“Am I too tired? Did Jane lift that hammer, Or I’m having a hallucination?” Everyone’s consciousness was jolted back to reality by the daring voice.

Thor’s grin vanished from his face. Since he was 15 centuries old, today is the most amazing day Thor has ever experienced.

He first led troops into battle in Jotunheim, engaged in 300 rounds of combat with the Frost Giants, and was then dragged back to Asgard by Odin to receive punishment, including being stripped of his divine might and being barred from using the Hammer.

All of these blows were able to be recovered by Thor. He learned that losing the ability to lift the Hammer was more devastating than having someone else hoist it in front of his face.

It’s simply a little lady. Why does that matter? As a result, Thor is viewed as inferior to her by his Hammer.

An unheard-of feeling of bitterness developed in his heart. Thor now felt as though his hammer had betrayed him. Right now, Thor would rather die in Jotunheim than face this challenge.

Waves of thunder engulfed Jane Foster as the thunder from the sky descended. Under the terrified gaze of everyone, Jane Foster’s body began to take the shape of a female Thor combat suit as the thunder around her transformed into war armor.

On Thor’s Hammer, even the magic runes have experienced minor alterations.

The initial writing, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”, However, before the word “he,” a lightning-induced ‘s’ is inserted, changing it to ‘she.’ This indicates that the ‘he’ next to single becomes the ‘she’ on the Hammer.

“This is amazing!”

Up to this point, Jane Foster had come to the conclusion that the object she was holding was indeed Thor’s Hammer. She waved Thor’s Hammer in her hand unconsciously.


The moment Jane Foster swung the hammer, a lightning strike struck in that direction out of the blue.


Darcy and the others were startled by this lightning strike.

“Is this a dream?” Jane transformed into Thor.

Darcy sat next to Harry and said, “Hey, boy, pinch me to see if I’m dreaming.”

Darcy smiled in pain as Harry actually reached out and gave him a good pinch. After a brief uproar from the throng, Jane Foster regretfully approached Thor and said feebly, “Excuse me, are you really the mythological Thor?”

Thor appeared helpless. Despite his want to protest, he hopelessly agreed.

Jane Foster didn’t bother to doubt it any longer after hearing Thor’s response. She inhaled deeply before returning Thor’s hammer and spoke the following, “I apologize for stealing your hammer. I’ll return it to you right away.”

Thor instinctively extended his hand to grab it, but he only did so halfway before pulling back.

Given that Jane Foster was sporting the identical combat armor, crimson cape, and helmet he was currently donning as Thor and having the same long, flowing golden hair, he scowled at her viciously. Suddenly, Thor had trouble breathing.

“You are the new Thor because Mjolnir chose you,” he said.

Thor finished his sentence, turned, and walked away, leaving behind a desolate and lonely impression.

“It will soon be dawn, so let’s go now.”

Thanks to the system’s point reminder, Rorschach was able to stare with satisfaction at Jane Foster, who had transformed into a female Thor.

[Ding! The host deserves praise for successfully performing the assigned daily goal of “altering the path of the planet.” Jane Foster became Female Thor thanks to the host’s assistance, and the reward task points are 20,000.]

20,000 points, to be exact. But understanding this is not difficult. After all, just because Jane Foster nurtured Thor’s Hammer doesn’t always mean that she now owns it.

Suppose he manages to retain Jane Foster in possession of Thor’s Hammer. In that case, it will likely result in the arrival of the Stormbreaker early for Thor and an additional superhero on Earth.

Hela, the goddess of death, wouldn’t be there to crush Thor’s Hammer. Everyone was actually a little psychologically drained after going around all night. Rorschach, at this point, stopped Thor as he was making his way alone into the woods and no man’s land.

“Thor, there is no man’s land up ahead, and the forest is overrun with wild animals. I advise you to accompany us back to the town and indulge in a few glasses of wine to unwind!”

“Beast? Do you really believe that the most savage animal in Midgard might threaten me?” Thor was aware that Rorschach was correct, but his self-worth prevented him from appreciating Rorschach’s generosity.

“I won’t sip your wine or eat your rice,” said Thor. “Even if I, Thor, get lost in the wilderness, fight ravenous wolves, and bleed until I die.”

After traveling through the bush for an hour, Thor finally boarded Rorschach’s car while starving and thirsty.

Returning to the local motel. Thor said, “Really excellent,” while holding the beer bottle in one hand and the cooked steak in the other.


Asgard, Rainbow Bridge.

Since Odin banished Thor, Heimdall has been keeping an eye on his actions. Thor’s actions on Earth cannot evade Heimdall’s eyes because they can see everything in the Nine Realms.

Thor claimed that Odin had ejected him, but anyone with a keen eye could see that Odin was merely giving Thor an opportunity to gain experience.

There would be no need for Odin to set a spell on Thor’s Hammer that “can only be lifted by someone worthy” if it weren’t for Thor’s fall to experience life.

Because Odin thinks Thor will still be able to hoist the Hammer as long as he learns to be modest and dedicated and gives up his bad habits of hubris and recklessness.

However, before this experience even started, a problem occurred. “Mjolnir was lifted up by a mortal woman, I must report this to Odin.”

But there was an issue even before this event began. I must inform Odin that a mortal woman hoisted up Mjolnir.

As soon as he could, Heimdall sprang up and headed for Asgard. When he got to Odin’s Golden Palace, he discovered Loki, not King Odin, was seated on the throne.

“Loki, why are you sitting there like that?” Heimdall enquired.

With an odd smirk on his face, Loki grasped Odin’s Scepter in his hand “Thor put Father Odin under Sleep by force. I will be in command of Asgard during this period.”


Already, the sky is very bright. Even though everyone in the motel, including Rorschach, had a restless night, they were all in good spirits. As soon as he returned, Jane Foster started studying Thor’s Hammer, and Harry and Peter took the initiative to assist Jane.

Thor was the only person in the room with a case of beer in his hands and by himself. A figure suddenly materialized in Thor’s room at this precise moment. The wine bottle in Thor’s fingers shook a little bit.

“Loki, how did you show up here? Has anything happened?”

Thor noticed Loki’s dejected countenance and felt an unexplainable unease come over him. “The danger of battle in Jotunheim overwhelmed our father, and now Father is dead.”

Thor was struck by a lightning-like flash of emotion when Loki spoke. “How is that even possible? Loki, please let me return home; I’m the only one to blame. I need to see Father.”

“No, you cannot go back. You will be permanently exiled as a result of the Jotunheim truce, and your mother doesn’t want to see you.”

For a brief moment, Thor felt as though the world had abandoned him. As he started to deeply regret his actions, he finally bowed his noble head and sincerely apologized to Loki, saying, “I’m sorry, Loki, I’m sorry.”

The motel’s bedroom door creaked loudly as it slowly opened in an unexpected manner. Loki carefully observed the small door and noticed seven or eight individuals gathered inside, as if they were listening in on their talk there.

The scene’s vibe abruptly became awkward.

“Sorry, my fault. I heard the voices of two men suddenly appearing in the room, and then one of the handsome men started crying, so I couldn’t help but wonder what you were doing in the room. So, I want to open the door to take a look, but who pushed me from behind me just now, Rorschach? Did you push me?” said Darcy, who was lying in the front.

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Published On: February 8, 2023

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