Listening to Rorschach and Bruce discussing the nano suit, Diana said that she also wanted a nano suit.

“Diana, the nano suit can’t be compared to your war equipment.” Rorschach said to Diana.

The nano suit is only effective for mortals like Tony and Bruce. If it is used by a goddess like Diana, then it would not be as effective as she is already strong.

“Didn’t you say that the suit can be made to anything I want? Can’t I wear them as ordinary clothes?” Diana raised her chin.

Rorschach looked at Diana’s expression and thought she really want one.

“Diana, do you know anything about the cost of the nano suit? Take Bruce’s suit as an example. Guess how much US dollars it costs to one that is similar to it?”

Rorschach knows that Diana is a rich woman, but the nano suit is really expensive.

Diana was a little guilty when asked by Rorschach, and asked back, “Well, how much money does it take?”

Bruce is also interested. He has never asked Rorschach how much a set of nano suit cost. Because in the eyes of him, no matter how expensive things are, he can definitely afford them anyway.

“A friendly reminder, the currency is US dollars and it will cost around billions.” Rorschach said with a smile.

Diana petrified on the spot, “Forget it, I think my armor is enough.”

They regarded Rorschach’s Necrosword Suit as nanotechnology. After all, the visual effect of the Necrosword covering Rorschach’s body is very similar to the nano suit.

Bruce on the side also nodded in agreement, “If it really does costs billions, then it’s not a cheap thing.”

“Diana, after the new energy industry enters the market, I will make you a set of nano-suits. So that when you go out to fight in the future, you only need to bring a few pieces of equipment.” Rorschach promised.

Rorschach didn’t want to take into account the time Diana went home to get her equipment every time before going into battle. As long as the clothes are made into nano suits, then Diana only needs to carry her sword, shield, and bracelet.

Diana mainly relies on these three pieces of equipment for battle.

Hearing Rorschach’s promise, Diana smiled happily, “Will burden you to make one?”

“Diana, you don’t have to be so polite with me.” Rorschach looked at Diana gently.

Caitlin then knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Rorschach replied to the knock.

Caitlin pushed the door in and said to Rorschach, “Officer Joe West is here. He said that Barry Allen was struck by lightning. Starting today, he will be transferred to our laboratory for treatment.”

“I’ve talked to West about this matter. The hospital is helpless about Barry’s situation. Only we can help him.”

Rorschach communicated with Diana and Bruce. Both of them knew that Barry was going to be The Flash in the future.

“Let’s go and see together.” Bruce had saved West before, but that was him as Batman.


Ellesmere Island, Canada.

The US military has established a research base around this island. The experts initially thought it was a submarine from the Soviet era, but after some research, it was found that the things inside the glacier had existed for at least 20,000 years.

Something hidden in the glacier 20,000 years ago is now emitting some kind of weak electromagnetic waves.

The Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane also got the opportunity to report through her father Sam Lane’s relationship in the military. During the day, the staff who brought Lois Lane warned her not to leave the station at night.

However, Lois is a professional reporter with an adventurous spirit. She was watched by the military during the day and could not learn any useful information at all. Therefore, the mission of revealing all the truth caused Lois to ignore the staff’s warning and leave her room.

The night sky over Ellesmere Island is very beautiful.

But the temperature here at night is extremely cold. It is said that the coldest time can reach minus 40 degrees. But Lois didn’t care about this at all. She took her camera and walked towards the glacier.

Under the night, several towers were erected high above the glacier, and vehicles drove out of the construction site one after another along the road ahead.

Lois got closer, she picked up the camera in her hand, and began to take pictures. Vaguely, she spotted a figure on the cliff of the glacier.

“There are people on the glacier?”

Lois magnified the photo taken several times, and a man in short sleeves could be vaguely seen walking on the glacier cliff. If it weren’t for the person in the photo, who was still wearing short sleeves at minus 30 to 40 degrees, Lois would only think that he was a member of the military.

But here comes the question, what kind of person would wear short sleeves in this kind of weather?

“I have to check it out.”

Lois knew the danger ahead, but if she didn’t find out the truth of the matter, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

An hour later, Lois climbed onto the glacier ahead.

There is no road on the edge of the glacier cliff, but Lois was surprised to find that there was an extra cave tunnel on the glacier cliff that could probably allow an adult man to pass through.

“How is it possible? I remember that there are no tunnels here.”

Lois found out about the photo she just took. Sure enough, when she took this photo, there were no caves and tunnels in this location. She may have found something big.

Lois’ heart beat faster, and she bravely walked towards the inside of the cave.

After walking for a long way, Lois passed through the long and narrow tunnel. A large open area appeared in front of her, and in the middle of this area was a four- to five-hundred-meter-long tunnel. A metal spaceship emits a faint blue light.

Looking at the shape and structure of the spacecraft, it is definitely not a product of Earth’s technology.

Realizing it was an alien spacecraft, Lois hurried to take a photo.

She felt that she would get the Pulitzer Prize if she took this.

After taking dozens of photos in a row, Lois found a passage leading to the interior of the spacecraft.

After thinking for a second, Lois decided to go inside the spacecraft to have a look. After entering it, Lois saw the man in short sleeves walking on the glacier.

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