The death of Reverse Flash caused his changed timeline to completely fall into an endless loop.

He prevented the birth of the Flash, and the Speed ​​Force would not cover the entire timeline. In this way, Eobard Thawne in the future would not be obsessed with the Flash.

If he can’t become Reverse Flash, then he can’t travel through time and space and go to the past to kill Barry Allen’s mother.

“It seems that forcing the Speed ​​Force to come down forcibly is the simplest and most effective way to fix the time bug.” Rorschach walked out of the abandoned factory building.

As long as Barry is given the Speed Force directly, then all these problems will be solved. He felt a little uncomfortable.

Because once the Speed ​​Force comes forcibly, the Reverse Flash will still be born in the future, unless Rorschach takes advantage of the Speed Force to get rid of Thawne.

Rorschach thought about it for a while and felt that even if he killed Reverse Flash, he could not completely erase Reverse Flash.

Because another person will replace Thawne as the Reverse Flash, become obsessed with the Flash, then study the Speed ​​Force, possess the Speed ​​Force, become enemies with the Flash, and travel through time and space to kill Barry Allen’s mother.

“Forget it, as long as the death of Reverse Flash will not be recorded today, and there will be no other accidents in the timeline.” Rorschach somewhat dislikes speedsters.

Because something like Speed ​​Force is weird than a Kryptonian. No matter how strong the Kryptonian is, it is difficult to change the past and the future. But the Speed ​​Force is different.

The thunder in the sky was like a galloping zebra, and Rorschach could feel that the Speed ​​Force in the sky was going berserk, but it seemed to be looking for a suitable time to land. Diana and Bruce Wayne are coming to Rorschach.

But he didn’t pay attention to the two of them. He was still looking at the sky, and a thought suddenly flashed in his mind.

What would happen if he flew into the sky to take the Speed ​​Force?

The speed given by the Speed ​​Force is secondary. The most important thing is that the Speed ​​Force has the power to travel through time and space, and even travel through different dimensions.

With this in mind, Rorschach flew toward the sky. When Rorschach flew into the sky, Barry had already returned to the police station with West at the Central City Police Department.

Many people died today, Barry collected clues at the scene, and he needs to work overtime until late tonight.

A shocking thunder erupted in the sky, and Barry looked up out of the window, looking at the dark clouds in the dark sky, feeling like a storm was about to fall.

“Damn, today’s weather forecast clearly says it will be sunny.” Barry complained helplessly, and he got up to close the skylight in the attic.

The office is located on the top floor of the Central City Police Station. The entire office can be seen as a small attic with a window in the middle of the sloping roof. Barry tugged on the chain to close the attic window.

A bright lightning bolt fell from the sky, pierced through the window in the middle of the sloping roof of the attic, and struck Barry without any notice. The terrifying electric current blasted him away, knocking over all kinds of chemicals behind him.


West came up to him, he heard the sound of thunder and lightning, the shelf was pushed down, and the sound of bottles and jars shattering and falling to the ground.

As soon as West arrived at the attic, he saw Barry fall to the ground, surrounded by a pungent smell of chemicals.  West immediately understood that Barry had been struck by lightning, and he hurried up to check on his situation.

Fortunately, Barry is still breathing and should be able to be rescued. So he immediately called the ambulance and took emergency rescue measures for Barry.

In the sky, Rorschach was also struck by lightning from the Speed ​​Force. A powerful energy flowed through the blood vessels, making him feel extremely happy.

“This is… the Speed ​​Force?”

Rorschach raised his right hand, shaking it up and down rapidly. The shaking speed of his palm was obviously several times faster than before, even dozens of times. Rorschach’s palm was trembling, entwined with black-and-white lightning, which belonged to Rorschach’s Speed Force.

As long as Rorschach uses the Speed ​​Force to increase his movement speed, this black-and-white-bordered Speed ​​Force lightning will also appear around Rorschach’s body. It provides a huge boost to Rorschach’s speed.

If it is said that before obtaining the Speed Force, Rorschach’s limit speed was not as good as the Reverse Flash. Now, he can easily catch up with Reverse Flash.

All in all. Rorschach can say without exaggeration that he is the fastest man in the world.

Diana and Bruce found Rorschach.

“Rorschach, where did that Reverse Flash go? Did you catch him?” Diana asked.

Bruce Wayne didn’t speak. He could see that Rorschach’s speed was not as fast as the opponent’s before, so he couldn’t rule out the possibility of being run away by the opponent.

Rorschach glanced at the two, “I killed him, but this result is only known to the three of us. For the official version, it’s better to say a bolt of lightning strikes, and Reverse Flash disappeared through a portal.”

“You mean, let the future Reverse Flash think that he escaped from your hands and returned to the future through time and space?” Diana thought of what Rorschach had said before.

Rorschach nodded, “Yes, if the Reverse Flash knows that he will die in my hands, then he will definitely travel through time and space and change this fact.”

As he spoke, Rorschach looked at Bruce, “What do you think, Bruce?”

Bruce looked at Rorschach, then at Diana, and after a moment of silence, he asked, “Is it just me who thinks it’s wrong for you to kill people?”

“But if I don’t kill Reverse Flash, more people will die. You saw what happened at STAR Labs, right? Nearly 200 people died. Those people had parents, wives, and children. Have you ever thought that if you hadn’t hesitated, if we arrived earlier, these people wouldn’t have to die at all?”

Rorschach said to Bruce Wayne, “You will be merciful to criminals, but criminals will not be merciful to innocent people. You could have prevented criminals from killing, but you stood by and insisted on the ridiculous principle of not killing.”

Bruce was speechless by what Rorschach said. But he never felt that he was wrong, and he would not change his philosophy because of Rorschach’s few words, because he is Batman.

After thinking for a while, Bruce looked directly at Rorschach and asked, “Will other members of the Justice League in the future also kill criminals?”

“Some will kill, and some won’t. Your future best friend, Superman, also insists on the principle of not killing. But Superman’s principle of not killing is mainly aimed at people on earth.”

Superman has almost never killed Earthlings, but apart from Earthlings, he even killed his Kryptonian compatriots. General Zod’s subordinates basically all died directly or indirectly at the hands of Superman.

Rorschach suddenly changed the subject, “Bruce, in the future you will meet your lifelong enemy, someone who dressed as a clown. No matter how terrible his actions were, you just don’t kill him, again and again. He was taken to the Arkham Asylum again and again, and then he escaped again and again.”

“Later on. He killed Superman’s wife and at that time, Lois was pregnant with her child.”

Hearing Rorschach’s words, both Diana and Bruce’s expressions changed.

Diana asked nervously, “What happened next?”

Rorschach described the Injustice plot, “Superman went crazy, he killed him with his own hands. Since then gave up the principle of not killing, and you, Bruce, are still insisting on your principle of not killing. You fought with Superman, the Justice League fell apart. As Superman wanted to slaughter all criminals, you gathered all the power to stop him, and then there was a civil war between superheroes, causing endless casualties.”

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Published On: June 7, 2023

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