Noticing the strange behavior of Rorschach and Clark, General Swanwick asked subconsciously, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s General Zod’s spaceship. His spaceship separated into two parts. One of the parts flew toward the Earth’s southern hemisphere at a speed close to Mach 24, while the other has Zod with more than thirty Kryptonians. ” Rorschach explained to them.

Before these military leaders could react, a researcher hurried in outside the command room, “General, we have observed new movements from the spaceship!”

“Is it divided into two parts?” General Swanwick asked.

The researcher was taken aback for a moment, then subconsciously continued, “Yes, and some of them are heading towards…”

Before the researcher finished speaking, General Sam also interrupted, “Towards the southern hemisphere, and the speed is Mach 24.”

“General Swanwick, General Ryan, how do you know?” The researcher stuttered a little and looked at everyone.

General Swanwick, General Ryan, and The President looked at each other.

“I see. Go down and continue to track the ship.” General Swanwick dismissed the researcher.

These people finally know why Rorschach is so clear about their military deployment. It seems that these Kryptonians are powerful.

Rorschach glanced at Clark next to him, “Let’s go. Zod and the others are here to find you. It’s not a joke when General Zod comes here later.”

Clark nodded, “Alright.”


Metropolis industrial area.

Bruce bought all the factories in this area and arranged for the emergency evacuation of workers. After the workers evacuated, Diana assisted Bruce in setting up Kryptonite traps around.

In the sky, a flash of black lightning flashed. Rorschach and Clark suddenly appeared in front of Bruce and Diana. In addition to Bruce and Diana, he also saw two other people.

One of them is someone wearing a green hood and holding a bow and arrow. He is the superhero who recently appeared in Star City, Green Arrow, or Oliver Quinn. The other one wearing a metal helmet and holding a gun is Green Arrow’s partner, John Diggle or Spartan.

“Superman, Dark Knight. I am Green Arrow from ARGUS. We will assist you.” Quinn explained after seeing Rorschach and Clark.

Amanda specifically instructed Quinn to help them and don’t tell them any information regarding ARGUS. However, after they came, they discovered that Bruce and Diana knew the existence of ARGUS and the true identities of Green Arrow and Spartan.

Because Rorschach also mentions Quinn as a teammate of the future Justice League. So Bruce revealed those kinds of information.

Rorschach saw Green Arrow getting involved, shook his head, and said, “You are just ordinary people. It’s better not to participate in this kind of fight.”

“Bruce is also an ordinary person.” Quinn pointed to Bruce.

Before Rorschach could answer, Bruce replied, “Because I am Batman. Besides, please don’t call my name when I am wearing this suit. Call me Batman.”

“Hey, General Zod and the others are here. Prepare to fight.” Diana really couldn’t figure out why these men like to argue on unimportant issues.

After listening to Diana’s words, Bruce and Quinn looked up. Sure enough, nearly thirty figures appeared in the sky at some time. These figures, headed by General Zod, lined up in several rows in an orderly manner and hovered in the sky.

Diana is holding the shield in one hand, and the other hand is ready to draw out the Kryptonite sword at any time.

Bruce threw a bag to Quinn and Spartan, which were full of Kryptonite magazines and grenades, “Sorry, Green Arrow. I don’t have kryptonite bows and arrows, but do you know how to use guns?”

“I can use it.” Quinn learned from Bruce that conventional weapons could not hurt Kryptonians. Only Kryptonite will do.

General Zod looked down with a confident look and a bit of pride, “Kal-El, Rorschach-Rao. We are all Kryptonians, and we should have worked together for a common goal. I will give you one last chance to hand over the Codex.”

Rorschach and Clark slowly floated together, “Zod, rebuilding Krypton doesn’t have to be on the Earth. Mars is also a good choice. Although the climate and light on Mars are not as good as the Earth, as long there’s a change to be made, Mars can also be the new Krypton.”

“You are right, Rorschach. But who told you that I want to rebuild Krypton?” General Zod said calmly.

These words really made Rorschach stunned. Since Krypton once encountered resource mining problems, why not transform the entire solar system into Krypton?

Then use the huge population to conquer the universe and expand the territory. Rorschach finally understands why General Zod is unwilling to submit to him.

He thought that General Zod thought that the Earth was the most suitable planet to transform into Krypton. But unexpectedly, he had already thought about transforming all the habitable planets in the solar system into Krypton. These words made Clark, Diana, and others understand General Zod’s ambitions.

“Then I must kill you.” Rorschach accelerated suddenly, black lightning wrapped around his body, and appeared in front of General Zod in an instant.

This time, General Zod allowed his own cells to absorb enough solar energy completely, and his strength was much stronger than when he first arrived on Earth. Facing Rorschach’s speed, General Zod obviously is not weak as before.

“Faora, take ten soldiers and me to siege Rorschach, and you there, take the rest of the soldiers to capture Kal-El.” General Zod immediately ordered the Kryptonian warriors behind him.

Faora immediately led ten Kryptonian fighters and surrounded Rorschach. In order to defeat Rorschach, General Zod dispatched almost half of his troops.

Including Faora and General Zod, twelve extremely powerful Kryptonian warriors attacked Rorschach. At the same time, another warrior who looked somewhat similar to Faora led the rest of the fighters to attack Clark. They didn’t even look at Bruce and the others below, as if these people didn’t exist at all.

Diana pulled out the Kryptonite sword, stepped on her legs, and rushed in the direction of Clark. Although Clark is very strong, he still can’t deal with a dozen Kryptonian warriors by himself like Rorschach.

The moment Diana moved, Bruce activated the burrowing machine guns hidden around, and two rows of self-aiming machine guns aimed at the sky, firing a series of green bullets.

A series of green bullets were shot, instantly hitting several Kryptonian warriors who were about to kill Clark.

At this moment, Diana also joined the battle with the Kryptonite sword in hand and cut off the arm of a Kryptonian warrior when she raised the sword.

Several figures fell from the sky just a few seconds after the battle. Bruce looked at Quinn and Spartan behind him, “It’s time for us to go. Kill if you can, don’t hold back, even if there is Kryptonite to suppress them. Hurt them as much as you can, or they’ll kill you.”

This is what Rorschach repeatedly told Bruce. Facing these Kryptonian warriors, they would die instantly if they hesitated for a moment.

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Published On: June 16, 2023

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