Reverse Flash stared at Rorschach. He really couldn’t figure out where he was exposed and why he was discovered, so he followed Rorschach’s words and asked, “How the fuck did you find out?”

“Because when you killed Nora Allen, the mirror behind her was pierced by energy, and an image appeared on the back. This principle is similar to that of a camera showing patterns on film. After special treatment of the mirror, a group of yellow lightning patterns was found. Inside this pattern, a figure in yellow clothes just like what you are wearing now.”

“What about Harrison Wells?”

“On the car rearview mirror at the scene of the car accident. After the same treatment, a yellow figure can also be seen, so we conclude that this is not a simple car accident.”

“I see.”

Reverse Flash completely believed Rorschach’s words. In fact, the plot of dealing with the mirror surface was discovered by Future Flash. Naturally, Rorschach couldn’t really investigate it. It was just an excuse to guide Reverse Flash to admit the crime he had committed.

“Why did you kill Nora Allen? And the Wells couple?” Rorschach asked loudly.

Seeing that the matter was completely revealed, Reverse Flash smiled and shook his head, “My original goal was not Nora Allen, but her son, Barry Allen. You won’t understand if I tell you. I don’t want to be your enemy, but it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you, Kryptonians. Why don’t you let me go? I won’t reveal your identity, how about it?”

Rorschach has been secretly recording. Although Reverse Flash’s words did not directly admit that Reverse Flash killed Nora Allen, it can already become decisive evidence. At least it can prove that the person Reverse Flash wanted to kill at first was Barry Allen, and then for some reason, he killed Barry’s mother.

Reverse Flash had to mention his identity as a Kryptonian.

“Kryptonian? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m an Earthling, 100% Earthling.” Rorschach wasn’t lying. He was indeed an Earthling, but not from this universe.

Seeing that Rorschach did not admit his identity as a Kryptonian, Reverse Flash did not doubt Rorschach’s words. He prefers that Rorschach still doesn’t know his Kryptonian identity. After all, Superman hasn’t appeared yet.

It is estimated that Krypton was destroyed when he was born, so he has never heard of Krypton, which should be normal. Regardless of Krypton’s demise, many Kryptonians will arrive on Earth one after another in a few years.

“Since you are so ignorant, I can only kill you.” Reverse Flash fought against Superman in the future and gained the upper hand with a certain speed advantage.

Kryptonians seem to be invulnerable and extremely powerful. But no matter how powerful a Kryptonian is, he will die if his heart is pierced. Moreover, today is a cloudy day with no sunlight. It is undoubtedly the best time to kill the Kryptonian in front of him.

His speed exploded, and the device gave him a speed faster than Flash. However, the device’s power is limited and cannot last as long as the Speed Force, so this Kryptonian must be eliminated as soon as possible to win a chance for himself.

Rorschach looked at the Reverse Flash around him, running in a circle. For ordinary people, it is scary to have a flash of yellow lightning around them, but Rorschach can also enter the bullet time, and he saw the Reverse Flash with all his strength, running around by himself.

Reverse Flash went through a circular run-up, and his speed had reached the limit. After running for a certain distance, he found the right time to turn back quickly and flew forward with a knife in his hand to poke Rorschach’s back heart from behind.

This move is a combination of supersonic punch and high-speed vibration. The purpose is to let his speed reach the limit, and then successfully break through the force field of a Kryptonian, and then use the vibration to pierce Rorschach’s body.

Rorschach stood motionless on the spot as if he couldn’t keep up with Reverse Flash’s speed at all.

However, the feeling of breaking the Kryptonian’s biological force field did not come. Instead, his palm was immediately injured. The pain has not yet been transmitted to Reverse Flash’s brain, but he can clearly see his palm explode, turning into a pool of blood, then his wrist, and finally spread to his entire arm.

“How is it possible? How can I not even be able to break through his defense?” Reverse Flash’s heart trembled wildly, and his figure twisted quickly, preventing his whole body from colliding with Rorschach’s.

Although Reverse Flash forcibly avoided and did not hit Rorschach, the strong inertia still caused him to roll over a long distance. Under the rolling and impact all the way, he broke countless bones all over his body, and the entire arm of his right hand was shattered.

The Necrosword absorbed the blood of Reverse Flash on Rorschach’s body. It seem to have acquired the power and began to surge rapidly on Rorschach.

“Who are you? Please don’t kill me. I can tell you a secret. I come from the future, and I have mastered a lot of science and technology. No matter what you want, I can make you one.” Reverse Flash recovered quickly from his injuries but knew very well that his power had almost run out.

Once his powers are finished, he will turn back into an ordinary human being.

“For the sake of your cooperation, I will also tell you a secret. I also come from the future. Eobard Thawne. I come from a future farther than you.”

Reverse Flash has always felt that Rorschach should not know his true identity. But when he called out his name, Reverse Flash understood from the bottom of his heart what despair is.

He doesn’t think that people in this world can discover his identity. But people from the future, and even more distant futures, can fully explain it.

“You can’t kill me. Once you kill me, there will be big problems in the timeline, and…” Reverse Flash is still struggling.

Rorschach smiled, “No, regarding the bug that you travel through time and space, the timeline will repair itself. Even if the Speed ​​Force returns to this timeline, the news of your death today will not be recorded in any form. You have no way of knowing your death, so today is the end of your life.”

After speaking, Rorschach’s eyes were red, completely erasing the Reverse Flash into nothing.

Reverse Flash died, and a terrifying burst of lightning erupted in the sky. Rorschach looked up.

It’s not just a flash of normal lightning, but the Speed Force.

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Published On: June 7, 2023

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