“Why else? He wants to gain Odin’s trust and demonstrate that he is better than you to rule as king.” Rorschach put it clearly.

“So, Loki is to blame for everything!”

Thor is not an idiot, he is simply simple-minded. Thor wanted to know the entire story after Rorschach dialed a little bit.

The abrupt attack of the ice giants and Loki’s subsequent bewitching of Thor to attack Jotunheim were both odd from the start. Additionally, this immediately incensed Odin, who ultimately stripped Thor of his divine strength and banished him to earth.

Thor quickly fell back into depression, “But even if I were to realize that it was Loki’s plan, what difference would it make? My father fell asleep, I no longer possess my strength, and I am completely powerless to defeat Loki.”

Jane Foster remarked, a little uncomfortable, “You can’t blame me, I said I would give the hammer back to you.”

“I don’t hate you, but before you can beat Loki, you have to learn how to control Thor’s power,” the God of thunder sighed.

Thor now places all of his faith in Jane Foster to stop Loki. Jane Foster has transformed into a female Thor, but she is still fundamentally an Earth scientist and has no idea how to employ Thor’s abilities.

“Let me stop you there.” Rorschach interrupted himself.

“Thor, do you believe there is a chance that you have not lost your divine might at all?” he questioned as he turned to face the god of thunder.

“You can see that I am completely incapable of lifting Thor’s Hammer. Therefore, I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Rorschach.” Thor’s expression of confusion as he gazed at Rorschach.

Rorschach went on to say, “Thor, I believe you could have been off in one area all along. Do you know that you are Thor, the God of Thunder, not the God of Hammer? Where does your heavenly power come from? The hammer or you?”

“I am Thor, and I am the source of my divine power.” Thor’s response lacked certainty.

“Then why are you so fixated on raising the Hammer? Is it possible that you lose yourself if you lose the Hammer? You must realize that you are Thor, and that hammer is simply that—a hammer. That’s it.” said Rorschach.

Thor nodded in agreement, but he didn’t actually appear to understand anything. “Then why am I unable to raise the Hammer?” Thor asked a direct question.

Thor received an analysis from Rorschach, who afterward became a psychological mentor. “Since you are too weak, it’s extremely straightforward. Only a qualified individual is worthy to lift the Hammer of Thor. Your father later handed you the Hammer when he exiled you. Don’t you think Odin casting magic is unnecessary?”

“The spell your father actually cast, in my opinion, should read, ‘Thor will unlock the power of Thor when he learns to be humble, get rid of his arrogancy, and is willing to commit his life to others’.”

The main plot of the first Thor film serves as the foundation for Rorschach’s hypothesis. The basic plot of Thor 1 might be compared to Odin directing and performing in a play. He came up with an excuse for sealing Thor’s strength and letting him live a regular life because he was aware of his son’s extreme pride.

Loki believed he had considered every possibility and was proceeding in the right direction. Everyone is aware that Odin is the brain behind everything and that he has everything prepared.

Rorschach observed that Thor appeared to have realized something “Thor, the purpose of the Hammer is to help you better manage your own power, but you seem to rely on it excessively, just as you have always depended on your father Odin. As a result, even if you live for another a thousand years, you will still be a child who has not been weaned. You won’t truly get stronger until you stop depending on the Hammer and put all your energy into realizing your own potential.”

“I understand. You must be Midgard’s wisest man. I’ll stop relying on Mjolnir now and concentrate on maximizing my own ability.” Thor’s tone was forceful, as though he already knew what he wanted.

“Children are teachable!” Thor received a nod of approval from Rorschach.

Darcy appeared at this moment in a surprising manner. “Is what you mentioned truthful or false, investor? Why do I believe you are duping this moron? You only want to flick this Thor’s hammer here, am I right?”

“It’s true, of course. I never deceive anyone! In addition, isn’t Thor’s Hammer in Jane’s possession? What does this matter to me?” Rorschach argued back.

“That’s true, I guess.”

The nearby inhabitants have been interested in how the fight is progressing. Fortunately, Loki arrived and vanished swiftly, sparing the lives of any civilians.

“Norman, let’s get out of here first; you stay and handle the situation. Simply respond that there was a gas explosion when the cops ask.” Thor is still an unidentified individual, so Rorschach shouldn’t make a sensitive call to the police just yet.

The others immediately packed up Dr. Jane Foster’s study supplies and equipment and departed the motel, leaving Norman and Harry behind to handle the fallout.



Loki was drawn back by Heimdall, who helped him only maintain his balance as he dropped limply to the ground.

“Your Highness, how are you doing?” Heimdall enquired anxiously.

He has a responsibility to defend Asgard and serve the monarch. As of right now, Loki is in charge of Asgard and serves as the interim monarch, while Odin is dozing off and Thor is banished. Therefore, Heimdall must be in charge of ensuring Loki’s security.

Loki struggled to get up straight as his eyes burned with unquenchable rage “I’m okay, just a little scratch… Midgardians, you’re going to pay for it, I swear!”

In accordance with Loki’s initial strategy, he made contact with the Frost Giant in order to lure it into Asgard when Odin was dozing. When Laufey, the ruler of the ice giants, enters Odin’s bedroom, he rebels against them, murders Laufey, and displays a wave of filial piety in front of Odin.

Loki wants to show Odin that he is a more obedient brother than his brother Thor and that he is better deserving of being king.

“The Frost Giants have encroached. I can activate the Destroyer on orders of fighting off foreign adversaries. I can get rid of Thor and those bugs in Midgard while I annihilate the Frost Giants!”

While walking, approaching the Golden Palace with a dejected expression, Loki was mentally mulling over something. Heimdall continued to stare at Loki as if he were capable of seeing into people’s hearts. Everyone is aware of Loki’s heart at this time. Heimdall is not a foolish and obedient individual. Thor is the most deserving contender for the king in his eyes.

“Come on in.”

“Go and call the Valkyrie Sif, the warriors three Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg,” instructed Heimdall to an Asgardian soldier on the call.

These four people are Thor’s closest buddies and allies. Heimdall can only come up with four people who might be able to assist Thor in Asgard.

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