When Darcy accused Rorschach, he promptly refuted it. “Don’t talk nonsense. It’s not me.”

Thor was still sobbing while Rorschach continued to speak, so he pulled out his phone and snapped a picture while facing him. Darcy began caressing their phones as soon as she saw Rorschach pull out his to take pictures.

When Rorschach and the others offended him, Loki snarled, “Enough, you little bugs. Do you realize who the guy in front of you is now?”

“Tom Hiddleston? I’m referring to Hiddleston.” Rorschach spoke rashly.

Darcy asked in a perplexed tone, “Who is Hiddleston?”

“An actor who plays the Evil Loki.” Rorschach answered.

“Stupid little bug, you will pay for your behavior because it fully incensed the mighty Loki.”

Loki’s appearance wavered and abruptly materialized in front of everyone since he could not recognize that Rorschach was making fun of him. He simultaneously reached out to try to grip the necks of Rorschach and Darcy with his outstretched hands.



Peter kicked Loki just as Loki teleported to the ground with his spider reaction, startling Darcy and the others while Rorschach stayed motionless and unfazed.


This kick was so forceful that it knocked a large hole in the light partition wall of the motel and sent Loki flying backward and hard against the wall behind him.

Rorschach observed this and urged Norman to purchase the hotel.

“I’ll set it up right now.” Immediately after pulling out his phone, Norman contacted the necessary departments and purchased the motel.

A golden light engulfed his entire body when Loki emerged in shame from the shattered wood on the wall. By the time he stood in front of everyone once more, Loki had already changed into his green-horned war robe.

“I will make you pay with your life, tiny bug, for the sheer outrage you have caused me!”

Two daggers materialized in Loki’s hands when he flicked his hands. He took one step forward, and an enormous number of avatars surrounded everyone.

Thor wiped aside his tears, stood in front of Rorschach and the others, and begged for them after sensing Loki’s murderous intent “Even though I can’t do it in this life, Loki, don’t do this since it’s all my fault. I’ll acknowledge it; back in Asgard, kindly let these humans go; they are unrelated to the situation.”

According to Thor, Loki is cunning, skilled in magic, and knowledgeable in a variety of combative stances. These Midgardians can’t possibly be Loki’s foes.

Loki had chilly eyes “You are not at any way suited to be a king, stupid brother. You must allow rude mortals to suffer if you don’t want them to lose the ability to express gratitude to the gods.”

Before the words could be spoken, Loki’s actual figure flashed behind Rorschach, and the blade in his hand was aimed aggressively at the back of the man.

“Teacher, be careful!” Peter was ready to take the dagger, but Rorschach took action first.

He elevated his right arm, pivoted his body, and slammed his right elbow into the ground as soon as he observed that Rorschach’s right foot had considerably receded.

Since Rorschach is familiar with the storyline, he is aware that Loki enjoys pulling the biggest pranks on people. Rorschach has consistently received the greatest mockery from this point on. Rorschach foresaw that Loki would undoubtedly attack him.

Rorschach launched his elbow in the direction of the back when he sensed the threat from behind.


One more muddled sound This violent elbow struck Loki in the forehead before his dagger fell. The next instant, Loki’s brain failed to function, and a mouthful of blood and a few broken teeth spilled from his mouth.

After feeling queasy for a moment, Loki returned to his trance-like position beneath the wall’s debris. Everything took place very rapidly. As seen by Darcy and other commoners, Loki arrived and then flew away.

Thor regarded Rorschach as a monstrous creature.

“Whoa, are these people really from Midgard? You claimed the inhabitants of Midgard were feeble, didn’t you?”

Rorschach disregarded Thor’s horror as he crept cautiously inside the wall’s debris on the opposite side and dragged Loki free using only his bare hands. Still alive, not yet dead.

With his “SSS” strength rating, he could easily crush Loki’s brains out if he used all of his strength, but his elbow is relatively light. However, it is conceivable that Odin will directly wage war on Earth if things go this way.

“You’re Loki, right? I’m extremely curious as well. Since you were a young child, Queen Frigga taught you magic. Why do you prefer using a dagger to stab people in the rear instead of creating a spell?”

The underlying doubts in his heart were exposed through Rorschach. In the Marvel universe, magic is extremely hallucinogenic. Except for the red witch, a magical being whose mode of combat involves smashing energy balls, other magicians in Rorschach’s image appear to concentrate their abilities on melee wizards.

Loki is the best illustration. He has a very strong talent for ice magic because he is a Frost Giant ancestor.

He has been learning magic from Queen Frigga ever since he was a young boy. Loki must be an archmage of the caliber of a holy magister. For some reason, he doesn’t play magic, but he likes to study other assassins’ backstabbing techniques.

The lower half of Loki’s face was bloated, and regret filled his eyes.

“Heim…dal…” Loki struggled to get out the word.

Everyone’s eyes were pained by the glare as a bright ray of light plummeted from the sky. Loki on the ground had vanished into thin air when the ray of light faded.

“Rainbow Bridge? Is this the legendary Rainbow Bridge?”

Norman noticed a large hole in the ceiling and immediately made the connection between this occurrence and the fabled Rainbow Bridge.

The fabled Rainbow Bridge connects Asgard and the Nine Realms. It has the ability to transfer individuals from Asgard to any location within the Nine Realms as well as from the Nine Realms back to Asgard.

Naturally, the Rainbow Bridge guided Loki to Asgard.

“Rorschach, you are in huge trouble; now that Loki is the king of Asgard, you defeated him, but with Loki’s character, He will never let you go easy,” Thor said to Rorschach and the others in a disturbed manner after Loki had left.

All of the people’s faces changed to serious ones once Thor said this. According to the conversation that just took place between Loki and Thor, King Odin is no longer in charge, Thor was banished, and Loki now has the final word over all of Asgard.

Rorschach patted Thor on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, your father was still alive.”


Thor’s gloomy eyes glowed again when he heard what Rorschach said, looking straight at Rorschach in astonishment, “Rorschach, how did you know? Is it true that my father is still alive?”

“Naturally, Loki misled you. Odin only fell asleep deeply; he wasn’t actually dead.”

“Thor, think about it carefully. Who prompted you to take people to attack Jotunheim before?” Rorschach remarked after explaining a sentence.


After giving it some thought, Thor remembered that Loki had tricked him into attacking Jotunheim. “But why did Loki act in this way?”

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Published On: February 8, 2023

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