That night, after Bruce prepared the materials for Rorschach, he tried to make an Arc Reactor on the spot for them to see. Diana just admired the beautiful blue light emitted by the Arc Reactor.

But Bruce took the Arc Reactor carefully, put it on a detection device in the Batcave, and calculated the output power of this small object.

“My God, a device like this could produce 5 billion joules of energy per second.” Bruce was sure at the time that this thing is definitely not something of his own time. Either it is alien technology, or it comes from the future.

Because the materials and tools used to make the Arc Reactor are all modern, the technology of the Arc Reactor is like an advanced version of their current technology.

In this way, the possibility of Rorschach coming from the future is greatly increased.

Rorschach expressed an expression for Bruce’s surprise, “This is just the simplest version of it. When you prepare a particle collider for me, I will create a new element for you, a 100% pure, clean, and high-efficiency resource that can increase the output power by several times, or even dozens of times.”

“This will directly revolutionize the energy industry of the entire world. Won’t it have any impact if you come up with future technology?”

Bruce is an entrepreneur, after all. He knows very well how much impact the world will have if things like this can be produced earlier than the actual technological growth.

Rorschach understands Bruce Wayne’s concerns, “My technology coming out earlier may have an impact on the future, but I think it will definitely develop in a good direction because we have more time to prepare with it. Especially with the enemies that may arise in the future.”

Rorschach paused and continued, “However, I must make it clear that my technology is not free.”

“Of course, I can count as a technology shareholder and participate in the share of all technology products. As for the specific share, let’s talk about it in detail. How about it?” Bruce suggested.

His current technology is only at the mortal level, unable to reach a higher level of power.

Therefore, he will never refuse this kind of technology provided by Rorschach. Of course, it is difficult for Bruce to trust a person 100%. When he cooperates with anyone, he will do a good job. He will probably plan if the worst-case scenario happens with a contingency plan.

“Can you help me make the nano-bat suit first? I can buy it with money, and I’m willing to spend a lot of money for it.” Bruce offered him.

“Bruce, any technology does not exist independently. Before making those kinds of technology, I need to build a high-tech production workshop. I have to upgrade the technology tree before I can make nanotechnology.”

Bruce nodded, “So how much does it cost? Just say the number.”

“Not everything can be bought with money, Bruce. You can get me a bigger laboratory first, and I will make a list for you later, and you can help me purchase a batch of equipment like a particle collider.” Rorschach said.

“How about I buy you the Science and Technology Advanced Research Laboratories? There is a particle collider and a lot of scientific research equipment in it. If the equipment is not enough, we’ll buy another one.” Bruce suggested.

The Science and Technology Advanced Research Laboratories?

“That’s good enough.” Rorschach understood what money could do. In Bruce’s view, problems that can be solved with money are not considered problems.

In this way, Rorschach and Bruce reached friendly cooperation and decided to acquire the STAR Labs, where the Flash will appear in the future.

After coming out of the Batcave, Rorschach was not in a hurry to return to Rachel’s house. After all, Diana is here.

“I have prepared an identity for you. Although you are an alien, you have a Chinese face.” Diana spoke first.

She and Rorschach walked side by side on the path outside the Wayne Manor. Although they hadn’t reached a hand-in-hand relationship yet, the two walked very close to each other.

“Thank you, Diana.” Rorschach thanked.

“You haven’t visited me recently.” Diana looked into the distance and said with a little confidence.

She has already believed in her heart that Rorschach is her future husband, but for Diana now, she is still just a stranger she has met twice.

For Diana’s question, Rorschach already had a response, “I’m just worried that my appearance will cause trouble to you. No matter how much I miss you, I can’t hold back from looking for you.”

“I bought a villa in Gotham and will live in Gotham for a while. During this period, you can come to me.” Diana said.

Rorschach was taken aback for a moment. But thinking about it carefully, Diana just bought a villa in Gotham and didn’t mention living together. He felt that if Rachel went to work during the day, she could go to Diana, and when she parted with Diana at night, He could still go back to Rachel’s house for the night.

Of course, this is only temporary.

The two walked side by side for a while. Rorschach tried to hold Diana’s hand, but she struggled symbolically and let Rorschach hold hands.

“It’s getting late. I’m going back to sleep. Women’s skin will get worse if they stay up late.” Diana yawned.

“I’ll take you to your door.” Rorschach suggested.

“Alright then.”

The two flew to Diana’s villa and arrived at the gate.

Rorschach jokingly said, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“It’s too late now. You can come over early tomorrow.” Diana said with a blushing face.

“Diana, who took you away from Paradise Island?” Rorschach asked subconsciously.

“Took me away from Paradise Island? No one. Ares’ minions in the world burned the flames of war to Paradise Island. That’s why I left Paradise Island and came to the mortal world to defeat Ares.”

Diana said it as a matter of course, but she felt a little strange and asked in confusion, “Why did you ask this suddenly? Haven’t I told you about it in the future?”

Rorschach reacted quickly and immediately found an excuse to go back, “I doubt my appearance and changed something, so I ask.”

Diana smiled knowingly, “Nothing changed in me.”

Rorschach nodded, tried to reach out, cupped Diana’s face, and kissed it.

Her body was a little stiff, and she seemed not used to being intimate with someone. After all, Diana in this world had never been so intimate with a man.

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