Facing seven Kryptonian warriors attacking him simultaneously. Instead of feeling afraid, Rorschach felt a sense of excitement.

“You’re all is not as good as me.” Before the words fell, a bolt of black lightning shrouded Rorschach’s body, and the speed of the seven Kryptonian warriors around him seemed to have slowed down.

Rorschach glanced around and gazed at General Zod, who was closest to him.

“Zod, your speed is too slow.” Rorschach stepped forward, and his figure instantly appeared in front of him. Zod’s pupils trembled violently, but his body had no time to react, and Rorschach’s fist had already been swung.

With an impact, Rorschach slammed his right fist into General Zod’s abdomen. His armor suddenly shattered into countless pieces, but at this moment, it was still in bullet time, and the shattered armor was still sputtering toward the surroundings at a very slow speed.

Along with the shattered armor, there was also a white shock wave that spread around. After the first punch fell, General Zod’s expression changed from anger to panic.

With all his strength, he swung his right fist towards Rorschach at the fastest speed. But even though General Zod’s fist was reaching its limit, other Kryptonian warriors couldn’t catch it with their eyes. In Rorschach’s eyes, this speed was slower than a snail’s moving speed.

Rorschach swayed back to avoid General Zod’s punch. Then he swung his right fist again and slammed it hard toward General Zod’s lower rib.

With that punch, General Zod’s lower rib armor shattered.

A powerful wave of sound spread out. It was the sound of General Zod being punched. The two sides had already fought for several rounds. Rorschach grinned and once again punched General Zod’s abdomen continuously.

No matter how powerful General Zod is, his speed cannot catch up with Rorschach, who possesses the Speed Force. In an extremely short period of time, Rorschach threw dozens of punches in a row, and all the armor on General Zod’s body was shattered.

Faora struggled to keep up with Rorschach. She wanted to step forward to protect Zod but was punched by Rorschach.

Three Kryptonian warriors rushed up behind him, tightly hugging Rorschach’s hands, and the two Kryptonian warriors, one left and one right, exhausted all their strength to drag Rorschach’s feet.

A hurricane-like air wave exploded from General Zod at the same time. Dozens of explosions sounded almost at the same time. General Zod seemed to be hit by dozens of punches at this moment. The armor burst open like a grenade. Countless pieces of armor sputtered out.

Diana’s reaction speed was extremely fast. The moment Rorschach made a move, she raised her shield as quickly as possible. A large number of fragments were hitting her shield at a very high speed, and even Diana couldn’t bear the recoil.

Zod and Faora La both flew upside down. Compared to the fact that Faora was just punched, General Zod spewed out a big mouthful of blood when he hit the ground. His injuries were so severe that even sunlight couldn’t restore him in an instant.

The Kryptonian warriors who hugged Rorschach tightly with their bodies were dumbfounded.

“Zod, do you feel hopeless? If you kneel down now and prove your allegiance to me. I can lead you to rebuild the glory of Krypton.” Five powerful Kryptonian warriors held back Rorschach.

For a moment, General Zod really wanted to kneel down to Rorschach. However, General Zod had mutinied and wanted to overthrow the ruling class of Krypton. Even if Krypton is rebuilt this time, he will not create a group of rulers stronger than himself but will become the new Ruler of Krypton himself.

General Zod stood up again, “I have an army that absolutely obeys me. I have the world engine, a training room for a Kryptonian. Everything I do is to rebuild Krypton, and what are you doing? You want me to surrender to you just because you’re Rao’s descendant? Keep dreaming!”

“You have been in the sun for so many years on the Earth, and I have spent more than 20 years in the cosmic starry sky. When my cells absorb enough power from the yellow sun and stars, I will come back to you again.” General Zod felt that it wasn’t that he couldn’t beat Rorschach but that he had too little time in the sun.

He ordered the Kryptonian warriors who were entangled in Rorschach, “Stop him!”

Afterward, Zod returned to the small aircraft they had come with at the fastest speed with Faora. Even if General Zod absorbs enough sunlight, his strength will not improve much. Zod’s genes have already reached his upper limit. If Zod wants to break through the limit of his strength, he must upgrade his Kryptonian bloodline.

Rorschach is more concerned about the group of Kryptonian warriors under General Zod. There are very few Kryptonians in the entire universe. Killing them all would be a total waste.

“You are my citizens of Krypton. Why do you assist Zod’s rebellion against the will of Rao? I can forgive your sins as long as you swear your allegiance to me.” Rorschach asked these Kryptonian warriors.

Originally, Rorschach thought that he also claimed to be a descendant of ‘Rao’. These Kryptonian warriors didn’t care about it at all. The soldier hugged Rorschach’s right leg, not only hesitating but scared, and slightly let go of Rorschach’s right leg.

“So, you’re willing to die for Zod, huh? That’s a pity.” Rorschach shook his head, kicked the Kryptonian warrior holding his right leg, and sent him flying hundreds of meters away.

Rorschach stepped on the ground with his right foot and shook his arms violently. The three Kryptonian warriors hanging on his body were all thrown to the ground by him. Rorschach stretched out his hands, grabbed the neck of the last person hugging his left leg, and twisted it hard.

Even Kryptonians will die if their necks are broken. This is the first Kryptonian to die on Earth, but definitely not the last.

The small aircraft that General Zod and Faora were on board had already flown out of the sky, and the remaining four Kryptonians once again launched an attack on Rorschach.

Rorschach’s eyes were indifferent, and his right arm was covered with the Necrosword. It squirmed and passed a small green stone, which appeared in Rorschach’s palm.

The small stone emitted a burst of green light when it appeared.

Because that is the Kryptonite.

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Published On: June 14, 2023

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