Gotham City Police Department.

They received a report that Joker, who was captured by Superman yesterday, escaped from Arkham Asylum today. Gordon immediately led a group of police to arrest Joker.

With the power of the Arc Reactor, Batman flew to the scene in just a few minutes and started hunting down Joker.

“I hate Batman, and I hate all the vigilantes!”

Facing the upgraded Batman, Joker was powerless to fight back and was finally cornered. Joker grabbed Harley Quinn, who was running away with him, as a hostage. He started to threaten Batman and said, “Let me go. Otherwise, I will kill this woman.”

“I thought she was your accomplice.” Batman looked suspiciously at Harley, whose face was smeared with a white foundation, and her lips were red and purple.

However, Harley was angry, “Thanks to the fact that I treat you as a friend, you actually dare to hold me hostage. Tell me, this is just your plan to delay the attack, and you won’t really want to kill me, right?”

“Shut up. I’m just using you to help me escape.”

Joker can’t stand her long ago, and he keeps talking about The Dark Knight all day long. But when he asked how the Dark Knight abused her, she couldn’t explain why. Joker then gradually lost his patience.

He retreated to the roof and dragged Harley to the edge of the roof, “Batman, let’s play a game. Are you going to catch me or save this woman?”

Joker then pushed Harley. She fell from the roof, screaming in horror and cursing. Batman rushed out without hesitation, ready to jump down to save Harley. Because in Batman’s code of conduct, saving people always comes first.

Even if he knew, Joker in front of him was the biggest enemy in his entire career.

In an instant, before Batman reached the edge of the building. A dark figure flew out from below, holding Harley, who was still in shock.

“The Dark Knight!” Joker recognized the person holding Harley.

The number of The Dark Knight’s appearances has been very few recently, and Batman is basically fighting criminals. The city speculates that Batman may be a disciple of the Dark Knight. Ordinary criminals are handed over to Batman. The Dark Knight will appear again to save the world when a big crisis occurs.

Harley also recognized Rorschach. She tightly wrapped her arms around Rorschach’s neck and complained, “I almost thought I would never see you again, you perverted man. I took that clown as a friend, but in the end, he wanted to kill me.”

“Just shut up.”

Rorschach slowly descended to the top of the building. He wanted to put Harley down. She clung to Rorschach’s body like an octopus that won’t let him go.

Batman is always on guard but can’t stop looking at Rorschach, “What’s the matter with this girl?”

He clearly remembered that Rorschach and Diana had an unusual relationship.

“I won’t shut up.” Harley entangled Rorschach and began to act rascally.

Rorschach’s head suddenly became dizzy, “How could I be a pervert? Obviously, you are the most perverted one.”

Seeing this scene, Joker suddenly felt that she was playing him. He looked at Harley angrily, “Didn’t you say that you hate him the most? He tortures you every day. Why don’t you kill the Dark Knight now?”

Batman froze in place. The amount of information in these words is huge, and he has already begun to fill in the various entanglements between these three people automatically.

The corner of Rorschach’s mouth twitched, and he looked at Harley. She didn’t explain anything.

“Hey, he is going to kidnap you and torture you. Kill him quickly. Hurry up!” Harley urged.

Batman’s first reaction is that he can’t kill. But his eyes fell on Joker. According to Rorschach, this is a very dangerous criminal, and he may kill Superman’s wife in the future, causing Superman to go crazy.

He looked at Harley hanging on Rorschach again.

“Dark Knight. You can deal with your own affairs yourself, and you will pretend that I have never appeared.” After speaking, Batman turned and left.

Rorschach wanted to explain, but Batman didn’t give him a chance to explain. He jumped from the top of the building and disappeared before his eyes. After Batman left, Joker also wanted to run away. But Rorschach didn’t intend to let him go. His eyes were red and completely disintegrated Joker.

“You did it, Rorschach. I knew you would vent your anger on him.” Harley said happily with her arms around Rorschach’s neck.

He doesn’t want to talk to her right now, but it doesn’t matter if she hangs on him like this. He slapped her back and said angrily, “Hurry up and get out of here. “

“So, are you going to abandon me?” Harley asked Rorschach with tears in her eyes.

“Do you really know what you’re talking about?”

He obviously felt that the woman in front of him was in a very abnormal mental state. He gave up reasoning with her but directly pushed her off him.

She moved to Rorschach’s face, stretched her neck, and kissed him. Different from Rachel’s tenderness and Diana’s nobility, Harley’s kiss is like dry wood meeting fire, crazy and passionate.

“From the first time I saw you, I wanted to know you deeply. But unfortunately, I gave Rachel a quick start, but I don’t care. I like to see the look in your eyes when you kill someone.” Harley looked at Rorschach.

Rorschach gently pushed her away, “I’m not that kind of person.”

“Don’t act like I don’t know about it. You like to stare at my chest and butt when you’re free. Whether it’s Rachel or that Wonder Woman, their bodies are not as good as mine.”

Harley Quinn is indeed somewhere in between Diana and Rachel. As an ordinary human, Harley has better physical fitness than ordinary humans.

“I can’t do that to Rachel.” Rorschach knew that he must not do something like that to Rachel.

This is why he tried his best to keep Diana out of Gotham City.

“Don’t you think it would be more interesting for the three of us to be together? I have always loved Rachel deeply. But unfortunately, she has no feelings for me.”

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Published On: June 11, 2023

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