assassinate Thor after returning to Asgard, even if Rorschach didn’t deal with Loki. Rorschach then requested that everyone make their home in the forest because he believed that if he remained in the town, the Destroyer would arrive and many innocent people would undoubtedly become engaged in this farce.

There is absolutely no such worry in the wild. Dr. Selvig and Darcy are preparing lunch for everyone in the wilderness camp. After dealing with the police, Norman and Harry must get some goods from the town in order to live before returning.

In order to exercise his own might without relying on Thor’s Hammer, Thor approached Rorschach for guidance on how to unlock his own potential. Even so, Rorschach is unable to access Thor’s inner strength.

Thor In the story of Thor 3, the goddess of death, Hela, broke Thor’s hammer, which was then thrown to the arena where he squared off against the Hulk. Thor’s combat abilities were significantly diminished after he lost Thor’s Hammer, but the Hulk’s insane assault caused him to awaken the strength of Thor within him unintentionally.

After returning to Asgard, Thor engaged in combat with Hela, the goddess of death.

However, because of the strength gap, Hela once more tortured Thor to death. When he was about to pass away, Thor thought of his deceased father, Odin. He then fully awakened, took control of thunder, and transformed into the true Thor.

What is the necessary condition for Thor to awaken his own might,? That is power of power! The more severe the abuse, the quicker the victim awakens since it is life-or-death abuse!

Rorschach was ready to direct Thor by himself when the system gave a fresh task.

[Ding, start the side objective “Female Thor,” which rewards 20,000 mission points for assisting Jane Foster in harnessing the strength of Thor and becoming a proficient combatant.]

In his heart, Rorschach had a slight embarrassment. Finally, he discovered a chance to trade a wave of NPC favorability with Thor, but at this moment, the system intervened. Should he now decide to support Thor in his work or let the system’s rules direct Jane Foster?

“I’d be honored to assist you, but you must be psychologically ready. You have to confront death, a hopeless existence, and blood if you want to reach your potential. Are you prepared?” Rorschach posed a serious question.

When Thor noticed how serious Rorschach was, he exclaimed, “I’m ready.”

Thor’s response had Thor very happy, and Rorschach then turned to Jane Foster, who was tinkering with various tools in the tent up ahead, and yelled, “Dr. Foster, please come here.”


Jane Foster immediately put down what she was doing and hurriedly left the tent after hearing Rorschach summon himself. Could I inquire what you want from me, Mr. Rorschach? Jane Foster asked while stroking her forehead hair.

Rorschach continued to maintain a grave expression as he stated, “You should be aware that the planet is in severe jeopardy. Loki will command the army of Asgard whenever they invade the earth to cause us grief. Thor ought to be able to demonstrate this.”

Thor had a perplexed expression and wondered, ‘didn’t he want to help me unlock my power? Why would Rorschach call this woman here?’

Even though he couldn’t comprehend, Thor nonetheless agreed with Rorschach’s assessment, saying, “Rorschach is right. Loki is by no means a gracious person. He must be thinking about how to take retribution right now, which is why I want to regain your vigor as quickly as possible.”

Despite what Thor said, Jane Foster is still unaware of how serious the issue is. The fairy palace in myths and legends is Asgard. With the technical might of the earth, it would be even more difficult to stop Asgard from starting a war against it.

“Mr. Rorschach, I see. What do you want me to do?” Jane Foster also got grave.

“It’s not what you want to do, but what should you do instead?” Rorschach waved his hand.

“You two are the hope of the earth, Thor, you must awaken your own strength, and Dr. Foster, you must learn to fight as soon as possible and master the power of Thor’s hammer.”

“In particular, Dr. Foster, you have actually developed a lot of combat instincts since becoming a female Thor, but you haven’t had an opportunity to put them to use. Now that the chance has presented itself, it is up to you to practice against Thor. Since you have recently attained power and are unsure of how to utilize it, and since Thor has extensive fighting training but has recently lost power, the two of you may simply complement one another as equal opponents.”

Thor’s face simply crumbled, while Jane Foster exhibited uncertainty. Thor has only recently made the decision to let go of the past, stop depending on his hammer, and try to rely only on his own strength. Rorschach thus requested that Jane Foster “train” Thor using Thor’s Hammer.

Is this something that people are capable of?

Thor was unable to accept it in his heart, so Rorschach added, “Thor, that’s a component of the training as well. You won’t be able to escape the past if you can’t gaze squarely at the Hammer. If you were a guy, you would stand here and attack Dr. Foster since you currently appear to be one.”

“Stop being jittery like the little princess of Asgard,” Rorschach commanded as he jabbed Thor in the chest. “Tell me, can you do it?”

“I can handle it,” Because of Rorschach’s provocative tactics, Thor found his fighting spirit again, stopped resisting, and turned to face Jane Foster.

“Come on, attack me with all your might; don’t hold back a thing.”

Rorschach gave Jane Foster a nod as she turned to face him. Jane Foss immediately extended her hand slowly toward her tent. Thor’s Hammer, which Jane Foster had summoned, flew immediately from her clothing rack and fell into Jane Foster’s hands.


A few lightning bolts appeared in the sky, coating Jane Foster’s torso to create the female version of the Thor armor.

Thor was inconsolably sad as he only stared at this spectacle. Thor owned everything in the past, but in order to reclaim his new life, he must now learn to let go of his old glory and possessions.

Jane Foster changed into a female version of Thor, and Thor took the initiative in assaulting them. Jane Foster quickly rebutted. Jane Foster’s fundamental qualities, such as strength and defense, have significantly enhanced since she became a female Thor, although she has never engaged in combat before.

He will only react hastily out of impulse when facing Thor’s onslaught. “Dr. Foster, when you battle, don’t close your eyes; look straight at your foe, that’s right.”

In order to hit the opponent in a blind location and catch them off guard, the hammer is accidentally thrown, then called back.

“Use thunder to shock him. Don’t worry about electrocuting Thor. Have you heard that thunder has the power to electrocute Thor to death? Thunder, use thunder, Dr. Foster, you are the goddess of thunder, not the goddess of hammer. Use thunder to shock him.”


Rorschach was on the sidelines teaching Jane Foster, a female Thor, how to fight while also being watchful to avoid mishaps.

At first, Thor could use his combat background to give him a slight advantage, but with Rorschach’s instruction and Jane Foster’s high level of talent, she gradually improved her use of Thor’s Hammer.

As a result, the situation evolved from being evenly matched to Jane Foster’s one-sided crushing. Thor may no longer possess supernatural strength, but his physical fitness is still dreadfully impressive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat 20 highly skilled S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives by himself in the original plot.

Thor’s life won’t really be in danger as long as his brain, heart, and other important organs are unharmed. Thor’s eyes flashed a blue arc even after being startled by Jane Foster’s thunder multiple times.

“Is this the beginning of power emerging?”

Rorschach has been giving this competition his full concentration in an effort to avoid accidents. He couldn’t help but think of the storyline from Thor 3 when he observed the blue arc in Thor’s eyes.

In the primary storyline of Thor 3, Thor misplaced his hammer and was electrocuted to death. People at the time stated that Thor feared electric shock devices.

However, Rorschach had an idea at this precise moment. Perhaps it was due to the electric shock, which used repeated electric shocks to speed up the awakening of Thor’s dormant thunder power.

It appears that Marvel’s screenwriters have always been to blame. How was the honorable Thor able to be paralyzed with an electric shock? In reality, it was preparing Thor for the coming awakening of thunder’s strength.

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Published On: February 9, 2023

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