In front of the Wayne building. Rorschach carried a few scattered train cars and stacked them all on the open space under the rail. The crowd around burst into shouts, and many people took out their mobile phones and frantically took pictures of the figure suspended in the sky.

Ten minutes later, the major media in Gotham City came after hearing the news. Before this, they had just received that Wayne Manor was burned by fire. Not long after that, they heard that an out-of-control light rail train almost crashed into the Wayne building.

As a result, the unscrupulous media was making news on the Internet, “Shocking! Why did Wayne Manor catch fire in the middle of the night? Why did an out-of-control train crash into the Wayne building? Stay tuned at ten o’clock tonight for Gotham Evening News!”

Except for the Wayne Manor fire and the train crashing into the Wayne building. The photos and videos of Rorschach saving the people and preventing the train from crashing into the Wayne building were also spread wildly on the Internet.

The Gotham TV station also intercepted a video with higher resolution on the Internet. The video mainly shows the video of Diana intercepting the train with her bare hands, and Rorschach flying in the sky to catch the train carriages.

As for Batman.

No one got a picture of Batman, so he was just ignored.


Below the abandoned Wayne Manor.

Alfred hid in the Batcave. Before Bruce left, he let Alfred enter the Batcave for refuge and told him that if he didn’t come back, he would have to stay in the Batcave for at least three to five days before he could come out.

Fortunately, Alfred waited in the Batcave for more than an hour, and Bruce returned to the Batcave, and there were two people behind him.

“God bless, Master Wayne. Have the matters outside been resolved? Oh… You brought guests over?” Alfred didn’t notice Bruce’s expression but looked in surprise at a man and a woman following Bruce.

The woman wears armor, like an ancient Valkyrie walking out of a calligraphy and painting, while the man is wearing a black suit with a cloak behind the suit.

“Are you a friend of Master Wayne?” Alfred looked at Rorschach and Diana politely and asked.



The two gave Alfred two different answers. Rorschach did not speak, because he knew that Bruce Wayne would not be as easy to deceive as Diana, and it might not be so easy to convince him he is a person from the future.

However, Rorschach decided to continue playing the roles of “man from the future” and “an alien”. Because of these two identities, he can avoid most of the troubles. For example, the ability and power of the Kryptonians themselves. After Superman appears in the world in the future, he will definitely be treated as a Kryptonian.

“Alfred, please leave all of us for a moment. I have something to talk to them alone.” Bruce said to him.

Alfred bowed to them, and said, “If you need anything, please call me at any time, I will go to take care of Wayne Manor and resume work.”

After speaking, Alfred left the Batcave.

After Alfred left, Batman took off his helmet, looked at Diana and Rorschach suspiciously, and asked, “How do you know me?”

“His name is Rorschach, and he is from the future. In that time, we will be comrades-in-arms and friends.” Diana said to Bruce in a very affirmative tone.

Bruce has been staring at Diana’s face. Bruce, who has learned micro-expressions, can be sure that Diana is not lying. But this kind of statement is too unbelievable. Even if he has seen the existence of unexplainable things today, it is difficult to understand such things as traveling through time and space.

“Do you have any evidence to prove that you are a person from the future? Mr. Rorschach…or should I call you…the Dark Knight?” Bruce looked straight at Rorschach.

“I don’t have direct evidence, but I can tell you something that might happen in the future. Is that considered evidence?” Rorschach asked rhetorically.

“Could happen? Are you sure it will happen?”

“Of course, I’m not 100% sure. Because my appearance may have a butterfly effect on the world today, but I’m more than 90% sure that some of the things I said, or some people, will appear soon.” Rorschach didn’t talk nonsense. After all, he was only familiar with some plots, and he didn’t really travel from the future of this world.

He is not yet sure how the plot of this universe will develop, so he can only say some general things.

Bruce thought for a while, nodded, and said, “If you came from the future, tell me what will happen in the future.”

“You have a son, you probably already have it now. He was born between you and Talia from the League of Shadows. His name is Damian.”

As soon as the words came out, Bruce’s eyes widened. If it is said that Talia is pregnant, it could directly explain why Al Ghul did not bring Talia over this time, or why he put Talia under house arrest.

However, as long as this kind of thing has dealt with the inside of the League of Shadows, it will definitely be found out, and it cannot be used as evidence.

Although Bruce thought so, he decided to go to the headquarters of the League of Shadows after the matter here was over and go to Talia to confirm the matter himself.

Bruce adjusted his expression and asked, “Are there any more?”

“Yes, there will be a superhero in Metropolis wearing a red cape. He is the same as my kind, he’s a Kryptonian from the El family, Kal-El, his name on Earth is Clark Kent. He will be adopted by the Kents in Smallville, Kansas..”

“A Kryptonian?”

“Yes, A Kryptonian. I didn’t tell you, am I an alien?”

Bruce shook his head dully because he found that Rorschach’s remarks were getting more and more outrageous. First, he came from the future, and now he’s an alien.

“You should believe in the existence of aliens. Because soon, the earth will usher in the first batch of Kryptonian remnants, a very dangerous person named General Zod. They plan to transform the earth into a new Krypton planet.”

“A Kryptonian who can fly like you, is invulnerable, and has infinite strength?”


In addition to General Zod, Rorschach also briefly talked about Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, some super villains, and major events that may appear in the future.

Bruce felt his scalp tingle the more he listened. He is just an ordinary person. Before that, he felt that his physical fitness at the peak of human beings could change Gotham, and even change the whole world. In the end, he found helplessly that more and more extraordinary beings would emerge in this world.

With the emergence of these extraordinary beings, various villains who attempt to destroy the earth and even the entire universe will appear one after another. Now Bruce misses the time when there was no extraordinary existence.

This is like a mortal who after years of practice, has finally ascended to the peak of martial arts. But when he looked up, the sky was full of immortal cultivators flying into the sky, and even the weakest immortal cultivators could easily defeat you to death.

“Is it hard to accept what Rorschach said?” Diana raised her eyebrows. She was unwilling to believe it at the beginning.

After learning that there may be various superhumans and villains in the future, he fell into very serious anxiety.

“If you and the man named Clark Kent are both aliens, how can I trust that you will protect this planet?” Bruce stared at Rorschach and asked.

He really couldn’t believe the fact that two Kryptonians would not turn their backs and destroy humanity in an instant.

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