General Zod entered the medical ward immediately after returning to the spacecraft, but they did not use anything but directly refracted the sunlight and concentrated it on General Zod.

A large amount of sunlight gathered on General Zod’s body. Not only did he recover quickly from his injuries, but his strength also increased rapidly.

General Zod has a commander gene. He has been trained to be an excellent fighter since he was a child, and he can control every muscle of himself as he pleases. Facing the sudden surge in power, General Zod can fully adapt in a very short period of time.

“General, I found the Codex.”

Just as General Zod and Faora were healing their wounds with sunlight, a research specialist broke in and excitedly said to General Zod, “The Codex is in Kal-El’s cells. Jor-El injected all the Kryptonian genetic information into Kal-El’s cells!” Hearing the report from the researcher, General Zod suddenly opened his eyes.

He looked at the researcher with uncontrollable excitement and asked, “Then can you extract the Codex from Kal-El?”

“I can, but… Before you returned to the spaceship, Kal-El had escaped with the woman.” The researcher said.

General Zod didn’t care about this but asked instead, “So, you only need Kal-El alive to extract the Codex?”


“I understand. Let all soldiers receive focused sunlight and launch a general attack on the Earth after five hours.” General Zod said with fiery eyes.

“Yes, sir!” the researcher responded.


In the Batcave.

Rorschach arrived at Batcave with Clark, Martha, and Lois. In the cave, Alfred is assisting Bruce in testing the first Kryptonite weapon. The moment Clark stepped into the Batcave, his body shook, and he almost lost his footing and fell to the ground.

“You should go outside and wait.”

Rorschach supported Clark, who almost fell to the ground. He glanced at Rorschach and asked, “Why are you okay?”

“My suit can protect me from the Kryptonite radiation. In addition, my resistance to Kryptonite is much higher than yours.” Rorschach let the Necrosword cover his whole body.

Seeing Rorschach and Clark arriving, Bruce put the Kryptonite weapon into a box.

“Master Rorschach, Miss Diana… this must be Master Kent and his family.” Alfred warmly greeted everyone.

Martha and Lois are looking around the Batcave.

Clark had already scanned the Batcave long before he entered. He nodded to Alfred with a smile and finally set his eyes on Bruce, who was wearing a bat suit, “You are Bruce Wayne?”

“Please call me Batman.” Bruce is very concerned about this.

When he wears the Batsuit, he prefers to be called Batman instead of calling him by his first name. When there are outsiders around, for the sake of confidentiality, they will call him Batman. But in private, Rorschach has always called him by his first name.

“Okay, Batman…but I still want to know, why a bat?” Clarke met Bruce for the first time.

Seeing Clark call his code name, Bruce smiled, “Because bats can make people feel scared.”

“Actually, of all the people here, only you have been scared by bats. Even Ms. Lane and Mrs. Kent are not afraid of bats.” Rorschach said.

Bruce Wayne had black lines on his face. He turned to Alfred and said, “Alfred, help me take out the Kryptonite spear from the box.”

“Bruce, you can’t do this. My mother’s name is… no, my friend’s mother’s name is Martha.” Rorschach said jokingly.

Bruce’s face darkened even more. Clark looked at Rorschach and Bruce strangely, not understanding why he suddenly mentioned their mother.

Diana patiently explained, “Bruce has lost his mother since he was a child. His mother has the same name as your mother. In the future, because Bruce has a very good relationship with you, whenever he sees your mother, he will think of your mother.”

Martha looked at Bruce lovingly: “Poor child. Clark, you can invite your friend to our house for Christmas in the future.”

Bruce was extremely resistant in his heart. He felt that this topic could not continue, so he immediately changed the subject, “Now let’s think about how to deal with General Zod. It was reported in the news that Clark went to General Zod’s spaceship. How did you escape?”

“He intends to transform the Earth into Krypton and act soon. Are your Kryptonite weapons ready?” Clark asked back.

“I built a few simple weapons. Kryptonite spear, dart, arrow, and the rest of the weapon department are rushing to make more.”

Bruce suddenly remembered something. He looked at Rorschach and asked, “Rorschach, where will General Zod and the others go, or should we take the initiative to choose the battlefield?”

“We can take the initiative to choose the battlefield because General Zod’s goal is Clark. Wherever there is Clark, General Zod will chase after him.” Rorschach said.

Clark asked back puzzledly, “Why me?”

“Your father… I mean, your Kryptonian father hid the Codex in your cells. If Zod wants to get the code of life, he will definitely come for you.” Rorschach explained and clearly.

“The Codex, huh?” Clark immediately understood everything. It turned out that General Zod was looking for the Codex in his own cells.

After confirming the target of General Zod, Bruce said, “Since this is the case, then we can take the initiative to make the first move. I prefer a location far away from the city and need to arrange some traps.”

“How about the industrial area on the outskirts of the Metropolis? The land there is not really populated. Most importantly, the structure in the industrial area is complex. It is very convenient for you to set up some traps against General Zod and the others.” Rorschach suggested.

Bruce opened up the map of the industrial area that Rorschach said, then pointed to all the nearby factories, and said to Alfred, “Alfred, buy all these factories and then evacuate the people.”

“Yes, Master Wayne.” Alfred is obviously already familiar with his master’s behavior.

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