Thinking that Reverse Flash may have replaced Wells, Rorschach suddenly felt that the acquisition of STAR Labs was not a very good decision. Unless he took care of Reverse Flash first, Rorschach would not want the technology in his hands to be stolen by Reverse Flash.

“Bruce, Diana. I suddenly remembered something.”

Rorschach pointed to the photo of Wells and said, “This man is a super criminal.”

Bruce was ready to take a private jet and set off for Central City. Hearing what Rorschach said, he immediately stood up and asked suspiciously, “Rorschach, how did you know? But you are from In the future, tell me what crime he committed.”

“He killed Harrison Wells.”

He quickly explained: “This man, named Eobard Thawne, named Reverse Flash, is a criminal from the future world. He is the enemy of Flash. In order to defeat The Flash, he traveled through time and space in reverse and killed young Barry Allen.”

Rorschach stood from the audience’s perspective and told Bruce and Diana about the Reverse Flash. Both of them had weird expressions. The origin of the speed force, the time paradox, the speedster, the Tachyon Accelerator, etc.

“I found it really hard to adapt to this world when you’re here.”

Bruce thought he could quickly adapt to this world of extraordinary powers, but reality quickly slapped him in the face.

He sighed, “Tell me, is the one called Reverse Flash now a speeder?”


Hearing Rorschach’s answer, Bruce wanted to hit someone. But considering that he couldn’t beat Rorschach, he finally listened patiently and listened to his explanation.

“Reverse Flash can’t continue to draw power from the Speed ​​Force, so his speed has completely disappeared. But he has an artificial substance to replace the Speed ​​Force, allowing him to have the power. That is the Tachyon Acceleration device. This device can give him speed once his power is exhausted, which he needs to recharge.”

In the story of The Flash, Reverse Flash relies on the Tachyon Accelerator to keep its speed with the Flash. It is also worth mentioning that even if Reverse Flash caused the particle accelerator’s explosion and created the Flash artificially, he still cannot return to the future world at his own speed.

Rorschach’s understanding of this is that most of the speed of Reverse Flash comes from the Tachyon Accelerator, and when traveling through time and space, the most important thing is not the speed but the speed force.

So, in Reverse Flash’s original plan, he planned to absorb the Flash’s speed force, allowing himself to break through the barriers of time and space, thus traveling through time and space.

“In other words, he is still a very dangerous person?” Bruce now feels a little tired whenever he hears about superpowers.

Diana comforted, “Don’t worry, Bruce. Leave this kind of criminal to Rorschach and me, and you will be responsible for acquiring the STAR Labs.”

He looked at Rorschach again and asked, “But you said that Reverse Flash would create a device. Only in this way Barry Allen can establish a connection with the Speed ​​Force. If we capture Reverse Flash now, will he appear?”

Rorschach didn’t even think about it and said, “To tell you the truth, the world without The Flash would be a better place.”

Diana was perplexed, and Rorschach explained, “Because The Flash likes to travel through time and space and change the past. Which will create various flashpoints or reset the timeline.”

“Sounds like he likes to cause trouble.” Bruce concluded.

“Pretty much, and now that the Flash hasn’t been born, it’s the best time to kill the Reverse Flash. Because once the Flash appears, the Reverse Flash reappears and connects to the Speed ​​Force, he won’t be able to be killed,” Rorschach said.

“Why can’t he be killed? Is he immortal?” Diana expressed her befuddlement.

Rorschach rubbed his chin, trying to make the logic simple, “Because Reverse Flash is a person from the future. We can kill Reverse Flash because he belongs to an event that hasn’t happened. For any creature, death may be the present or the future, but it is definitely not the past. The point of the Speed Force is that the future Reverse Flash will know that it is dead In the past.”

Bruce and Diana looked at Rorschach blankly, knowing that they didn’t understand.

“Let me give you an example…”

Rorschach decided to give an example, “Bruce, you have a son named Damian in the future. If I travel from the future and kill you, will your future son disappear and be erased from this timeline?”

Bruce’s face darkened, and he nodded, “Yes.”

“But if your son Damian is a Speedster, then he will be able to travel through time and space and escape death before his father’s death spreads to the future timeline.” Rorschach felt that he had explained it very clearly.

In the story of The Flash, The Old Reverse Flash chooses to commit suicide in order to stop Reverse Flash.

He thought that the death of the past would completely end the Reverse Flash from the future. The future Reverse Flash still escaped death and became a ghost that has been separated from the timeline.

“I understand what you mean. As long as there is no Speed ​​Force, then the death of Reverse Flash is really dead.” Diana said.

“Yes, but there will still be a bug in this timeline. If the Speed ​​Force does not appear in the entire timeline, then the future Reverse Flash will not travel over and kill Barry’s mother.” Rorschach said.

“Why is there such a thing as the Speed ​​Force?” Bruce Wayne felt very tired.

Rorschach quickly comforted the two of them and said, “But don’t worry, the timeline has a strong self-repair ability. It depends on how the timeline will fix this bug.”

“Then, is my son a speedster?” Bruce asked suddenly.

Rorschach gave him a blank look, “No, I just used him as an example.”

“In this case, do you have any evidence that Reverse Flash killed Harrison Wells? If so, I will go to Commissioner Gordon immediately.” Bruce immediately brought up the topic before.

“Of course there is, but I only have a rough guess.”

Rorschach recalled how the Reverse Flash was found out in the story of The Flash. It seems that the adoptive father of the Flash teamed up with the police in Star City to find the real Wells’ body.

“Reverse Flash buried the real Wells’ body near the car accident. Just find out the body of Dr. Wells, which would directly prove that Dr. Wells in STAR Labs is a fake.” Rorschach said.

“I’ll go to Commissioner Gordon now and ask him to help contact the police in Star City and Central City to collect evidence.” Bruce planned to return to the Batcave immediately and put on the Batman suit.

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Published On: June 4, 2023

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