Listening to the ‘future’ described by Rorschach, both Bruce, and Diana fell into silence.

Diana has no psychological burden for killing, and she agrees with Rorschach’s philosophy, “If this criminal you said is killed earlier. A series of subsequent things can be avoided.”

She wished she could kill Joker now.

“Yes, whether it’s Superman or Batman. You can still insist on the principle of not killing, but someone must kill for you. Otherwise, more innocent people will be killed by your kindness.” Rorschach concluded.

He said so much because he wanted to rectify the atmosphere of the Justice League in advance. If the “principle of no killing” prevails, then the Justice League will definitely not be able to sustain itself for long.

Whether it’s Superman, Batman, or all the members who will join the Justice League in the future. It must be understood that the criminal should get the punishment they deserve.

Like Reverse Flash, and The Joker, such vicious and insane super criminals. Only by killing them can they completely stop them from continuing to do evil. The stubborn implementation of the principle of not killing will only make criminals do whatever they want more recklessly.

Because the “no-kill principle” is telling criminals that no matter what they do. They will not kill you, so you can do whatever you want.

Bruce was silent for a long time, and finally sighed, “Maybe you are right, but I will not change my principles. Rorschach, as you said, you respect my principles, and I respect yours.”

Rorschach turned his back to Bruce, showing a smile. He didn’t expect to convince Bruce with just a few words. But as long as Bruce is okay with his behavior, it will also have a subtle influence on other superheroes such as Superman in the future.

In this way, Rorschach’s goal is achieved.

“Let’s buy the STAR Lab. Their laboratory must be in a mess, and with so many debts, people in those laboratories may want to hurry up and deal before it devalues because of the incident earlier.” Rorschach said.

Bruce said proactively, “Don’t worry, I will deal with the issue of the STAR Labs. In addition, I will donate a large sum of money to the Central City Police Department as a pension for them.”

Rorschach glanced at Bruce Wayne unexpectedly.

This guy really blamed himself for the death he caused today?


Wayne Group’s acquisition of STAR Labs went very smoothly.

Rorschach also found West to hand over the audio he recorded of Reverse Flash admitting that he planned to kill Barry Allen to him.

Of course, the audio was edited, and the dialogue where Reverse Flash said that Rorschach was a Kryptonian was cut. Diana and Bruce Wayne also heard about Barry being struck by lightning.

According to Rorschach, after nine months, Barry Allen will wake up, gain super speed and become The Flash.


This is an official United States department that secretly studies extraordinary events.

Although before the appearance of Rorschach, people knew nothing about supernatural power, the high-level officials of the United States knew very well that the world was not as simple as it seemed.

That is to study the extraordinary events that have occurred in the past and to deal with the extraordinary events that may occur in the future.

Amanda Waller is the person in charge of this department. She is a middle-aged black woman who was a secret agent.

“Two mysterious superhumans appeared in Gotham City.”

“In Canada, a strange electromagnetic signal was discovered in a giant glacier, and a reconnaissance plane has been sent. The investigation showed that there is some high-tech equipment in the glacier.”

“A vigilante wearing a green hood appeared in Star City. It is not sure whether he is a superhuman.”

Amanda sat in front of the office, looking at a thick stack of documents in front of her. This stack of documents was delivered in the last week.

“I have a bad premonition that the world may be in a period of extraordinary events.” Amanda said to her secretary.

Her secretary responded with a smile, “Ms. Waller, maybe you are too tired recently. Extraordinary incidents are always just small incidents.”

Before the secretary could finish speaking, there was a rush of footsteps, and someone broke into Amanda’s office very rudely without even knocking on the door.

“Officer Waller, something bad happened. Something happened in the STAR Labs, Harrison Wells is a superh… No, Harrison Wells is dead long ago, there is a superhuman disguised as Wells, and then killed a lot of people!”

Amanda Waller and the female secretary both looked at each other blankly.

“According to the information I collected, it is Commissioner Gordon from Gotham City who informed it. He learned from an informant that something wrong with Wells. After tracing all the way, they found that the real Harrison Wells was dead. When catching the fake Wells, he had superpowers and slaughtered plenty of officers. There are already videos circulating on the Internet.”

As he spoke, the agent took out his mobile phone and played the video on the Internet.

Amanda looked over quickly. In the video, Reverse Flash slaughtered more than a hundred people in an instant. Such a terrifying combat power really shocked Amanda.

“My God, this…” She didn’t know how to describe this terrifying existence for a while.

Even knowing that there are supernatural powers in this world, Amanda’s understanding of supernatural powers is only magic, myths, and legends. She doesn’t know anything about speedsters.

Before Amanda had time to think about how many officers and weapons to dispatch against such an enemy, Rorschach and Diana appeared in the video.

“Why is the Dark Knight here?” Amanda was a little surprised.

“The clues about Harrison Wells may have been provided by Batman to Commissioner Gordon, the Dark Knight, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They seem to be helping the police.” The agent replied.

“You mean, they’re vigilantes?”

“That’s right, at least from the known information. The Dark Knight has never done anything illegal or criminal other than killing criminals.”

“But no one can trample on the law. Whether it’s vigilantes or superheroes, they should accept the rules of the United States and abide by our laws. Otherwise, they are no different from that fake Harrison Wells.”

“You’re right, Chief Waller.” Although the agent did not think that the Dark Knight was a criminal, his boss had already said so.

“So the vigilantes of caught the fake Harrison Wells?” Amanda was most concerned about this question.

The agent thought for a while and replied, “According to the Dark Knight, the fake Harrison Wells opened a blue portal and then disappeared.”

“I see.” Amanda rubbed her temples.

She felt the world was going crazy. After asking some other things, the agent left Amanda’s office.

After the agent left, Amanda looked at her assistant. She picked up the document from Canada, and handed it to her, “The military plans to dig glaciers in the near future, go investigate the strange electrical signal under the glacier.”

She carefully took the document from Amanda and said, “Understood, ma’am.”

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Published On: June 8, 2023

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