Today, there was big news from the Central City and STAR Labs. Harrison Wells is an impostor. A criminal with superpowers replaced Harrison Wells’ identity, and after being discovered, he massacred the police, who arrested him.

Some people who were at the scene uploaded the video they took. They didn’t take pictures of the inside of the STAR Labs, only the video of Reverse Flash wearing a yellow uniform slaughtering the entire officers in the front yard.

From the appearance to the end, in that two seconds, the officers, composed of more than a hundred people, were killed.

“This is so fake. The Dark Knight can’t kill so many people in an instant.”

“Are you stupid? Tell me how to edit those hundreds of officers break their necks at the same time and fall down in unison?”

The video screen continued to play, and Rorschach, Diana, and Bruce also appeared on the screen one after another. But the audience’s focus was mainly on the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman.

As for Batman.

Except for the people of Gotham City who know about Batman, people in other cities, especially the people in Central City, didn’t know Batman at all.

“Who’s the one in the bat suit? He looks so weak.”

“I don’t know who he is. Maybe he is the Dark Knight’s sidekick. Didn’t you notice that Batman was dressed like the Dark Knight?”

What happened in the STAR Labs was not only spread on the Internet, but the media in Central City rushed to the scene as soon as possible to report live.

Barry Allen immediately drove to STAR Labs after seeing the news because his adoptive father, Joe West, also participated in the operation. When Barry Allen arrived at the gate of the building, Batman also left there.

In the open space in front of the door, corpses covered in white cloth were carried out one by one, and Barry rushed over nervously.

“I’m Barry Allen from the Central City Police Department. Please let me in.”

After Barry took out the ID card, he walked there and saw West directing the removal of the corpse.

“God bless, it’s great that you’re fine.” Barry stepped forward and gave him a hug.

West patted him on the back, “Barry, today I almost thought I would never see you again.”

“What happened? I heard that Harrison Wells is a fake and he has superpowers. It’s unbelievable…”

“Barry, listen to me. I think you may be right about your mother’s death. You said that ten years ago, a yellow lightning appeared in your house, and a red lightning, I just saw it with my own eyes. That fake Harrison Wells, he turned into a flash of yellow lightning.” West said to him.

Ten years ago, Barry was a kid.

His mother was murdered. The police believed that Barry’s father did it and arrested him, and put him in jail. Barry kept saying that his father was wrongly convicted, two bolts of yellow and red lightning broke into his home, and a figure in yellow clothes killed his mother.

At that time, no one believed his words, and everyone thought that he was trying to make an excuse for his father.

However, after West saw the scene of Reverse Flash moving at high speed, he immediately thought of Barry Allen’s mother. Perhaps the real murderer was not Barry’s father but the fake Dr. Wells in front of him.

“That fake Dr. Wells? Where is he now?” Barry Allen asked in surprise.

West glanced into the distance, “The Dark Knight and Wonder Woman are looking for him. Maybe they will be brought to justice soon. Maybe your father will be free soon. “

“The Dark Knight? That vigilante? That’s great news.”

Barry clenched his fists. Although he, as a member of the police department and should not pin his hope of justice on the vigilante. After so many years of being unable to clear up his father’s crime, Barry was almost hopeless.

But the appearance of the Dark Knight gave him hope again.


After he realized that he might not be Rorschach’s opponent, he kept running away. After trying to get rid of Rorschach, he looked for another opportunity and prepared to continue the plan of man-made Flash.

However, Reverse Flash found desperately that Rorschach was like a piece of gum. No matter how he tried to escape, he couldn’t get rid of it even if he is faster than the Dark Knight.

Reverse Flash took advantage of his speed to hide in various buildings in an attempt to avoid Rorschach’s tracking, but no matter how perfectly he hid, he would always be found by him.

“Damn, he’s a Kryptonian. He must be a Kryptonian!”

Reverse Flash seems to understand something. The Dark Knight in front of him can fly, has great strength, has super speed, and can find his hiding place in countless buildings at a glance. This is clearly an ability possessed by superhuman beings.

But Reverse Flash knew what Superman looked like, not the guy in front of him who was called the Dark Knight. Therefore, Reverse Flash speculated that this Dark Knight might be a Kryptonian.

In an abandoned industrial factory, Rorschach came here following Reverse Flash. His X-ray vision scanned the entire factory area, but he didn’t see Reverse Flash. But in the next room, a huge lead metal cabinet suddenly appeared there.

Superman’s X-ray vision can’t see through metal lead, but Rorschach doesn’t need to see through that cabinet at all. He can hear the thunderous heartbeat from that cabinet with his super hearing.

“Come out, Dr. Wells. I have already found you.” Rorschach came to the next room and said loudly.

Reverse Flash hid in the metal lead cabinet, trying to hold his breath. He didn’t think that Rorschach had discovered him. After all, Kryptonians couldn’t see through metal lead.

However, he walked toward the cabinet step by step and said with a smile, “Your thunderous heartbeat has already exposed your position. You should find a completely airtight and soundproof cabinet to hide in.”

Hearing Rorschach’s voice, Reverse Flash quickly rushed out of the cabinet, distanced himself from Rorschach, glared at Rorschach, and asked, “Dark Knight, what exactly do you want?”

“What I want is to arrest criminals. I have sufficient evidence to prove that you killed them ten years ago. I want to know how did you do it?” Rorschach deliberately led Reverse Lightning to admit his crime.

Killing Reverse Flash directly would not be able to reverse the case for Barry’s father, but if Reverse Flash could confess his murder and then record it, it would become decisive evidence.

At that time, regardless of whether Barry becomes The Flash in the future, he will owe Rorschach a huge favor.

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Published On: June 6, 2023

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