Regarding Rorschach’s suggestion, the researcher showed a somewhat embarrassed look.

“However, no naturally conceived children on Krypton have existed for hundreds of years. Of course, except for Kal-El, and I am very worried that naturally conceived children cannot guarantee the purity of the genes.”

Krypton is the ultimate form of class solidification, and genes determine the way of life. The descendants of warriors will only become warriors. The descendants of scientists will become scientists.

As a result, the researcher starts to worry about whether the children born naturally would be like Kal-El. After hearing what the bald researcher said, Clark looked at him with some displeasure.

“Naturally conceived children have more possibilities. Instead of planning the future from birth, everyone should have the right to pursue their dreams.” Clark retorted with dreams and freedom.

Suddenly, after Rorschach noticed that he had proposed that, several Kryptonians looked at him.

“For the time being, we will use the incubator to cultivate the population. Our top priority is to establish a new ecosystem and infrastructure on Mars.”

After all, in the Marvel Universe, Rorschach is the man who commanded the three empires of the universe and is obviously familiar with rebuilding civilization.

Rebuilding civilization is just three tricks: building infrastructure, climbing the technology tree, and exploding arms. When these three pillars are supported, civilization can stand among the stars in the universe.

However, things like infrastructure construction and technology tree climbing can never be counted on the Kryptonians, that are just going to be warriors.

Although these Kryptonian warriors also have super brains, their skill points are all focused on combat talents. It is impossible for them to learn science and technology. A generation of Kryptonians has changed to warriors, and it is impossible to rely on these people for the technological development of Krypton.



Three days after the end of General Zod’s invasion, the Metropolitan City Hall plans to build statues of three heroes in Central Park, namely the Dark Knight, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The people of Gotham City expressed dissatisfaction with this.

Batman also participated in the battle, but they didn’t build one for him.

The people of Star City agreed with the people of Gotham City and emphasized that Green Arrow also participated in the war and there should be a statue of Green Arrow.

Soon, the Metropolitan City Hall issued a document stating that the Lex Corp funded the statues of the three heroes. The budget given by Lex Luthor was only enough to build three statues, but Lex Luthor will be informed in the future, or the Wayne Group and the Queen Industries can contribute.

On the same day, the Wayne Group bought a piece of land in downtown Gotham City, announcing that it was used to build statues of Gotham City’s urban heroes, Batman, Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman. At the same time, the Wayne Group emphasized that the Dark Knight is the superhero of Gotham City.

Immediately afterward, Star City also reported that Queen Industries would invest in the construction of a Green Arrow Park in the Star City New Technology Park. It plans to build large statues of Green Arrow, Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman as a city landmark project.

The residents of Central City looked envious because they didn’t have an exclusive superhero for their city. Many people wrote to the city hall to build a statue park of the Dark Knight. Because of The Dark Knight and Wonder Woman, Batman came to Central City and defeated the mysterious man in yellow.

So, it makes sense to build a statue for them here.

But the Central City City Hall rejected the people’s request on the grounds that there was no budget, so the people in the Central City began to ask the enterprises in the Central City to donate.

Many companies are still a little bit excited. After Lex Corp, Wayne Group, and Queen Industries announced the construction of hero statues, their stock prices continued to rise. Some businessmen sense that marketing these superheroes may have an impact on their business.

STAR Labs was the first to announce that it would spend huge sums of money to build a superhero theme park. These include but are not limited to, The Dark Knight, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow, and any superheroes that come out in the future.

“Not only do we want to build a theme park for superheroes, we also want to create various superhero techs and gadgets.” Rorschach, who returned to Earth, said to Cisco and Caitlin.

But Cisco was a little worried, “It’s doable if you want to build a superhero theme park. But if you build a superhero tech and stuff, it may involve infringement. Although those superheroes may not care, other jealous businessmen, I will definitely take this opportunity to make a big fuss.”

In the United States, the copyright issue is relatively serious. If it is not done well, it will be ruined.

Rorschach grinned, “What if I can obtain the authorization of all superheroes?”

“Are you being for real?”

Cisco looked at Rorschach, and his hands trembled slightly due to excitement, “You’re kidding, aren’t you? I know the Wayne Group backs the lab, but even Bruce Wayne can’t get the authorization of all superheroes!”

“Cisco, you made a mistake. It is not the Wayne Group backing our laboratory, but our STAR Labs is backing the Wayne Group.”

Rorschach looked at Cisco seriously and said seriously, “In addition, it is indeed impossible for Bruce Wayne to obtain the authorization of all superheroes, but I can.”

“You mean you know those superheroes? How could it be? Not that I don’t trust you, and I definitely won’t unless you get my favorite superhero’s autograph.”

“Oh, who is your favorite superhero then? Is it the Dark Knight? Because he is the most powerful of all superheroes. It’s only natural that you like him.” He never told the two employees of the STAR Labs that he was the Black Knight.

But considering that Sisko admires him so much, maybe he can reveal his true identity to him.

But Sisko shook his head, “No, my favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.”

Rorschach’s smile froze on his face.

Cisco instinctively retracted his words, “I was just joking. My favorite hero is… the bat… no. The Dark Knight, definitely the Dark Knight. He is the most powerful indeed!”

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