“Rebuilding Krypton?”

Faora murmured, her eyes falling on the body of General Zod, “General Zod also wanted to rebuild Krypton.”

“Yes, but he doesn’t want to rebuild the way I envisioned it. I am a descendant of Rao. All Kryptonians should obey my will. If you continue to serve General Zod foolishly, you will end up dead.”

While speaking, Rorschach raised his foot and took a step forward. The Necrosword in his hand was like a beast that had broken free from the chain and would pounce on the remaining of General Zod’s warriors.

“You’d better make a choice as soon as possible.” Rorschach raised his voice a few degrees and scolded.

After a few seconds of silence, someone knelt down first.

There were less than nine Kryptonian warriors left, kneeling down one after another. Even Faora, who stood for the longest time, finally chose to surrender to Rorschach after a period of ideological struggle.

It wasn’t until everyone knelt down towards Rorschach that Rorschach showed a satisfied smile. His identity as a descendant of “Rao” is the biggest reason why these Kryptonian warriors choose to surrender.

If Rorschach hadn’t borrowed the surname ‘Rao’, these soldiers loyal to General Zod might not have surrendered, and there would definitely be diehards who chose to fight to the last moment.

General Zod is dead, so the only one who can rebuild Krypton is Rorschach, a descendant of Rao.

Regardless of strength or blood, Rorschach is the only leader who is qualified to be the leader of the remaining Kryptonians.

“Faora, go and inform the others to end the battle with Superman immediately. As for the rest of you, collect all the corpses of the Kryptonians who died in battle, destroy any blood or Kryptonian creations, and then go to the spaceship.”

Rorschach gave the first order to these Kryptonian warriors. While speaking, Rorschach put away the Necrosword and re-formed it into a black cloak on his body.

“Understood.” Faora lowered her head towards Rorschach, glanced at the corpse of General Zod on the ground, and then immediately flew away from the place.

Others also quickly disappeared, eliminating all Kryptonians and Kryptonian technological creations.

Before Rorschach went to the Kryptonian spaceship, he first met Bruce and told him that General Zod was dead, and all other Kryptonians chose to surrender to him.

“Dark Knight, you don’t want to rebuild Krypton like General Zod, do you?” Quinn asked with some concern.

Although he learned from Bruce that Rorschach is a superhero from the future, Rorschach’s identity as a Kryptonian still makes Quinn inevitably have doubts about Rorschach in his heart.

Rorschach nodded, “I definitely want to rebuild Krypton. But don’t worry. It’s not on Earth but on Mars.”

“Mars is indeed a good choice. However, Mars is not as good as Earth in some conditions. It is still one of the most suitable planets in the solar system. Rorschach, if you need my help, ask.” Bruce said.

“If you need help, I can help too.” Quinn also said immediately.

Both of them are rich, and they can support him with their money because Rorschach needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to rebuild the planet, especially the infrastructure on the planet.

General Zod took the Earth as the first choice for rebuilding Krypton because of the abundant water resources on the Earth. As long as there is water, he can build a large number of Kryptonian buildings quickly, complete the basic construction, and advance the technology tree quickly.

The difficulty of rebuilding Krypton on Mars is much greater than that on Earth.

“You guys are enough. When I really need your help, I will definitely come to you.” Rorschach smiled and patted Bruce, Quinn, and Spartan on the shoulders.

Finally, they ordered them to pack up the Kryptonite and then flew into the Kryptonian spaceship in the sky.

Faora found the others who were still fighting Superman and the others. There were more than a dozen Kryptonian warriors, only the last five remained, and all the others died in battle.

Knowing that General Zod was dead and they surrendered to Rorschach, other Kryptonian warriors fell to their knees and cried aloud. The bodies of all Kryptonian fighters who died in battle were transported back to the Kryptonian spaceship.

In order to appease the remaining Kryptonian warriors, Rorschach decided to hold the highest standard funeral for them first and then burn them all after the funeral.


On Earth.

The scenes of superheroes such as the Dark Knight and Superman fighting alien invaders spread wildly to every corner of the Earth in a short period of time. Countless people are waiting in front of TVs, computers, and mobile phones, waiting for the final result.

Did the superheroes win, or the alien invaders?

On the TV screen, Lois brought the latest report. The Dark Knight, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow, and other superheroes jointly fought the alien invaders.

Among them, the Dark Knight beheaded the alien invaders’ leader, directly causing them to be completely defeated. After this news report was issued, countless people cheered.

In the Kryptonian spaceship, Rorschach could feel the power of faith from all over the world coming together. This time General Zod’s invasion made countless people understand that there are existences beyond the Earth that are more powerful than human civilization on Earth.

However, superheroes such as Rorschach are like saints who protect the Earth from powerful civilizations. This alone is enough for people to have faith in Rorschach.


On the military base.

“General Swanwick, the alien spaceship has left the earth, including the part of the spaceship that flew to the southern hemisphere. The two parts of the alien spacecraft have been reassembled and left the Earth just now.” A researcher reported in the command room.

“It seems that the Dark Knight and Superman have indeed defeated the alien invaders.” General Sam was holding a mobile phone, reading the news report from his daughter.

Compared with General Sam, who only cares about the outcome of the battle, General Swanwick wants to know who is driving that alien spaceship.

“Can we ask the Dark Knight or Superman to hand over the alien prisoners of war and the alien spaceship?” General Swanwick looked at the other military leaders in the command room and asked.

Everyone looked at each other, General Sam recalled Rorschach’s words, and he said, “You can try it, but don’t bring me into this. I suggest you take a good look at the Dark Knight and Superman. Let’s make a decision after watching the video.”

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