Just when the battle between Clark and the Kryptonian warriors was heating up, Rorschach was also facing the joint attack of twelve Kryptonian warriors. Rorschach has Super Speed power and can outmatch them all.

But the Kryptonians also have Super Speed, plus their cells have absorbed enough solar energy, and their speed and reaction ability have been greatly improved compared to before. With the cooperation of each other, they can make up for the lack of speed with the advantage of numbers.

“Rorschach, as long as you are willing to surrender to me and assist me in getting the Codex, we can make the new Krypton together.” General Zod shot a fiery ray at Rorschach.

“Are you willing to surrender to me?” Rorschach also fought back, and four fiery rays of light collided together in mid-air.

Whether it is Rorschach or General Zod, they are all people who are unwilling to submit to others. Even if one of them is willing to surrender, they cannot trust them fully.

Faora suddenly appeared behind Rorschach and slammed a kick at Rorschach’s lower back. Black lightning appeared around Rorschach again, almost touching Faora’s legs. Turning around at that moment of his body, he grabbed her body and threw it in the direction of Zod.

Zod quickly closed his eyes to prevent the heat vision from falling on Faora. The ten Kryptonian warriors around also shot one after another, and Rorschach moved around in the crowd. In an instant, all ten Kryptonian warriors flew out backward.

A building in a metropolitan area was knocked across. Fortunately, most of the people have already evacuated at this moment, and there are only scattered people on the streets far away in the entire block who have not had time to evacuate. Those people were frightened by the sudden explosion of the building.

Looking up at the sky again, they saw an unforgettable scene in this life. Several figures flew continuously between the buildings. Wherever they passed, those high-rise buildings made of reinforced concrete were all like building blocks built by children, and they would shatter the moment they made contact.

From time to time, several red rays penetrated the sky and shot out from the building.

Suddenly, the building toppled. Gravel and broken glass rained down from the sky, and people on the street fled in all directions.

Faora raised a heavy truck with both hands. She flew to the office and smashed it down on Rorschach. On the other side, General Zod swung a six-meter-long I-beam in his hand and slashed at Rorschach.

“It seems that it is difficult to kill a Kryptonian simply with fists and kicks.”

Rorschach found out that after fighting for a long time, these Kryptonians were full of energy after basking in the sun for a while. During this period, he even took out the Kryptonite he had hidden. But the moment the Kryptonite is taken out, it will be melted away by a Kryptonian warrior with heat vision.

Kryptonite is only effective against Superman and Supergirl, and its lethality against other Kryptonians is not so much.

Just as the truck and the I-beam fell down, Rorschach raised his right hand, and the Necrosword on his body turned into a pool of water, gradually converging towards his right hand, and at that moment, it turned into a black long sword.

Rorschach swung the Necrosword casually. The truck and the I-beam were easily cut in half like paper. Rorschach rushed to General Zod as if teleporting In front of him. The moment the Necrosword fell, a Kryptonian warrior stood in front of Zod.

There was a sound of metal tearing through flesh and blood, and the Necrosword destroyed the Kryptonian warrior’s force field. However, the Kryptonian warrior did not shed a single drop of blood from his wound because the Necrosword swallowed all the blood.

Rorschach flicked his right hand, and the Necrosword cut off the head of the Kryptonian warrior. The blood on the blade boiled and disappeared in a short while.

Although the Kryptonians are not gods, the blood of the Kryptonians is even stronger than some gods. The Necrosword can also obtain considerable power by devouring the blood of Kryptonian warriors.


General Zod saw with his own eyes the strange long black sword in Rorschach’s hand, beheading a Kryptonian warrior.  A weapon that can kill Kryptonians.

Kryptonians have extremely high resistance to physical attributes, but they have very obvious shortcomings when it comes to magic weapons. General Zod will become the next victim if this weapon is not disposed of.

Facing General Zod’s thermal vision, Rorschach rushed and slashed at General Zod with the sword at the fastest speed.

The Necrosword is afraid of flames and noises, but that is because Knull uses the gods’ blood to forge the sword. Regarding the characteristic of being afraid of flames, even if Rorschach uses heat on the Necrosword, it needs to be continuously shot for more than a minute before the Necrosword can be melted.

But it only takes one millisecond for Rorschach to slash at General Zod with his sword.

Lightning crackled in mid-air, and the Necrosword in Rorschach’s hand pierced through the armor. General Zod avoided it at the fastest speed but was still slashed in the chest by the sword. A pitch-black wound was drawn on his chest, and the blood had dried up, swallowed by the Necrosword.

“The Necrosword told me that your blood is more delicious than others, and he wants more.” Rorschach grinned at General Zod. This smile was imprinted in General Zod’s eyes, as terrifying as Death harvesting souls.

“You can’t kill me. Everything I do is for Krypton.”

General Zod stretched out his hand to grab the Necrosword. A terrifying force came from the Necrosword, pushing it firmly into General Zod’s chest.


Seeing this, Faora and the surrounding Kryptonian warriors rushed over like crazy, and Rorschach swept past everyone with his thermal vision.

“Get lost!”

Facing the impact of Rorschach’s full-strength thermal vision, Faora, and other Kryptonian warriors were seriously injured and had not recovered in time. Rorschach swept them away, and they all flew upside down as if a flood had washed them away.

After repelling a group of Kryptonian warriors, Rorschach walked up to General Zod. The Necrosword crazily devours the opponent’s blood and draws power from General Zod’s blood.

“General Zod, I will rebuild Krypton on Mars, and you can die peacefully.”

Before the words fell, Rorschach grabbed General Zod’s neck with one hand and wrapped his other hand around his head. He grasped General Zod’s chin with his hand and exerted a sudden force.

General Zod wanted to make the last dying struggle, but the chest injury and the blood sucked dry by the Necrosword made him extremely weak.

Rorschach’s wrist twisted the neck of General Zod.

The sound of the neck being broken was like a small explosion. Faora looked forward in despair and staggered forward.

She hugged the body of General Zod, whose eyes had lost his spirit.

“No!” Faora knelt on the ground and let out a cry.

The remaining Kryptonian warriors also gathered around and knelt beside Faora, mourning for their general.

Rorschach did not take back the Necrosword but looked solemnly at them, “General Zod is dead, I will not allow anyone to rebuild Krypton at the expense of the Earth. But I can transform Mars into a new Krypton. Do you want to continue to be my enemy, or to assist me and rebuild Krypton together?”

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Published On: June 17, 2023

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