Faora took Clark and Lois through the atmosphere and flew into the spaceship hovering in space. On the deck of the Kryptonian spacecraft. Clark General Zod.

General Zod looks about 40 or 50 years old, but Kryptonians live longer than people on Earth. General Zod is already over a hundred years old. For Kryptonians, this age is in the prime of life.

In the mouth of General Zod, Clark heard another version of the truth about the destruction of Krypton.

The first version is stored on his spacecraft. Jor-El’s artificial intelligence told him that Krypton was destroyed because of excessive exploitation of resources, which caused the core of the planet to be destroyed. At this moment, General Zod personally told the second version of the past.

“The destruction of Krypton is because of an artificial intelligence named Brainiac. He wants to turn Krypton into a toy-like sample and collect it into Brainiac’s collection. I know how powerful Brainiac is, but your father and the elders of those councils don’t believe in the existence of Brainiac at all.”

“I was completely desperate for Krypton’s corrupt parliamentary system. I launched a coup to try to save Krypton, but my best friend, your father, Jor-El, did not understand me and stopped my plan. Finally, my soldiers and I were exiled, and Brainiac destroyed Krypton. But we escaped from his attack.”

General Zod talked to Clark, telling the historical truth about the destruction of Krypton. He was a little confused for a while. He didn’t know who to believe.

“Zod, what is the purpose of coming to Earth? I feel that you are not looking for allies to fight against that enemy named Brainiac.” Clark can clearly feel that Zod’s attitude towards the people on Earth is very different.

“Your father took something away, a thing that can rebuild Krypton, the Codex.”

“The Codex?”

“Yes, The Codex is the greatest bioengineering technology on Krypton. On Krypton, the genes of all unborn children are recorded in the Codex. Every child can grow into what Krypton needs most. As long as I can get back the Codex, I can rebuild Krypton.”

General Zod spoke impassionedly. But Lois frowned, “But in this way, wouldn’t it kill the child’s right to choose?”

General Zod’s words were interrupted by her. Faora was about to make a move, but Zod waved his hand and explained, “Not every child will make the most correct choice, but the genes of every Kryptonian can tell you 100% the correct one. Only in this way can we be saved to the greatest extent and achieve the best in life.”

Clark disagrees with Zod’s point of view, “But according to you, everyone on Krypton has lost their dreams.”

“Kal-El, I don’t want to argue with you now. Just tell me, where is The Codex?” General Zod gradually lost his patience.

Clark thought for a while and asked back, “If you got the Codex, where would you rebuild Krypton?”

General Zod looked directly into Clark’s eyes and didn’t speak because the answer is obvious.

It’s Earth.

Earth is far away from the heart of the universe. It may take many years for Brainiac to discover the existence of the Earth, and the solar system where the Earth is located has a sun. Kryptonians can gain extraordinary power under the sun.

The distance between the Earth and the sun is perfect, neither too close to cause the planet to be overly hot nor too far away to cause insufficient sunlight.

The only problem is the gravity of the Earth is much smaller than in Krypton. The too-small gravity will make it take longer for newborn Kryptonian babies to adapt and master their own strength.

However, the matter of gravity is easy to solve. General Zod found an engine from an old Kryptonian colony that could change the gravity of the Earth, making it exactly the same as Krypton.

The only problem is that the people on the earth will all die in the process of transforming the gravity of the earth.

However, General Zod didn’t care about the life and death of the Earth’s people. He asked Faora to take Lois because he heard that Kal-El had a relationship with this person.

Seeing that Clark was silent, the scene fell into an awkward silence.

General Zod said again emotionally, “Kal-El, you have the ability to save our race. Now is not the time for such emotion. Everything needs a sacrifice. Tell me, where is your ship? Where is the Codex?”

“Zod, I don’t know the Codex and won’t help you.”

“If you don’t help me, I’ll find it myself.” General Zod’s face darkened completely, and he gave Faora a look.

Faora took several Kryptonian and went forward to capture Clark.

“Don’t make me shoot you.” Clark waved his hand, thinking he could easily push away the enemy who suppressed him, but he felt that his strength could not be exerted.

On the contrary, those Kryptonian warriors stepped forward and easily suppressed Clark.

Faora explained with a smile, “There are red sun rays in our spaceship. Under the red sun, you can’t exert your full strength. Although we can’t either, but we are warriors, and you are just an ordinary man.”

“Let go of me.” Clark struggled hard, trying to break free.

However, Kryptonian warriors are more adaptable to the red sun than Clark and are trained as fighters from birth. With the joint efforts of several people, they easily suppressed Clark.

“Take him to the laboratory. Kal-El has been exposed to yellow sunlight since he was a child. I’m curious how his cells are different from ours. As for this lady, she should be locked in a prison.”

General Zod gave orders to the warriors who captured Clark and finally gave orders to Faora: “Take a team, and I will go to Kal-El’s hometown on Earth to find his ship.”

General Zod used Kryptonian technology to hack into the US defense system.

He investigated all of Clark’s background, knew that he had lived in the small town of Smallville, Kansas, since he was a child, and deduced that Clark’s ship descended on the Earth with a meteor shower many years ago.

General Zod originally hoped that Clark would take the initiative to hand over the ship and the Codex.  Now Clark’s refusal to cooperate made Zod completely disappointed in him.

“No, stop. There is still time to stop, Zod.”

Clark yelled at Zod, but he ignored him. He took Faora and a team of Kryptonian warriors in a small aircraft, heading towards Clark’s hometown.


In Smallville.

After a day of digging, Rorschach assisted Bruce in finding nearly a lot of Kryptonite.

“Bruce, do you think that’s enough?” Rorschach asked, standing beside Bruce.

Bruce looked at the truckload of Kryptonite behind him and thought about it carefully, “Enough? Didn’t you say that Kryptonite will make Kryptonians very weak? Why you don’t seem to be affected at all.”

“Not affected at all? I’m already very weak. If you attack me now, I won’t be able to fight back at all.” Rorschach looked drained.

His hands were in his pockets, holding a piece of Kryptonite the size of an egg. Kryptonite can indeed weaken Rorschach’s power. However, Rorschach discovered that his body could adapt to Kryptonite.

The Kryptonian bloodline with unlimited potential can naturally compensate for Kryptonite’s weakness. Rorschach took a piece of Kryptonite with him to see if he could fully adapt and become immune to the influence of Kryptonite.

Diana picked up a basketball-sized piece of Kryptonite and asked, “Can I make this into a weapon?”

“Of course, Kryptonite is like iron on the Earth. After being melted at high temperatures, it can be made into any form of weapon. Sword, dart, smoke, etc.”

Rorschach listed some common Kryptonite weapons and then said, “There are several Kryptonite in the forest to the east of the town. My suggestion is that you mine all the Kryptonite. After all, this Kryptonite It is better to be kept by you than to fall into the hands of criminals.”

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Published On: June 13, 2023

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