The military satellite observed what happened to Clark in Zod’s spaceship, and the final result was Clark returned to Earth with Lois. This means that the negotiations between Clark and General Zod have ended. In the eyes of the military, Clark is on behalf of the Earth to negotiate with General Zod.

After realizing the seriousness of the problem, General Swanwick immediately ordered the people of the Metropolis to evacuate urgently.

For a while, the entire Metropolis was in chaos. The streets, bridges, and highways were crowded with people who fled the Metropolis, and the military had to send a large number of troops to maintain order. Even so, it is still impossible to maintain such a situation.

That was until Rorschach appeared above the Metropolis with Clark to appease the fear of the people. As for Bruce and Diana, they went to the industrial area on the outskirts of the Metropolis to arrange their plan.

The people of the Metropolis saw the appearance of the Dark Knight and Superman. They can’t trust the military, but they can definitely trust these two superheroes.

“Dark Knight, Superman. I am the colonel of the Falcon Squadron of the North American Air Defense. On behalf of General Swanwick, I invite the two of you to our temporary station.” When Rorschach and Clark appeared in the Metropolis, General Swanwick’s helicopter immediately found them.

“Let’s go and meet the people from the military. It’s best not to get them involved in this incident.” Rorschach said to Clark.

Originally, Clark felt that he had nothing to discuss with the military. After all, he did not expect the military to help him at all, but Rorschach felt that it was necessary to draw a clear line with the military. Immediately, Rorschach and Clark went to the military’s temporary station together with the military helicopter.

Arriving at the temporary station for the second time, Clark felt that the number of weapons in the military had tripled. It’s a pity that everything in here is useless against a Kryptonian because Kryptonian warriors cannot be dealt with any normal weapons on Earth.

Rorschach saw a holographic projection of a man in a suit with his hair combed. This person was none other than the President of the United States.

“General Swanwick, General Lane.” Clark walked into the command center and greeted several military leaders present very familiarly.

The President and General Swanwick had known for a long time that Clark and Rorschach would be coming. Only General Sam looked at Clark with complicated eyes.

Clark quickly explained, “Lois is fine. I have already taken her to a safe place.”

Lois and Martha are now inside the Batcave.

“I see.” General Sam nodded in satisfaction after knowing that his daughter was fine.

The eyes of the others fell on Rorschach.

The President was the first to speak, “Mr. Dark Knight, I have heard your name long ago. I want to know if you are from Earth?”

“I’m not from this planet. I, like Superman, have Kryptonian blood.” Rorschach explained.

Rorschach is indeed not from this planet, not even from this universe. The president and several military leaders are not surprised because they have long guessed that Rorschach, like Superman, is an alien.

“What about Wonder Woman? Is she also a Kryptonian?” The President asked.

Rorschach shook his head, “No, Wonder Woman is 100% an Earthling. This planet has extraordinary powers, but you don’t understand it.”

“Well, I hope you will disclose your identities to us because trust is the prerequisite for cooperation between the two sides…”

He interrupted, “You may have misunderstood me, Mr. President. I never thought of cooperating with you, and I am willing to help you with today. Superman came here to warn you that General Zod is not something you can deal with. Instead of causing meaningless casualties, it is better to leave it to us to solve it all at once.”

“Are you threatening us, Dark Knight?” General Swanwick looked at Rorschach in a bad tone.

Rorschach nodded, “Yes, I’m threatening you. Do you think there are two hundred soldiers armed outside, thirty-six tanks outside, twenty-seven heavy armored vehicles, or a nuclear bomb that is ready to be launched at any time? Can it be said that you have the same power as mine?”

Rorschach reported a series of military forces deployed by the military at the moment, as well as the nuclear weapons that the President had just approved to launch at any time.

His eyes swept over everyone present, and he continued, “No, you are not. I am not a Superman and don’t have such high moral standards. If you dare attack me, I will destroy all your military bases on this planet within five minutes. Within one minute, I will rush into the White House, grab your custom-made suit, and ask, are you afraid?”

Clark’s mouth twitched, and he looked at Rorschach. He didn’t know if Rorschach was telling the truth or if he was threatening these people. The command room was dead silent, and Rorschach could even hear the heartbeats of the soldiers outside the room.

General Sam asked, “Then how can you guarantee that you won’t attack humans like Zod?”

“The only guarantee I can give you is that as long as human beings don’t attack me, I will not turn my back to mankind, and even to some extent, I will protect the earth.”

Rorschach paused and said slowly, “I hope that before you decide to deal with me, you will think about whether you can bear the consequences. In addition, you can analyze the battle between me and Zod later. Only then can you understand the difference in our power, and you will be more cautious in all your next actions.”

Facing Rorschach’s threat, the military leaders present did not dare to show their arrogance because Rorschach knows that no matter how he and Clark protect the Earth and human beings, the military cannot completely trust them.

Trust will not let the top US government officials understand the situation clearly, but fear can.

The command room fell into a strange silence again. The military leaders whispered to each other and exchanged glances with The President. Finally, The President coughed lightly, and looked at Rorschach.

“We are a peace-loving country. As long as you come with peace, the Earth welcomes you both. However, if any of you do things that are not good for the Earth or the United States, we will never back down.”

But regardless of whether these words were sincere or not, at least the two sides had a verbal agreement. In this way, Rorschach’s goal was achieved.

Rorschach was about to respond when he suddenly seemed to hear something, turned his head at the same time as Clark and looked towards the sky.

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Published On: June 16, 2023

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