Rorschach said goodbye to Diana, and when he returned to Rachel’s house, he found that Rachel and Harleen were still up. The two sat in the living room, watching the news on TV about what happened in Wayne Manor and Wayne Building that was being broadcasted.

“You guys haven’t slept yet.” Rorschach flew into the room through the window and said to the two of them.

Rachel saw that it was Rorschach who came back, and she asked worriedly, “Rorschach, are you okay? Why did you come back so late?”

The news had been broadcast for more than an hour before Rorschach returned, and Rachel was worried that Rorschach was in trouble.

It was indeed troublesome. Rorschach made out with Diana for a while, and his body was covered with Diana’s scent. He flew in the sky for a while to ensure that the scent of the perfume on his body was gone before returning to Rachel’s house.

“I have something to do. After dealing with the criminals, I went to Bruce’s house.” Rorschach told Rachel about the situation today.

Especially after hearing that Bruce is Batman, who has been active in the night recently, Rachel finds it unbelievable.

“Bruce Wayne is Batman?” Rachel couldn’t believe it.

It can only be said that Bruce’s disguise is so good that it is difficult for people to connect the dots that a rich person who spends all night in a nightclub is a vigilante who fights criminals.

“Who is that woman with a sword?”

Rachel did not dwell on Bruce being Batman but paid more attention to the woman who appeared on TV with Rorschach. Especially the woman is much prettier than herself and has superpowers, making Rachel feel a bit jealous.

Rorschach thought for a while and replied, “She is my comrade-in-arms, but you are the person I love the most.”

“Okay, it’s getting late. Let’s go back to sleep.”

As soon as Rachel heard the word sleep, Rachel shuddered inexplicably. She subconsciously covered her waist with a face of resistance. Rorschach smiled, and before Rachel ran back to the room, he picked her up and walked into the room.

Harleen, on the sofa, looked at the door that closed with a bang and suddenly felt weird.

Not long after, a sound came from Rachel’s room.


The next morning. When Rorschach woke up, Rachel had already gone to work. Harleen is still sleeping.

Rorschach first went to the bathroom to shower, washed off the smell of Rachel’s perfume on his body, changed into clean clothes, and headed to Diana’s villa.

“Miss Diana, a gentleman who claimed to be Rorschach, came to visit.” Diana was enjoying a French breakfast in the kitchen when the maid at home came to her.

As soon as she heard that it was Rorschach, Diana’s mouth rose slightly. She continued her composure and said, “Let him come in and prepare another breakfast for the guest.”

“Yes, Miss Diana.” The maid replied.

Not long after, Rorschach appeared in front of Diana.

“Good morning, Diana.”

“Good morning. Have you had breakfast? Why don’t you sit down and have some?”

Naturally, Rorschach would not refuse Diana’s invitation. He sat opposite Diana, and the maid quickly brought a French breakfast to Rorschach. Rorschach looked at a baguette, fried eggs, and coffee with milk in front of him.

Sensing that Rorschach’s expression was a little strange, Diana asked, “What? Is there a problem with the breakfast?”

“No, no, I just remembered a saying that milk eggs and baguettes are the breakfast of goddesses.” Rorschach replied with a smile.

Diana didn’t understand the meaning of Rorschach’s words and asked puzzledly, “Why do you say that?”

“Because of beauty.”

Diana chuckled lightly, “Why haven’t I heard of such a statement?”

“That’s because you are already beautiful enough. If you continue to be beautiful, how will you let the other women on this planet live?” Rorschach at her, which made Diana smile.

After breakfast, Rorschach followed Diana to the Wayne Group.

Bruce has already made an appointment to go to Central City to find the person in charge of the STAR Labs and talk about the acquisition. Before that, Bruce investigated the STAR Labs himself.

As some of the top laboratories in the United States, STAR Labs was co-founded by Dr. Harrison Wells and his wife, Dr. Tess Morgan. But Harrison Wells and his wife had a car accident ten years ago. His wife died on the spot, and only Wells survived.

After that, Wells suddenly changed the research direction of the STAR Labs. This also led to a big financial problem in the laboratory, so when thinking of acquiring the laboratory, Bruce immediately thought of this laboratory that was once the top in the world but is now deeply in a debt crisis.

After all, Bruce Wayne said that he really has nothing but money.

Rorschach also picked up a survey report on the STAR Labs. His eyes fell on the car accident ten years ago, and then Wells suddenly changed his research direction and began to study the particle acceleration experiment.

Rorschach recalled the plot version about Wells and Reverse Flash, thinking to himself, “Reverse Flash traveled to this world ten years ago. Originally, he wanted to kill Barry Allen directly, but at that time, the Future Flash also appeared.”

“The result is that Reverse Flash killed the Flash’s mother, completely changing history, so that Barry Allen could not become the Future Flash.”

“However, Barry Allen is the key where the Speed ​​Force begins to spread in time and space. If Barry Allen cannot become the Flash, then all speedsters on the timeline will lose their speed. Therefore, Reverse Flash will also lose its speed and power.”

“In order to regain speed, Reverse Flash caused the car accident ten years ago, replaced Wells, entered the STAR Labs, and began to study particle acceleration experiments, hoping to create Barry Allen to become The Flash.”

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Published On: June 4, 2023

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