Central City, STAR Labs.

Rorschach routinely checks Barry’s physical condition. So far, everything is normal, but Barry’s consciousness has always fallen into a coma, and cannot wake up.

Iris West came to see him every day. The two quickly established a relationship, which caused Iris to come to see Barry lately. From once a day in the beginning, it became only once every few days.

“Have you read today’s newspaper? The headline on the front page of the Daily Planet says that a superhero named Superman has appeared in Metropolis.” Cisco is not only a fan of technology but also a fan of superheroes.

In the past, he could only read comics and many comic superheroes. Since the Dark Knight and Batman appeared, he has been crazy about real superheroes. Now that there is a new hero in Metropolis, he even starts to imagine when the Central City will have a hero here.

Rorschach took over today’s Daily Planet newspaper. Sure enough, the headline on the front page was a photo of Superman flying with one hand raised above his head. The Daily Planet spent two full pages introducing yesterday’s Metropolis Bank robbery.

There are pictures of robbers taking hostage in the bank. Because of this, there is a lot of controversy about Superman on the Internet. Some people think this is a non-existent superhero, and others think it is the Dark Knight who has changed his uniform.

It wasn’t until the Daily Planet released the news that people believed in the existence of Superman.

“Bank robbery and criminal clowns.”

Rorschach usually doesn’t pay much attention to small incidents like bank robberies. There are more than a dozen bank robberies in the United States on average every week, and Gotham City and Star City used to have the highest crime rates.

Ranked third is the Metropolis. Unexpectedly, the local criminals in the Metropolis did not rob the bank. Instead, the gangsters and clowns in Gotham City planned yesterday’s bank robbery.

“What’s more interesting is that the police discovered that the clown was a lunatic and that this group of clowns planned the entire bank robbery. After they were caught, they were not taken to the police station but were sent to Arkham Asylum. ” Cisco is lamenting that a mental patient can actually plan a bank robbery.

If Superman hadn’t arrived in time, Joker would have succeeded.

“So, now the Joker is in Arkham Asylum?” Rorschach suddenly remembered that Harleen had returned to work at the Arkham Asylum.

In this way, Harleen and Joker meet, and it is estimated that Arkham Asylum will have a big mess. Rorschach can ignore other things, but Rorschach cannot ignore the matter involving one of the craziest criminals in the DC universe, the Joker, and Harley Quinn.

After all, Harleen is Rachel’s senior in this world.

“Cisco, the experimental test of the energy force field will be handed over to you. I have something to take care of.” Rorschach immediately put down the work at hand and handed it over to Cisco.

He looked embarrassed, “Boss, I still have a new energy project on hand that needs to be followed up.”

“Then work overtime. Don’t worry. You will definitely get overtime pay.” Rorschach patted Cisco on the shoulder, expressing his optimism for him. He quickly left the office and went to Arkham Asylum as fast as he can.


Arkham Asylum.

As a criminal psychologist, Harleen was called by the Gotham City Police Department yesterday to evaluate Joker’s mental state. After the evaluation, it was found that Joker’s mental condition was extremely chaotic and crazy. If Rorschach’s heart is said to be divine, then the Joker’s heart is extreme madness.

Both are beyond the scope of ordinary people’s understanding, which makes Harleen unconsciously immersed in the spiritual world of Joker.

“J, as long as I help you escape. Will you help me catch The Dark Knight and give it to me to deal with at will?” She cut the restrain on Joker’s body.

It’s a strap specially used to control the mentally ill, preventing them from going hurting others.

Joker opened his mouth and said, “Yes. Believe me, I have investigated the Dark Knight. If you want to catch him, I can make a plan, no, lots of plans for that will definitely catch him with no problem whatsoever.”

“That’s great. I believe you can do it because I know that you are the same kind of person as him.” She was very excited.

She loosened Joker, and finally regained his freedom. His eyes wandered over the scalpel in her hand and her neck. But he let go of the idea of ​​killing her. Because he still counted on this girl in front of him to take him out of Arkham Asylum.

“I’m curious, why do you hate the Dark Knight so much? Because as far as I know, most people in Gotham City hate Batman. Why don’t you want me to take out The Batman?” Joker asked her.

Of course, the people of Gotham City mentioned by Joker refer to criminals, not ordinary people.

“I hate him very much. Because before that, he tortured me every night. You don’t even know how I got here during that time. It’s just… too much.” She thought about the days when he lived at Rachel’s house.

Joker was filled with indignation and asked curiously, “Is it, though? How did he torture you?”

“He made my life worse than death, tortured my spirit, my body, and… my soul.” She felt she had met a confidant and frantically complained about her “painful” experience.

Joker became more and more excited the more he listened and kept asking for the details of how the Dark Knight tortured Harleen.

However, although Harleen has gone crazy, she retains some integrity. The last bit of integrity may be broken if the truth is told.

“Let’s get out of here first and then plan how to capture the Dark Knight. At that time, I will make the pain I have suffered ten times… no. One hundred times and then return it to him.” She said fiercely.

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Published On: June 11, 2023

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