Clark Kent has been looking for the mystery of his life experience all these years after he left his hometown. Before, he listened to military information and learned that a strange electromagnetic wave signal was found in a glacier in Canada.

Clark arrived at Ellesmere Island to give it a try.

When he approached the glacier, a key that Clark carried with him gave a resonant response. If it can resonate with this key, it means that the things under the glacier are very likely related to Clark’s history.

This thick glacier is a difficult problem for human beings, but Clark directly opened the way with thermal vision and reached the interior of the glacier without any problem. After that, it was no surprise to discover the spacecraft in the glacier.

Entering it, Clark saw a console in front of him. There was a gap in the center of the console, which matched the key in his hand.

“Is that the slot for the key?” Clark picked up the key in his hand and was about to insert it into the slot.

Suddenly, a silkworm chrysalis-shaped steel robot hovered and flew over. Its red electronic eyes scanned Clark and then turned on a siren, “Alert. An intruder has been detected.”

The metal tentacles hit Clark’s body, and his eyes froze because he felt a little pain. Under the pain, Clark punched the metal silkworm with his hand.

Clark punched the metal silkworm with all his strength, and instantly sent them flying. He also took this opportunity to grab the key and insert it into the slot. Sure enough, after the key was inserted, the spacecraft restarted its system.

“Identity confirmed, Kal-El.”


Clark wasn’t sure if the system was calling his name. Before he had time to ask more, the metal silkworm stretched out its tentacles again, “Alert. An intruder has been detected.”


Clark originally thought that the system was going to attack him again. But the target of the metal silkworm was not him, but a woman who followed behind him at some point.

“Stop, that’s not an intruder!”

Lois quietly boarded the spacecraft and was looking around curiously. But she saw a robot waving a few metal tentacles and pouncing toward her. Although Clark had smashed it as fast as he could, a metal tentacle still pierced Lois’ lower abdomen.

Lois looked at Clark in horror. Because she saw that the man in front of her squeezed a very scary-looking metal robot into an iron ball with his bare hands.

“Hey, are you alright? let me see your wounds.” Clark stretched out his hand gently and took off Lois’ clothes as soon as he came up.

He unzipped the zipper. His eyes quickly turned red, and the two heat visions carefully scorched the blood from the wound on Lois’ stomach.

“Argh!” Lois let out a pain and then passed out.


At the same time, in the depths of the distant universe.

General Zod and his soldiers are stranded on an outpost on a certain planet. It is an outpost of the Kryptonian colony, but it has been deserted for hundreds of years.

“We have no way to find Jor-El’s child, let alone the codex. Are we going to wander in the universe for a lifetime?” General Zod slammed his fist on the wall of the outpost in fury.

Since Krypton was destroyed. General Zod led the remaining troops and wandered in the universe for more than 20 years. During the period, they wanted to find Kal-El or Clark Kent, based on the addresses of the Kryptonian outposts.

However, almost all Kryptonian outposts are deserted, and there is no clue of Kal-El at all. General Zod has achieved nothing for more than 20 years.

Many Kryptonian soldiers bowed their heads toward Zod. The day of Krypton’s reconstruction is nowhere in sight, and they don’t know how long they will have to look.

“General! The outpost has received a signal from an ancient spacecraft in the solar system. Just now, we have received a data connection signal from that ancient spaceship!” Faora reported to General Zod.

“An ancient spacecraft in the solar system?”

General Zod fell into deep thought, and soon, a hopeful light appeared in his eyes, “Kal-El must have started the ship. Because no one else can start the Kryptonian ship except him. Faora, can you locate the exact location of that ship?”

Faora is using her device, trying to trace the signal position, “It has been located. It is on a planet called Earth. These are the planetary coordinates of Earth.”

“Assemble everyone immediately and target Earth.”

“Yes, General Zod!”


Two weeks flew by.

During the period, Rorschach created a nano suit for Bruce.

Bruce only needs to wear a black-lined vest. When he needs to become Batman, he just needs to press the bat logo on his chest. The Arc Reactor hidden under the bat logo, as well as the nano-robots, will unfold to form a set of bat suits.

With the Arc Reactor as the power core, the nano suit has the ability to fly and is equipped with a variety of energy weapons.

Like a big boy who got a new toy and couldn’t help showing off everywhere, Bruce broke the record of crimes being handled in Gotham City from time to time.

He wished he could wear the nano suit for 24 hours a day. That will the moment when Gotham’s criminals faced the biggest challenge of their careers.

Rorschach is not interested in handling criminals, and Carmine Falcone is also annexing other families. Batman is fighting criminals everywhere, and the fight against criminals has begun to decrease these days.

In order to leave a way for the criminals to survive, Rorschach has spent most of his time with Diana recently.


London, England.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Rorschach accompanied Diana to watch a musical performance at the London National Opera House.

Diana liked to watch musicals with war and historical themes. Although Rorschach didn’t like it, in order to accompany Diana, Rorschach watched the whole show.

At ten o’clock in the evening, holding Diana’s hand, they walked along to the gate of Diana’s villa. Rorschach used the excuse of going in for a cup of tea to visit Diana’s villa at night.

Diana began to yawn. Rorschach kissed Diana on the lips, said goodnight to her, and left Diana’s villa.

Rorschach also bought an apartment in London. But Rorschach doesn’t plan to live in an apartment in London tonight.

With the blessing of the Speed ​​Force, Rorschach returned to Gotham City from London in just two minutes. There is a five-hour time difference between London and Gotham City. If now is eleven o’clock in the middle of the night in London, then it is still six o’clock in Gotham City.

Looking at the time, Rachel should be at work right now.

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Published On: June 9, 2023

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