“Because you, and the people on this planet, have no choice but to trust us.” Rorschach said with a smile.

Bruce’s expression became more serious.

Rorschach laughed out of nowhere and said, “Just kidding, don’t be so serious, Bruce. Because Clark Kent grew up on Earth, his adoptive mother, first love, future wife, and children all live on Earth. As for me… because my family is also on Earth.”

When talking about family, Rorschach glanced at Diana. She felt Rorschach’s eyes and stroked her hair shyly.

After all, even if she believed that Rorschach was her future husband, Diana felt that she still needed some time to establish a good relationship with Rorschach. At this moment, her heart was willing to try to understand and accept the man in front of her.

Bruce was lost in thought.

In the plot of BvS, the biggest factor for Bruce wanting to kill Superman is because when General Zod invaded, the aftermath of the battle between Superman and General Zod destroyed the metropolis, as well as the Wayne Group in the metropolis branch.

As a result, one of Bruce’s employees died in the building. After witnessing the scene of the groundbreaking that day and the little girl crying on the street, Bruce regarded Superman as an inhuman uncertainty.

All in all, Bruce is currently only vigilant and suspicious of aliens and has no deep hatred. Therefore, Rorschach said that he is an alien, and Bruce would definitely not have the idea of ​​​​killing him.

“All you said is too unbelievable. I need a little time to verify your statement.” Bruce’s mind is in a mess now, and he needs to sort out his thoughts.

He needs to smash and rebuild all the views in his life and the world that he has established in the past twenty years.

Rorschach seemed to have thought of something suddenly, “I am a scientist, and I will invent a lot of technologies in the future. Maybe we can cooperate.”

“You’re a scientist?” Bruce looked at Rorschach uncertainly.

Rorschach felt that Bruce’s eyes were very impolite, “Why? Because I don’t look like it?”

Bruce wanted to say something against his will, but he continued to ask, “What technologies have you researched?”

“New elements that can change the entire energy industry, as well as Arc Reactor technology, controllable nuclear fusion technology, and nanotechnology. This nanotechnology can create a set of high-tech armor for you, allowing you to give more flexibility in using it. In addition, there are super artificial intelligence, space travel technology, cosmic engine…”

Rorschach told me all the advanced technologies he had learned in the Marvel universe. Diana couldn’t understand what Rorschach was saying, but it sounded very powerful. But Bruce’s heart was beating violently because any technology Rorschach mentioned would directly subvert this era.

“Are you really from the future?” Bruce asked again.

He has already believed Rorschach’s words a little bit. If he can really come up with these technologies, then Bruce Wayne can’t think of any other explanation besides coming from the future.

“I’ll make you an Arc Reactor directly.”

Rorschach waved his hand, “I’ll make a list for you later, just prepare some materials for me according to the list I made for you.”

In the Marvel universe, Tony Stark can make an Arc Reactor by hand in a cave. Rorschach has a super brain and has learned so much information about technologies before.



A beautiful host on TV is talking about important things that happened in Gotham City today. But this program is not an official media, so the hostess is playing a video widely circulated on the Internet.

“As you can now see that the Dark Knight saved Gotham City, and there is a mysterious woman. The two of them are superheroes in Gotham City. According to the information we have collected, the Dark Knight was also doing some other things. He was fighting against a group of criminals, but the Gotham Police Department concealed it from the public because they felt that the Dark Knight was just a lawless vigilante and a criminal.”

This host is obviously professionally trained. Her set of words that blows up opposition has indeed sparked heated discussions among the audience on whether the Dark Knight is a hero or not.

The ratings also skyrocketed.

Many people think that the Dark Knight is a hero because he turned out to save many people. Some people think that this is just a setup.

A burly young male waiter was wiping the table in the corner of the bar. He looked up at the TV with a disdainful smile on his lips. Perhaps in the eyes of this waiter, the so-called superhero named The Dark Knight is just a clown with a false name.

On a table near the bar in the tavern. A certain drunk truck driver slapped the waitress on the buttocks when she was serving the drink.

“Hey, beauty, sit down and have a drink with us!”

The waitress slapped the man’s hands, but the truck driver refused to let go and grabbed the waitress, trying to force her to his side.

The male waiter stepped forward and protected the frightened waitress behind him. He said to the drunk truck driver, “Let her go.”

“Huh? You want to be a hero too, kid?”

The truck driver stood up and said angrily, “So what if I don’t let her go? Do you want to be a hero to save the lady like the Dark Knight?”

“Clark…” The waitress didn’t want this man named Clark to get into trouble for herself.

But before she could speak, Clark looked at the drunk driver fearlessly, “If you don’t let go, I can only ask you to leave.”

“I’ll leave when I want to leave.”

While speaking, the drunk driver grabbed the beer in his hand and poured it on Clark. He was still angry after pouring a large glass of beer, so he picked up the glass of beer from his companion on the table and poured it directly over Clark’s head.

“How is it? Are you entertained?”

The drunk driver was about to hit him. He rolled up his sleeves and gave Clark a hard push in the chest. Although he looks stronger, Clark is just a young adult.

The driver’s two hands pushed on Clark’s body, but it felt like pushing on an iron wall. Instead of pushing Clark to the side, he let himself bounce back. Clark gritted his teeth, obviously suppressing his anger. He is now very worried that he will probably kill someone if he punches back.

The waitress pulled Clark, persuading him, “Don’t do it, Clark. There are so many of them. We don’t need to stoop down like them.”

After hearing what the waitress said, Clark wiped the beer off his face, turned around, and left.

But the drunk driver obviously didn’t intend just to let him go. He grabbed a soda can and slammed it on the back of Clark’s head, “Don’t forget your tip, tough guy.”

Clark was completely angered. However, instead of turning around and punching the drunk driver, he took off the waiter’s clothes and walked out of the pub.

The drunk driver thought that he was intimidated, so he continued to sit back and drink happily.

Clark, who walked out of the pub, glanced at several trucks parked outside, and he found the drunk driver’s truck. The next second, Clark walked up to the truck, raised his hand, and pushed hard.

A huge force squeezed and deformed the entire front of the truck. The strong wind outside the pub covered all the noise with the music playing in the pub. It was even more difficult to hear what was happening outside.

This is not over yet. Clark jumped, pulled up a few electric poles, and smashed them at the truck. Four or five poles pierced the truck as if it was a corpse on an execution rack.

Clark let out a long sigh of relief after finishing all this.

After venting, Clark felt much more at ease. After looking around, he confirmed that no one saw this scene and then quickly left the area.

A few hours later.

The drunk driver comes out of the tavern.

When he saw the large truck poked through by several electric poles, he was stunned, “What the fuck…”

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Published On: June 3, 2023

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