The news of Superman’s surrender quickly spread on the Internet. People in Metropolis reacted fiercely. Although Superman appeared in front of the public for a short time, he is a superhero of Metropolis. The public called for superheroes in other cities to unite and assist Superman.

Amanda is preparing to contact any superheroes available, hoping that those vigilantes can stand up at critical moments. Amanda’s secretary, Lyla, contacts Green Arrow at Star City.

Amanda appeared at the Gotham City Police Department to find Gordon.

“Gordon, I need you to turn on the Bat Light immediately and call your friend Batman. The military intends to invite Batman, Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman to form a line of defense to protect the earth.”

Although Superman voluntarily surrendered, Amanda will not pin the future of the Earth on the fact that the person named General Zod will take the initiative to keep his promise.

However, Gordon shook his head, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you. Batman and the others are not in Gotham City. Batman left me a message before he left. If Zod threatens the safety of the Earth, they will help you. I will take action and hope that the military can assist them instead of treating them as enemies.”

“If they are not our enemies, why don’t they follow our instructions?” Amanda asked rhetorically.

Gordon smiled and shook his head, “You’re scared?”

“No, I’m not scared.” Amanda clasped her hands in front of her chest.

Gordon still had a smile on his face, “You are just scared, whether it is the Dark Knight or Superman. You are worried that you will not be able to control their power. But I want to say that this does not mean they are yours. Tell those in the military that friends start with trust and enemies start with suspicion.”

“Did this come from Batman or from the Dark Knight?” Amanda stared at Gordon.

Gordon shrugged and said, “I said that.”

Gordon chose to believe in the Dark Knight and Batman. Today’s Gotham City is getting better and better. At least it is much better before the appearance of the Dark Knight.

As for Batman and the Dark Knight violating the laws of the United States, Gordon cannot stop them.

Amanda was silent for a moment and said, “I will tell those people in the military about what you said.”

Looking at the back of Amanda, Gordon showed a smile.


The next morning.

General Swanwick established a temporary base on the outskirts of the Metropolis. A large number of tank and missile phalanxes are all aimed at the sky.

Superman, General Swanwick, and General Sam stood side by side, looking at the sky, waiting for General Zod to send someone over to pick up Superman.

Lois also came along.

As the only daughter of General Sam, because she was worried about Clark, she ran into the garrison through her father’s connection to accompany Superman.

“I heard from my father that the military is willing to cooperate with the Dark Knight, and they may not need you to face all this alone.” Lois took Superman’s hand.

“Thank you, but I will handle my problem.” Although he has also heard about the superheroes in Gotham City, he doesn’t think the so-called Dark Knight, or Batman, will be able to defeat General Zod.

“Whether it’s the Black Knight or Batman, they are all superheroes like you. People on the Internet are calling for it. I hope you can cooperate and form an alliance or something.” Lois paused for a moment.

“Like the Avengers in the comics?” He showed a smile. He loved reading Marvel comics when he was a child, but as he grew older, he felt more and more that the superheroes in Marvel were too weak.

Lois smiled, “Yes, it’s like the Avengers. But you can change the name, like… Justice League?”

“Justice League? It’s a good name. I like it very much.” Clark and Lois intertwined their fingers.

In front of the military tank phalanx ten meters away, General Sam looked at his daughter and unconsciously put his hand on the pistol at his waist.

General Swanwick on the side saw this and quickly said, “Hey, don’t be nervous. From the current point of view, Superman and we are allies.”

General Sam returned to his senses and shook his hand, “If you have a daughter, you will understand my emotion at the moment.”

“I have a son. I always wanted to introduce my son to your daughter, but now it seems that I should forget it.” General Swanwick joked.

General Sam looked blankly at the other side, “Get lost.”

The soldiers behind them heard the chief chatting, and their nervousness was reduced by half.

There was a rumbling sound in the sky. Clark turned his head to look, “They are coming. You should go back quickly.”

“You must be careful.” Lois reluctantly returned to the military side step by step.

In the sky, a small aircraft landed in front of the array. A female soldier in armor stepped down from above. The moment they saw this female soldier, the military clenched their guns tightly.

The female warrior glanced at everyone present with a smile on her lips.

Finally, she looked at Clark at the front and said, “Kal-El, I am Faora, General Zod’s right hand. On behalf of General Zod, I send my greetings to you.”

After finishing speaking, Faora walked to the phalanx and looked at General Swanwick, “General Zod asked this woman to come with us.”

She pointed to Lois, who was standing behind.

General Sam was suddenly furious, “Didn’t you say that you only want your people? We will not hand over Lois.”

Faora asked fiercely, “Do I need to tell General Zod that you rejected his request?”

After all, Lois is the daughter of General Sam, and it is impossible for him to give his daughter to aliens easily, “I don’t care about Zod. We will never accept any form of threat.”

Seeing that the fierce between the two sides were getting stronger, Lois took the initiative to stand up, “It’s okay, Father. I will go with her.”

“Lois…” General Sam trembled with anger.

But Lois ignored her father’s words. She took the initiative to walk to her and said, “Maybe I can represent the Earth and ask General Zod’s attitude towards the Earth.”

Faora took a serious look at Lois for the first time, “You are very brave. At least you are more like a warrior than these men.”

As she spoke, she took Clark and Lois onto the small aircraft. Before leaving, Clark gave General Sam a reassuring look.

General Swanwick also noticed this look, staring at her strangely.

He replied unceremoniously, “What are you looking at? At least my daughter is more like a soldier than a man like you.

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Published On: June 12, 2023

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