On the roads, Bruce took the lead in picking up the Kryptonite rifle and pulled the trigger on a Kryptonian warrior who fell to the ground. A series of green bullets shot out toward them.

However, before these bullets hit the target, the Kryptonian warrior closest to him raised his head. His eyes were red, and two rays of thermal vision shot out to melt all the Kryptonite bullets in the air.

Although Diana’s Kryptonite sword cut off the Kryptonian warrior’s right arm, this male Kryptonian warrior still erupted with strong oppressive force.

His feet slammed on the ground, rushed to Bruce, and clenched his left hand, and punched Bruce’s chest. Bruce only had time to fold his hands on his chest in a hurry. The next second, the fist came crashing down.

With just one punch, Bruce’s suit defenses were destroyed in an instant. The nanogloves on his hands exploded completely. Bruce was thrown away and smashed through several walls until it stopped.

As soon as Bruce stopped, the damaged parts on both arms were immediately repaired by nanobots.

There was another sonic boom, and the Kryptonian warrior with the broken arm came to him again. Until this moment, Bruce finally realized the power of Kryptonians.

He reached out to touch the dart on his waist as quickly as possible. Quinn and Spartan rushed over. They raised their Kryptonite rifles at the same time and fired at the Kryptonian warrior. The Kryptonite bullets behind him rained down.

The Kryptonian warrior gave up killing Bruce and chose to dodge hastily. At this time, Bruce also took out six Kryptonite darts from his waist and threw them toward the Kryptonian warrior.

“Your dart is going the wrong way!”

“No, it doesn’t.”

The Kryptonite darts did not aim at the fleeing Kryptonian warrior but were randomly thrown in the air as if they had lost their focus. Just when Quinn thought that Bruce’s darts were thrown wrongly, those Kryptonite darts suddenly exploded and turned into a cloud of green smoke.

The Kryptonian warrior passed through the smoke, took a deep breath of gaseous Kryptonite, and he was weakened.

“Kill him!”

Bruce didn’t dare to insist on the principle of not killing anymore at this moment because any kindness would give the Kryptonian a chance to kill him. Quinn and Spartan continued to shoot while Bruce rushed toward the enemy at the fastest speed.

Kryptonite weakened a Kryptonian. Bruce hit him with a set of consecutive punches, and the enemy was powerless to fight back. But even so, the Kryptonian’s physical fitness was extremely strong, and this level of hand-to-hand combat could not cause any substantial damage to him.

After understanding this, Bruce took out the Kryptonite pistol on his waist, pointed it at the head of the enemy, and pulled the trigger.

With one shot to the head, the Kryptonian warrior was killed on the spot.

“Kryptonians are just like monsters, no…they are monsters.” Quinn sighed.

Without Bruce’s armor, he doesn’t want to fight a Kryptonian in hand-to-hand combat, even with Kryptonite.

Not far away, several explosions sounded one after another. In that direction was the area where he planted Kryptonite mines. A Kryptonian seemed to fall into the minefield and stepped on a Kryptonite mine.

“I’ll go ahead and have a look. You’d better follow me.” Bruce urged.

In the sky.

Even though Diana was holding a Kryptonite sword, she was still powerless to face the Kryptonian warriors wearing Kryptonian armor at the same time.

Clark originally wanted to take the Kryptonian warriors chasing him to the place where Bruce set up a Kryptonite trap. But after the real fight, he discovered that these Kryptonian warriors would not go according to their plan at all.

Clark is stronger than these Kryptonians in terms of strength. But coupled with a large number of enemies simultaneously, Clark was surrounded and beaten by them from the beginning.

“We were born to be trained as warriors, and where did you train? A farm?”

The enemy dodged Clark’s full-strength punch and a slashed Clark’s throat. Behind him, a male Kryptonian warrior raised his hands above his head and smashed heavily on Clark’s back.

There was a deafening sound in the sky. Even the evacuated people a few kilometers away heard loud voices coming from the direction of the industrial area. Some people raised their heads and stopped to look at the sky.

They saw a red figure galloping from a distance, like a small meteor falling from the sky to the ground. When they got closer, they finally saw the red figure clearly.

“It’s Superman!”

The people saw Superman flying, and before they had time to cheer, they saw him in their eyes. Superman hit the ground with his head, and a deep ravine on the ground was made.

Clark struggled to get up from the ravine, his face in a state of dismay. Six figures descended from the sky in the next second and landed straight on the ground.

“It’s aliens. Run away!” After seeing the six figures clearly, the people screamed in horror and fled in all directions.

Perhaps because these screaming crowds were too noisy, the Kryptonian warriors couldn’t adapt to the noise for a while. One of the male Kryptonians looked at the crowd angrily, and two fiery lights burst out from his eyes, sweeping through in the direction of the crowd.


Seeing this scene, Clark immediately flew to stop him from killing. But before he could fly out, another Kryptonian grabbed his cloak, yanked it violently, and smashed it to the ground.

Seeing that the Kryptonian warrior’s rays were about to sweep across the crowd, Diana descended from the sky, held up her shield, and stood before the crowd.

The powerful thermal vision impacted the shield, and Diana moved back a few meters. After stabilizing her foot stance, she suddenly stepped on the ground, holding against the thermal vision, and rushed to the enemy. She waved her sword and stabbed the opponent’s chest quickly.

The Kryptonite sword pierced the enemy’s chest, and Diana kicked him. At the same time, she pulled out the Kryptonite sword and looked at another Kryptonian warrior.

Clark also struggled to get up from the ground. His fighting skills were not as good as the enemy’s, completely gave up his defense and let another Kryptonian hit him.

When the punch hits him, there will be a momentary stagnation, and Clark will use this momentary stagnation to launch a counterattack.

The two sides fought together again. This strategy of giving up defense was very effective, but in the eyes of outsiders, this method seemed to have become a turn-based battle. Punching each other once every side has taken their turn.

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Published On: June 16, 2023

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