“You love Rachel? You clearly jealous of her body.” Rorschach said angrily. He almost forgot that Harley not only loved herself but even other girls.

After getting in touch with Joker now, Harley Quinn has completely let herself go.

“Go home, and don’t go to Arkham Asylum.”

Rorschach had to maintain his personality outside. The identity of the Dark Knight was more sacred than everything in the world right now.

Hearing this, Harley immediately looked at Rorschach, “Okay, okay. Don’t take pity on me just because I’m a poor girl.”

Rorschach didn’t bother to say anything to her and directly grabbed her by the collar at the back of her neck and flew into the sky.


Since superheroes appeared in various places, Amanda Waller has arranged for agents and initially contacted Batman in Gotham City and Green Arrow in Star City.

It can be determined that the two are normal human beings. Of course, the “normal” defined by them is compared with extraordinary existences like Rorschach and Diana.

Apart from Batman and Green Arrow, Amanda couldn’t find the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman at all, as well as the yellow speedster that appeared in Central City. When the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman were at a loss, Superman appeared in the Metropolis.

“The reporter who reported on Superman is Lois Lane from The Daily Planet. You should contact this woman recently to see if you can find more information about Superman from Louise Lane.” Amanda Waller said to her secretary.

“Understood. Officer Waller, is it possible that the Superman you mentioned has something to do with the incident on Ellesmere Island?” She asked.

Although she is Amanda’s secretary, she is also a top-notch intelligence analysis agent.

Amanda became interested in this statement and asked, “Why do you think so?”

“Because the time node is too coincidental. Superman appeared in the Metropolis two weeks after the Ellesmere Island incident, and Lois Lane also went to Ellesmere Island two weeks ago. I always feel that the two It’s not that simple.” She expressed her conjecture.

Amanda thought about it carefully and said in disbelief, “Then, according to your guess, Superman is very likely to be an alien?”

On Ellesmere Island two weeks ago, the agents saw with their own eyes that an alien spacecraft with a length of four to five hundred meters appeared out of the glacier and disappeared into the sky.

Repeated on-site investigations by the military and experts show that the materials used on that spacecraft do not exist on Earth. This has almost confirmed that the spacecraft in the glacier is a product of extraterrestrial civilization.

“I mean, if Superman is really connected to the alien spacecraft on Ellesmere Island, he is an alien. But what about the Dark Knight? What about Wonder Woman? If these extraordinary beings are all aliens, What purpose do they have on Earth?”

Amanda is unwilling to simply believe that these extraordinary beings arriving on Earth are meant to fight criminals. The public can worship superheroes, but as the head of the U.S. government’s secret organization, Amanda has always put the safety and interests of the U.S. government as the first starting point.

She must find a way to determine The Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, and Superman’s motives. It is best if they can cooperate or obey the law that is around.

If they were hostile, they must be ready to go to war at any time.

In fact, Amanda had already discussed this matter with the president, and both of them believed that it was necessary to take the most basic precautions. For example, nuclear weapons are the ultimate trump card that can bring a sense of security to the high-level U.S. federal government.

However, because all beings are equal under nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons will not be used lightly unless necessary.

A short siren sounded. Amanda and her Secretary both changed their expressions. If the alarm bell sounds inside the building, it means that an event has occurred.

“Go to the command center and see what happened.” Amanda Waller said to her.

The two hurriedly left the office and went to the second floor of the building.

When Reverse Flash slaughtered the Central City Police officers before, the alarm bell for special incidents never sounded. Now that the alarm suddenly came out, there must be a major incident.

The two arrived at the command center. Before Amanda could ask questions, she saw a strange-looking spaceship appearing on the surveillance screen at a glance.

It was a pitch-black spaceship hovering in space. The shape of the spaceship was like a pitch-black jellyfish, with a large oblate ‘head’ and three sharp claws below it.

“Is that an alien spaceship?”

She was talking about alien spaceships with Amanda just now, and it turned out that an alien spaceship appeared within their observation range.

Amanda ignored her but went straight to the bottom of the big screen in the command center.

She looked at the director of the command center and asked, “When did this spaceship appear? And did it send any signals or communication requests?”

The director of the command center is an old man with gray hair. He pushed the thick glasses on the bridge of his nose and replied, “According to our satellite’s observation. This spaceship has appeared for one to three days, and we haven’t received any news yet. Should we take the initiative to send a communication request to them?”

Amanda was silent for a moment. She dared not decide on this matter of direct contact with aliens.

“I’ll call the president first.”

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, but Amanda knew in her heart that this was not a simple matter. From this moment on, the course of human history will be completely changed.

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