The moment Rorschach took out the Kryptonite, their expressions changed. A feeling of weakness filled their heart, and even the speed of the four suddenly slowed down several times.


“Yes, Kryptonite.”

Rorschach lightly threw the Kryptonite up into the air. He ran across the four Kryptonian warriors and returned to the original place. Rorschach stretched out his hand, and the Kryptonite that he had just lightly tossed up slowly fell into his hand again.

The Necrosword covered on the palm immediately turned into a liquid state, wrapped the Kryptonite, and retransmitted it to the inside of the Necrosword.

At this moment, the bodies of the four Kryptonian warriors all collapsed weakly. Diana’s eyes were dull. She knew that Rorschach was strong, but she didn’t know how strong Rorschach was, and Diana finally saw it.

From Diana’s point of view, she was just about to start the fight, only to find that Rorschach had already finished the fight.

Rorschach ignored Diana but stacked the corpses of Kryptonian warriors together. His eyes released fiery light and burned all the corpses. Kryptonians should be burned directly after they die, and they must not fall into the hands of the military or Lex Luthor.


In the space.

When Lois went to the room where the prisoners were held, she took the opportunity to insert the Kryptonian key given to her by Clark. Jo-El’s artificial intelligence automatically invades the Kryptonian ship.

With the help of Jor-El, the red sunlight in the spacecraft was turned off, and Clark regained his strength. After that, Clark made a fuss about Zod’s Kryptonian spacecraft and returned to Earth with Lois.

Because Zod said, he would find Clark’s ship in person. Clark was worried about his mother, so he immediately took Lois and returned to his old farm.

“Dark Knight? Wonder Woman?”

After Clark returned, he noticed the signs of the surrounding battle and the destroyed houses. Instead of seeing General Zod and others, he saw Rorschach and Diana standing with his mother.

Before Rorschach and Diana could speak, Martha ran up to Clark and stroked her son’s face with her hand, “Clark, are you okay? Someone came here just now. It’s your two friends who beat them away.”

As she spoke, Martha glanced at Lois beside Clark, “You must be Lois Lane. I hear Clark mention you a lot.”

Because Rorschach told Martha that they were her son’s friends, Martha called her son by name without hesitation in front of the two.

“Clark didn’t speak ill of me, did he?” Lois joked with her future mother-in-law with a smile.

Martha took her hand, and the more she looked at it, the more satisfied she said, “No, not at all. Clark has been shy since he was a child, and I’ve always worried that he won’t be able to find a girlfriend when he grows up.”

“Dark Knight, Wonder Woman. Thank you for protecting my mother. General Zod and the others will come again. His target is me. You don’t have to be involved in this incident because of me.” Clark said to Rorschach and Diana.

He is used to solving everything by himself. But Lois will not let go of this opportunity. After all, she mentioned it to Clark before, hoping he could find some superhero friends and form an alliance.

“Clark, you’re alone, and General Zod has an army. You need teammates.”

Lois interrupted Clark. She walked up to Rorschach and Diana, smiled, and held out her hand, “Dark Knight, Wonder Woman. I have heard of your two names for a long time, although I really want to ask you now. But there are obviously more important things at the moment. I hope you can help Clark.”

Martha also chimed in, “The two are powerful. Just now, Rorschach killed five men, and the leader and another one escaped.”

“Killed…five men? Mother, you mean the ones in armor?” Clark couldn’t believe it.

Martha nodded, “That’s right, Rorschach could use laser in both eyes like you.”

Clark looked at Rorschach. He analyzed from his mother Martha’s words that the person called ‘Rorschach’ was most likely the Dark Knight in front of him.

“Who are you?” Clark asked suspiciously.

Rorschach smiled at Clark, “Hello, Kal-El. I am your clansman, Rorschach-Rao.”


Clark thought about the surname ‘Rao’ for a while, it seems to be the ruling class of Krypton, “Aren’t you with General Zod?”

“Of course not.”

“But Krypton has been destroyed. Except for Zod and the others, no one on Krypton has survived.” Clark doesn’t seem to trust Rorschach.

Rorschach explained with a smile, “Krypton was indeed destroyed, but Kandor survived. Brainiac shrank down Kandor.” This was the second time Clark had heard the name Brainiac today.

“So, you are a Kryptonian who escaped from Brainiac?” Clark asked tentatively.

“No, I’m from the future.”

Rorschach came up with the knowledge he had prepared before. Although Clark still felt a little weird, Rorschach couldn’t help but understand his reaction, especially when Rorschach said that in the near future, they would form an organization called the Justice League.

“He definitely came from the future, Clark. I came up with the Justice League name.” He patted Clark’s arm.

“Okay, my friend from the future, how do you plan to save the Earth from General Zod?” Clark walked up to Rorschach and asked.

Rorschach spat out a green stone the size of an egg from the coat formed by the Necrosword and handed it to Clark, “Do you know this thing?”

“Kryptonite?” The moment Clark saw the green stone, his face turned green, and he subconsciously stepped back a few steps.

“I suggest that you adapt to Kryptonite more in the future, and your genes can also adapt to the influence of Kryptonite on you.” Rorschach said.

Clark’s genes are integrated into the Codex, and his Kryptonian bloodline level is the same as Rorschach’s. Therefore, if Clark can properly train the resistance to Kryptonite, he will at least he will not be immune to resisting some of the Kryptonite’s power.

Rorschach covered the Kryptonite with the Necrosword and said, “A friend of mine, Bruce Wayne, is already making a batch of Kryptonite weapons. With this batch of weapons, dealing with General Zod will be much easier.”

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Published On: June 14, 2023

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