After the prevention and control coalition forces observed the sudden appearance of an alien spacecraft, the U.S. government officials organized an emergency meeting.

Earth tried to get in touch with the alien spacecraft. However, all the communication information seems to have disappeared, and they seemed to refuse to reply to any information at all. The military has prepared for the worst and entered a state of emergency preparation.

In Gotham City.

Wayne Group satellites also observed alien spacecraft. Bruce immediately called Rorschach and Diana.

Rorschach had just arrived at the house and threw Harley, who had fainted from exhaustion to her own room. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he received a call from Bruce.

“An alien spacecraft appeared outside the earth. Come to the Batcave quickly.”

“Alien spacecraft?”

Rorschach looked up at the sky and saw an alien spacecraft hovering in space outside the earth.

“It’s General Zod’s spaceship.”

During the phone call, Bruce heard the name ‘General Zod’ and immediately remembered the plot that Rorschach had said before, “You mean, that’s the same race as you and Superman?”


Rorschach’s body was lit up with Speed ​​Force, and it took two minutes to go to London and bring Diana back to the Batcave. On the huge electronic screen inside the Batcave, an alien spaceship appeared. That is the picture taken by the Wayne Group satellite.

Seeing that Rorschach arrived with Diana, Bruce was wearing his suit. He spoke first and asked, “Rorschach, you said before that my suit could withstand Superman’s punch. How about multiple punches at once?”

“It depends on whether the opponent wants to kill you. If the opponent doesn’t want to kill you, you should be able to block another punch.” Rorschach said truthfully.

The implication is that the opponent is determined to kill you, and you can’t stop their power output.

Bruce Wayne understood Rorschach’s meaning, “Even if I put on the suit, I am not the opponent of those Kryptonians?”

Rorschach nodded.

Diana had already put on her battle suit, with the shield and sword on her back. She asked seriously, “What about me? Can I defeat them?”

“Except for General Zod, you can take a Kryptonian warrior one-on-one.”

Rorschach thought for a while and said, “But Kryptonians have a fatal weakness. That is the Kryptonite. A Kryptonite can greatly reduce the strength of Kryptonians. Bruce, if you hold Kryptonite in your hand, you can probably hold their punches.”

Although Kryptonite can greatly weaken Superman’s ability, if the Kryptonians are determined to kill people, even if there is Kryptonite to weaken their power, the Kryptonians will crush an ordinary person to death.

With the plot of BvS, in the battle between Superman and Batman. Superman has countless chances to kill Batman in seconds. But Superman didn’t do that, and Superman never wanted to kill Batman from the beginning.

If Superman is determined to kill, then Batman is dead the moment he fires the Kryptonite smoke bomb.

“Kryptonite? Where can I get a Kryptonite?” Bruce looked at Rorschach suspiciously.

Rorschach thought for a while, “In the small town of Smallville, Kansas. When Superman landed on Earth, there was a meteorite rain and a Kryptonite in those meteorite rains.”

Although Rorschach also has Kryptonian blood, he is not afraid of Kryptonite. Because Rorschach will never insist on the principle of not killing like Superman. If he dares to use Kryptonite to deal with him, no matter who, anyone will be evaporated into molecules by Rorschach’s heat vision the moment he makes a move.

Rorschach’s Kryptonian bloodline level is higher than General Zod’s. Kryptonite has minimal impact on Rorschach, and Rorschach has super speed power.

As soon as he finds any Kryptonite weapon, he can figure out how to deal with it in a split second.

“It shouldn’t be too late. I will immediately arrange for someone to go to the small town of Smallville to dig for Kryptonite.” Bruce had no doubts about Rorschach’s words.

Because everything that Rorschach said so far has come true one by one, even Bruce completely believes that Rorschach is from the future and is his comrade-in-arms and friend.

Diana looked at Bruce and said to Rorschach, “Are you sure about this? Didn’t you say that Bruce would use Kryptonite against Superman?”

“Then Superman only needs to say, ‘My mother’s name is Martha’, and the two of them will settle down.” Rorschach said.

Bruce squinted at Rorschach and said angrily, “You can’t get past this stalk, can you?”

“I’m sorry. Even though you’re the most paranoid man on Earth, and have a certain degree of self-destructive tendency. You are a reliable partner.” He patted Bruce on the shoulder, telling him not to care about these details.

Hearing Rorschach’s last sentence, “You are a reliable partner”, the corners of Bruce’s mouth could not help but rise, and then he immediately returned to his usual expression.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Of course, it’s a compliment. Let’s go to the small town of Smallville. I can use my X-ray vision to scan where’s the Kryptonite.” Rorschach urged.


When Rorschach and the others went to the small town of Smallville, the alien spacecraft hovering in space suddenly landed towards the Earth at extreme speed.

After entering the atmosphere, it hovered over the Metropolis.

Originally, the US government was still thinking about how to hide the fact that the alien spacecraft had appeared from the public. Now that the alien spacecraft has directly fallen from the sky and appeared in the public eye, there is no way to hide it.

Because whoever looked up could see it in the sky.

“Big news! A UFO appeared over the Metropolis!”

“Is it possible that it’s a military aircraft?”

“Let’s wait for the government to give a reasonable explanation.”

People in Metropolis flocked to the streets, looking up at the spacecraft hovering in the sky. Immediately afterward, all the electronic equipment in the entire city and even the entire Earth shut down.

Any electronic device, as if it had encountered some invasion of higher civilization technology, began to play a piece of noise in a loop, and the noise gradually became clear as if it was composed of a paragraph in the language of each country.

“I am General Zod. I come from a distant planet. I traveled across the vast sea of ​​stars to find someone.”

“Among you is one of my people, and now I ask you to hand him over.”

“He is the superhero who recently appeared in the Metropolis. You call him Superman. Although he looks very similar to you, you are not of the same race as him.”

“Hand over Superman or Kal-El. The fate of your planet is in your own hands.”

“Do you hear, Kal-El? Come out and surrender within one Earth day. Otherwise, the entire planet will bear the consequences of your refusal to surrender.”

This message has been spread to every corner of the earth. Even in the Office of the President, the Pentagon, and even all military bases.

Humanity’s firewall defense is like a piece of paper in the face of Kryptonian technology. The technology of a Kryptonian easily broke through the Earth’s network and retrieved all the information of Earth humans at will.

General Zod is 100% sure that the people on Earth cannot stop them.


On the Daily Planet.

Lois looked at the intern reporter behind her, and she reached out her hand, “Clark…”

Before Lois could say anything, Clark shook his head and interrupted her, “Please notify the editor-in-chief that I’ll be away.”

As he spoke, Clark took off the badge of the Daily Planet and put it in the hands of Lois. Then, while everyone’s attention was on the TV screen, Clark turned and ran towards the bathroom.

After the incident, a large number of people flocked to Daily Planet. Some people are protesting to hand over Superman. Because Superman is an alien and should be thrown out of the Earth. Some people think that Superman is a superhero that guards the Metropolis and Superman must not be handed over.

The Metropolis Police Department dispatched a large number of police forces to the Daily Planet to maintain order at the scene. Following the arrival of the police, a person wearing red and blue tights floated in the sky.

Superman took the initiative to stand up, and he was willing to surrender to General Zod for the sake of mankind.

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Published On: June 12, 2023

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