Bruce looked at Rorschach. He opened his mouth and just said lightly, “Thank you for trusting me, Rorschach. I swear, as long as you and Superman don’t threaten the safety of the earth, I will never use Kryptonite against you.”

“Bruce actually said thank you, this is really big news.” Rorschach joked with a smile.

In fact, Rorschach has never completely trusted Bruce. He dared to tell the Kryptonian’s weakness to him and dared to hand Kryptonite to Bruce for safekeeping. But that was based on one premise.

Rorschach is 100% sure that no matter who gets the Kryptonite and uses Kryptonite against him, Rorschach will be able to fight back immediately. Because of this, Rorschach will confidently hand over the Kryptonite to Bruce.

“I’ll send a batch of Kryptonite to the weapon research and development department of the Wayne Group first. You guys will keep an eye on the next Kryptonite location. Don’t worry, this engineering team is all employees of the Wayne Group, and they are all trustworthy people.”

Because General Zod has arrived, Bruce can’t wait to make a batch of Kryptonite weapons. After finishing speaking, Bruce took the lead in transporting a batch of Kryptonite onto the plane and returned to Wayne Group as quickly as possible.

After Bruce left, Rorschach took the engineering team to the next area where Kryptonite existed. It didn’t take long until two small aircraft descended from the sky, drew an arc from the sky, and headed straight for the Kent farm.

“Diana, get ready to fight. General Zod is here.” Rorschach immediately chased after seeing the aircraft.

Diana followed immediately.

Two small aircraft landed on the Kent farm. Martha Kent is taken aback by the sudden appearance of a group of aliens in armor.

“Tell me, where is the Codex? Hand over it. Otherwise, I will kill you.” General Zod threatened Martha.

Martha is just a typical old woman. She has never seen much of the world, but she is stubborn like her husband, Jonathan Kent.

Facing the powerful aliens, although Martha was just a weak woman, she cursed, “Go to hell.”

Just as Faora was about to strangle Martha’s neck, a dark figure approached suddenly, trailing a bolt of long black lightning behind him, appearing between Faora and Martha.

The figure was extremely fast. Even a Kryptonian warrior like Faora could barely catch the opponent’s movements with her eyes and had no time to react.

Rorschach appeared in front of Faora and punched her hard in the chest.

Rorschach’s punch shattered Faora’s breastplate. She spat out a big mouthful of blood, and her body flew upside down uncontrollably. After flying hundreds of meters, she landed heavily on the ground.  Diana also came and stood in front of Martha.

“Madam, don’t worry. We are your son’s friends. Please hide behind me. I will never let those people hurt you.” Diana smiled at Martha and comforted her.

General Zod glanced at Faora, who flew out, and his eyes fell on Rorschach. He asked doubtfully, “Who are you?”

“I’m also a Kryptonian. My name is Rorschach, and a descendant of Rao.” Rorschach introduced himself to Zod.

Hearing the name ‘Rao’, General Zod’s expression changed suddenly, and even the surrounding Kryptonian warriors showed confused and shocked expressions.

“Impossible. You are lying. You are not a Kryptonian, let alone a descendant of Rao.” General Zod said.

Rao is the God of Kryptonian.

The Rao’s descendants are all the top ruling class of Krypton. All babies on Krypton are pre-programmed with genetic sequences, so Krypton’s hierarchy is extremely strict, and ordinary working-class Kryptonians will never be able to become soldiers or scientists.

Similarly, General Zod is in the genes of the general family, but he will never be able to become the ruling class. General Zod once tried to overthrow the Kryptonian council to resist Brainiac’s arrival but failed.

He thought that the ruling class of Krypton had been destroyed along with Krypton, but when General Zod arrived on Earth and met someone who claimed to be the descendant of the “Rao” family, is something he had not expected.

Diana looked at Zod and the others curiously.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible! You are lying, aren’t you? You must be lying!” General Zod’s eyes were red, and his figure suddenly stepped on the ground.

The huge impact shattered the ground under his feet, and Zod slammed toward Rorschach like a meteorite.

“Zod, you have failed Krypton. In the name of Rao, you’re guilty of your crime.” Rorschach wanted to punish him for killing people.

While speaking, Rorschach raised his fist, exerted all his strength, and punched General Zod.

When Rorschach’s fist collided with General Zod, a terrifying air wave burst out suddenly, spreading in all directions like a destructive force. Diana pulled up her shield and guarded Martha tightly. Although Martha survived, the terrifying shock wave slammed into the house behind them, destroying the house.

Rorschach punched General Zod and flew him upside down for more than ten meters. General Zod stabilized his figure. Although his face calmed down, the murderous aura could not be hidden in his eyes. With this punch, Zod seems to believe that Rorschach is a Kryptonian.

“Everything I do is to rebuild Krypton, to make Krypton more prosperous. What crime am I guilty of? Tell me!” General Zod roared wildly, and his figure rushed towards Rorschach.

Diana felt goosebumps all over her body when she saw the terrifying oppression. If Diana were to replace Rorschach, she would not have the confidence to withstand General Zod’s punch at all.

Rorschach and General Zod fought together. The two punched out quickly, and the fronts of the fists collided crazily, setting off a wave of terrifying air on the spot. Rorschach is proficient in all fighting techniques. Although he doesn’t use them at all, his physical skills are at an extraordinary level.

If it wasn’t for Rorschach’s for his Kryptonian bloodline, his strength would be much greater than Zod’s. Otherwise, he would feel a lot of pressure in the face of a strong enemy like General Zod.

After a battle, General Zod’s expression changed. The man in front of him is even more powerful than himself.

“Faora, come and help me!” General Zod saw that Rorschach defeated him and began to call his men for support.

Although Rorschach’s punch seriously injured Faora, the Kryptonian’s resilience is extremely strong. After a few seconds in the sun, the injury was completely recovered. Because she heard that Rorschach is a descendant of “Rao”, She hesitated for a moment and did not obey Zod’s order immediately.

The same is true for other Kryptonian warriors. They all grew up on Krypton. The Kryptonian culture and other class concepts are deeply rooted.

However, Faora finally moved toward Rorschach. Before Krypton was destroyed, they followed General Zod to launch a mutiny in an attempt to overthrow the ruler of Krypton. Even if there is a descendant of ‘Rao’, it can’t shake General Zod’s position in their hearts.

Faora rushed to Rorschach’s side first, raised her legs, and swung a powerful kick toward Rorschach. The remaining Kryptonian warriors also surrounded him, launching fatal blows at Rorschach from different angles.

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Published On: June 13, 2023

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