After listening to General Sam’s words, General Swanwick’s mouth twitched. He watched the video on the Internet immediately. The battle between the Kryptonians was so unimaginable by normal means. In their eyes, the creations of human civilization seemed to be more fragile than paper.

The Dark Knight’s threat to them is like the sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the military and the US governments. They must consider whether it can bear their power when it takes various measures against the Dark Knight.

“The higher-ups invited many experts in psychology, sociology, criminology, and other factors to comprehensively assess so-called superheroes such as Superman, Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman.” An aged five-star general, General Thorne, spoke, and all eyes were on him.

He continued, “Based on an assessment, Superman’s behavior is highly consistent with the spirit of the United States government. If you don’t look at the race of birth, he is an out-and-out American. As for Batman and Green Arrow, although the assessment is not as good as Superman, their level of threat to society is also very low, and these people can indeed be called superheroes.”

“What about the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman?” General Swanwick asked

“There is little information about Wonder Woman, but ARGUS has found out that Wonder Woman’s earliest activity was during World War I, and she has made outstanding achievements in battle. But for some reason, her existence has been erased. Wonder Woman’s evaluation is a little lower than Batman and Green Arrow, she does not have strong moral constraints, but she is not harmful.”

“What about the Dark Knight?”

“The Dark Knight… He and Superman are two sides of a coin. He is a soul without any moral constraints. He is an extremely uncontrollable factor. Due to the powerful strength of the Dark Knight, the final decision of the higher-ups is to be cautious in all negotiations with the Dark Knight and don’t take the initiative to provoke him. At the same time, you must also prevent the possibility of the Dark Knight losing control.”

“If there is such a day, instead of relying on military power, it is better to rely on Superman and the others to prevent the Dark Knight from getting out of control.” General Sam said.

Although he doesn’t believe in Superman, he believes in his daughter.

“I hope that day never comes.” General Swanwick echoed.


In space.

Rorschach stood on the deck of the spaceship. Diana and Clark are also here, but Clark was taken for the Codex. The researchers of the spaceship need enough blood from Clark to extract all the information from the Codex. Diana visited the interior of the spaceship with the remaining Kryptonian warriors.

Seeing that among the remaining fourteen Kryptonian warriors, female fighters accounted for more than half of the number, Diana suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of crisis. Rorschach heard Diana sighing. Although Diana tried her best to control the sound, Rorschach heard it.

“What’s the matter? you seem a little unhappy.” Rorschach asked.

Diana gave Rorschach an angry look. Although she complained a lot in her heart, Diana still smiled and shook her head, “It’s nothing. I feel sorry for Krypton.”

“There is nothing to say sorry about. When this ship enters the atmosphere of Mars, it will release the world engine, reshape the planetary gravity of Mars, and transform it into the most suitable living environment for Kryptonians. Then wait for the Codex to program them all.” Rorschach looked through the spaceship’s wall and at Mars in the distance.

“I heard that Kryptonians don’t need a mother’s body to create life?” Diana sat beside Rorschach and asked carefully.

Rorschach turned his head to look at the people around him and suddenly reached out to wrap his arms around Diana’s waist, “The incubator is just to ensure the orientation of the Kryptonian newborn’s genes. Kryptonian people can artificially carry out babies and can even conceive the next generation with people from other planets. Would you like to give it a try?”

“Okay.” Diana replied with a faint smile on her face.

Rorschach was taken aback. He thought Diana would refuse. Diana, in this world, did not meet Steve Trevor, but because the flames of World War I burned to Paradise Island, she was forced to be born to stop the man who created World War, which is Ares.

As an Amazon warrior, Diana naturally likes men who are stronger than herself. After entering the human world, Diana has never met a man that she can admire. That was until she met Rorschach.

Sensing Rorschach’s surprised expression, Diana stretched out her hand to hold Rorschach’s face and said softly, “Since you are my future husband, and fate has allowed you to cross time and space and appear in front of me ahead of time, this is fate. Shouldn’t we cherish the gift of God even more?”

“That makes sense.” Rorschach looked at Diana and couldn’t help feeling the urge to protect her for the rest of her life.

Diana was silent for a moment as if mustering all her courage, “Rorschach, I am willing to stand by your side forever in the future life, fight side by side with you, and become your most loyal and reliable comrade-in-arms.”

Rorschach listened to Diana’s sudden sincere confession. Diana wouldn’t say sweet words, but Rorschach could feel her heart. Diana is the kind of woman who will not be tempted easily, but as long as she is tempted, she will give everything she has.

Even though Rorschach was full of earthy love talk and all kinds of sweet words, he was in front of the woman who was sincere to him. Rorschach said nothing, stretched out his hand to pinch her chin, and kissed her.

“Your Highness, we found a small shuttle in front of our spaceship, and they requested to enter our spaceship. Should we accept or ignore it?” Faora’s voice can be heard.

Rorschach and Diana separated from the ecstasy in an instant. Diana looked at her with unfriendly eyes, and there was a burst of anger in her stomach that she had nowhere to vent. Rorschach also looked at Faora suspiciously. He didn’t hear any footsteps just now.

Rorschach turned his head and looked outside the spaceship without worrying about this. He used an X-ray to scan the small shuttle with a strange shape. It seemed to be a one-man spaceship that could only travel between two relatively close planets.

The scan continued to penetrate the small shuttle, and Rorschach saw a green humanoid creature, also watching him at the moment.

“It’s… The Martian Manhunter?”

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