Bruce, as Batman, contacted Gordon and informed him about Harrison Wells of the Central City STAR Labs. Although Gordon found it unbelievable, he still contacted the police in Star City with a serious and responsible attitude.

After re-discovering the files of Harrison Wells’ car accident ten years ago, after determining the location of the accident, the Star City police went to search for the body near the accident.

According to Rorschach, the Reverse Flash’s power at that time rapidly disappeared, so after he killed Dr. Wells, he couldn’t run too far. He must have buried Dr. Wells’ body in a hidden place nearby.

Therefore, as long as the body of the real Dr. Wells is found, the fake in the STAR Labs can be convicted.

On the rooftop of the Gotham City Police Department.

Batman stood on the wall and suggested to Gordon, “The fake Harrison Wells is a very powerful criminal. My friends and I will rush to Central City immediately. Before that, I hope you can communicate with the police in Central City and let us participate in the arrest operation.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you. In Gotham City, I have tried my best to convince the chief that you are not wanted. As for Star City or Central City, they will definitely not listen to me.” Gordon sighed.

“I see. Then just remind them to put more security around the city.”

After leaving such a sentence, Batman immediately turned around and jumped, disappearing into the tall buildings of Gotham City.

Gordon walked to the edge of the roof, looked at Batman who disappeared into his eyes, and couldn’t help sighing, “People in this world, especially those high-level ones, are not ready to accept your existence at all. Perhaps only those who have experienced the real thing, those stubborn people will choose to believe in you.”

All he can do now is to contact the police in Star City as soon as possible to find the real Harrison Wells’ body. Immediately afterward, the Gotham City, Star City, and Central City police departments launched cross-regional cooperation.

Since Harrison Wells’ car accident took place at the junction of Star City and Central City ten years ago, the search operation involved two police departments.

At noon that day, the Star City police, led by Quentin Lance, dug up a body wrapped in a body bag in the grass near the highway. He immediately sent the body to the forensic department and directly compared the biological information left by Harrison Wells in the hospital.

The comparison result is exactly similar.

In the Star City Police Station, the forensic department was extremely shocked.

“Holy crap, if Harrison Wells is dead. Then who is that person in the STAR Labs?”

“Notify the Central City police immediately to arrest Harrison Wells in the STAR Labs. He is the number one suspect.”

“Wait a minute, Commissioner Gordon has reminded me that the fake Harrison Wells may be a criminal with superpowers, and he must not be taken lightly.”

Hearing these words, Lance thought for a moment, “If it weren’t for the unreasonable guys like the Dark Knight appearing in Gotham City. I would think that Gordon is crazy.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Tell the people in Central City that to catch the fake Harrison Wells, we need to double… No, triple the manpower. It is best to call a special force.”


Central City. STAR Labs.

As the largest science and technology experiment base in the United States, STAR Labs occupies a very large area. The appearance of the laboratory building is circular, with a vertical protrusion on each side, which looks like the original Jay Garrick Flash helmet.

Despite the negative news about various funding problems in the STAR Labs, the entire building is busy with people coming and going. Harrison Wells is personally presiding over the experiment of the particle accelerator.

“Dr. Wells, there are a lot of policemen outside, and they have search warrants.”

In the laboratory, the female assistant broke into the experiment room without knocking on the door. Several researchers looked at their boss.

Dr. Wells was expressionless. He directed everyone to continue their work, then walked to the door, looked at the female assistant, and asked, “Catherine, did they say why they came here?”

“No, the police team was led by David Singh of the Central City Police Department. He didn’t say anything except that he wanted to see you. I saw several police cars coming this time. Dr. Wells, are they confiscating our work?” Catherine asked with some concern.

It’s a widely known secret that STAR Labs is in crisis. Dr. Wells has long thought of a solution.

“Catherine, I will settle the problem soon. Go and deal with the police for me first, and I’ll be there right away.” Dr. Wells smiled at the female assistant.

Catherine didn’t have the slightest doubt about what her boss said. She immediately turned around and walked quickly to the elevator, planning to deal with the police for her boss first.

After Catherine left, Dr. Wells walked directly to the corridor inside the third floor of the laboratory. When he reached the middle position, he raised his hand and pressed against the wall of the laboratory.

In an instant, the walls in the hallway parted, revealing a hidden room. This is Dr. Wells…or should we should call him Reverse Fault, who opened the Time Vault.

He walked into the interior of the Time Vault and took out a yellow ring from the transparent shelf. The front of the ring depicts red lightning. This ring uses the shrinking technology of the future Atom Man to store the Reverse Flash suit and the acceleration device.

Today’s Reverse Flash changes the timeline so that Barry Allen cannot become The Flash.

The entire timeline has lost the coverage of the Speed Force, so Reverse Flash has also lost its speed. He can only use the acceleration device to restore his speed temporarily. After picking up the ring, he walked out of the Time Vault.

Before taking a few steps, the elevator door ahead opened, and a group of police officers walked out from inside.

Dr. Wells saw Singh, and Singh saw him.

In the next second, Singh immediately raised the gun in his hand, pointed it at Dr. Wells, and said loudly, “Harrison Wells, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court.”

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Published On: June 5, 2023

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