Lois had no choice but to agree, “Okay, I will go and complete the assignment.”

“That’s more like it. Send the report to my mailbox before seven o’clock tonight.” Perry then turned around and left.

Lois sat back on the chair dejectedly and picked up the football game invitation letter with some frustration. She glanced at the start time of the game, which was 1:30 in the afternoon.

“Damn it. I only have an hour left.”

Driving there from Planet Daily would take at least half an hour, and that doesn’t include the traffic jam. If there were a traffic jam, it would take more than an hour.

After realizing that there was not enough time, Lois quickly grabbed her coat and camera and rushed out of the Office of the Daily Planet in a hurry.

A few minutes later, Lois drove to the high school. She was driving fast all the way, but when she was leaving the city center, she was stuck in a traffic jam. Lois poked her head out and looked at the long convoy, feeling extremely depressed.

“Why is there a traffic jam today?” Lois tried to stop and find another route to leave.

However, the vehicle in front remained motionless as if there had been an accident, causing more and more vehicles to gather behind, and this section of the road turned into a total blockage.

“Damn it!” Lois honked her horn angrily, trying to use this method to urge the vehicles in front to move as soon as possible.

But in the next second, a series of gunshots sounded in front.

Immediately afterward, screams, shouts, and calls for help came from the front. Lois found that many people abandoned their cars and fled, and a large number of people ran from the front to the back.

As a reporter, she can predict that something big must happen ahead.

So, Lois stopped a lady and asked, “Hey, ma’am, what’s happening there?”

“There are people robbing the bank and shooting at the vehicles at the intersection. You have to run!” The lady roughly described the situation before and ran out without looking back.

Lois felt a little strange, but after taking a look at the road, she instantly understood that those robbers were creating chaos and causing trouble for the police to arrive.

“This is big news!”

Lois immediately returned to the car, picked up the camera, and went straight to the bank.

‘The City Bank was robbed!”

This news is bigger than a high school football game.

Lois cautiously approached the intersection ahead, and the bank was diagonally opposite the intersection. Armed with rifles, those masked robbers were shooting at the vehicles and entered the bank one after another.

Lois walked around to the back of a nearby flower bed. She picked up the camera and pointed it at the inside of the bank. After zooming in on the screen, she could clearly see that the robbers inside had broken into the vault and were carrying bags of money.

The bank staff and the civilians who were in the bank at that time were taken as hostages and gathered in the lobby; someone was in charge of keeping an eye on them.

After a while, police sirens sounded from a distance. But the bank robbery was carefully planned. The robbers created chaos on the section of the road where the police cars must pass. They shot many people with rifles which caused the civilians to abandon their cars. This leads to a lot of traffic congestion on the road.

The robbers use motorcycles because motorcycles are easy to use on these kinds of roads. It can also disperse to avoid police pursuit.

“When did such brilliant robbers appear in the Metropolis?”

Lois prayed that the police would arrive at the scene quickly, but seeing the robbers carrying the bags in their hands and preparing to flee one after another. She knew that the police in the Metropolis did not have time to stop them. Just as the last robber was leaving the bank, he pointed his gun at the hostages inside.

“Damn, that robber is going to shoot the hostages? Is he crazy?” Lois saw this scene, her hands holding the camera, trembling.

Just as the robber raised his gun and aimed at the hostages in the bank, there was a violent roar in the sky, as if thousands of thunderbolts exploded. A red and blue light and shadow descended from the sky and suddenly fell in front of the robber.

The robber pulled the trigger, and a stream of bullets sprayed out, shooting toward them like raindrops. But all the bullets were blocked by a strong figure, making the sound of shooting on a thick steel plate.

Lois was stunned, the robber was also stunned, and even all the hostages who closed their eyes and waited to die were also stunned.

She saw a tall and burly man wearing a red cloak with a big ‘S’ logo on his strong chest. He just put his hands on his hips, pointed his chest at the muzzle of the gangster, and stood up for the hostages behind him.

“It’s him!” Lois’ eyes changed from despair to surprise.

Although he was wearing red and blue tights, Lois recognized the man in front of her as the man she had met on the glacier two weeks ago. Lois immediately raised the camera, adjusted the angle, and pressed the button on her camera.

“Gentlemen, the money does not belong to you. Please return the money to the bank.”

The person who came was Superman. He learned about Krypton’s origin, saw his father’s virtual image, and learned to fly on the glacier.

The robbers thought that today’s robbery plan was foolproof. But at this point, another vigilante jumped out to stop them.

“His suit is bulletproof like Batman. Shoot him in the head!”

The robbers raised their guns one after another and pointed their guns at the head of Superman. With the lessons learned from the nano suit version of Batman, almost all gangsters believe that bulletproof suits are the basic equipment for all vigilantes.

A series of bullets hit Superman’s head, but he was unharmed.

The robbers were stunned again.

Superman’s eyes were red the next second, and he shot two heat vision shots. But his target was not those robbers, but the guns in the hands of all the robbers.

The guns were instantly melted, and all the robbers lost their weapons. Some robbers didn’t even want money and ran away immediately.

Lois pressed the shutter frantically, afraid of missing any detail. Soon, the police arrived and surrounded the bank. Seeing that the police had arrived, Superman looked up at the sky, flew away, and disappeared into the sky.


In the afternoon.

Lois did not go to the football match but returned directly to the Daily Planet.

Perry White was holding a cup of coffee and was about to return to the office. Seeing that Lois had returned, he was a little puzzled and said, “Lois, is the game already over?”

“I didn’t go to the football game.” Lois replied nonchalantly.

“What? Okay, now you don’t get a bonus this month. You’re fired if you can’t give me a reasonable explanation.” Perry said angrily.

Lois waved her hands and raised a few freshly taken photos, “I just happened to stop by the bank, and robbers were robbing it. A vigilante came forward to stop the robbery. These Vigilantes can fly, invulnerable, and have fiery rays from their eyes.”

“Uhh, what?”

Perry took the photo, and the more he looked at it, the more colorful his expression became. He opened his mouth and said, “Not bad. Good job, Lois. You should be the one who wrote the front page headline. Gotham City has Batman and The Dark Knight. Star City has Green Arrow, and our hero in Metropolis… is Red and Blue. How about it?”

“That’s stupid. Because he has an “S” on his chest, why not call him Superman?” Lois suggested.

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Published On: June 10, 2023

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