Batman was pulled back to the top of the train by the rope. After falling, Batman looked at the woman vigilantly and asked, “Who are you?”

The woman was taken aback and asked back, “He hasn’t looked for you yet?”

“Who?” This nonsensical remark took Batman aback, but this is definitely not the time to chat.

At this moment, the train is only a few minutes away from the Wayne Building.

“Let’s finish this first, and I’ll explain to you later.” The woman said.

After Diana got a legal identity for Rorschach, seeing that Rorschach hadn’t looked for her for a long time, she took the initiative to arrive in Gotham from London. Then she encountered the scene where Al Ghul hijacked the train and moved toward the Wayne Building.

Because she knew that the strange man in the bat uniform in front of her was her future teammate, Diana, who was willing to help others, drew her sword to help when she saw the scene.

Batman just wanted to make a plan, but Diana, who was used to being reckless, drew the sword and shield directly from her back.

Holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, she leaped high, covering a distance of fifty or sixty meters in one jump, and then landed heavily on the train, directly smashing a big hole in the roof. This scene made Batman so frightened that his hook gun dropped to the ground.

He thought he had traveled the world and he had seen everything. But today, he knows that he hasn’t seen anything like this.

A burst of screams awakened the sluggish Batman. He rushed to the hole Diana smashed on the roof of the train just now and jumped down. As soon as he landed, he saw Diana moving forward for more than ten meters, and the sword in her hand was flying up and down.

A burst of blood exploded, and the surrounding warriors were instantly killed and turned on their backs. Diana killed all the warriors on the train in just a few seconds, leaving only Al Ghul.

“Stop this train, and I won’t kill you.” Diana looked at Al Ghul and said coldly.

“We broke the brakes on this train. It can’t stop.” Al Ghul drew out his sword and pointed it at Diana with serious eyes.

Because he could feel that the woman in front of him was unimaginably powerful. He who has lived for more than 700 years knows that there are extraordinary powers in this world, and the woman in front of him is the best example.

Al Ghul was the first to strike the sword, he thought his sword skills had reached the pinnacle, and he would never lose to this woman. Diana saw the opponent slash the sword. She also swung the sword and faced it head-on.

His sword and her sword collided together. In an instant, Al Ghul’s sword, made of ordinary iron, was cut off like tofu, but Diana’s sword did not stop at all and went directly to Al Ghul’s throat.

A cold light flashed, and a very thin bloodstain appeared on Al Ghul’s throat.

When Diana’s sword fell, Batman’s voice came from a distance, “Don’t kill him!”

But it was too late.

Her sword is extremely sharp, and it cut through Al Ghul’s neck instantly, but he didn’t die immediately. Al Ghul looked unwillingly at the sword in Diana’s hand and then at the sword in his hand that was broken in half.

Countless emotions welled up in his heart, and a large amount of blood gushed out like a fountain. Al Ghul fell on his back, and his eyes widened to the point of death as if he was being crushed.

“Rest in peace.”

Diana saw his eyes. Even if Diana didn’t use the sword, she could still defeat the opponent with her own strength. But it’s not necessary.

“You killed them? you killed them all?” Batman rushed to Diana and asked.

Diana turned her head and looked at Batman blankly, “Yeah, what’s the problem?”

Batman clenched his fists, as if he wanted to say something, but finally spit out a few words, “I never kill people…”

But halfway through the words, Batman lost his confidence. Because he just killed all the warriors who invaded Wayne Manor with his own hands in order to rush over to stop Al Ghul.

Diana smiled politely at Batman, “Well, I know, and I respect your principles. I killed them for you. No need to thank me.”

The biggest role of Batman in the Justice League is that he supports the daily expenses of the Justice League.

“Who are you?” He really wants to know where she came from.

“Can you stop this train?” Diana asked.

The train was getting closer and closer to the Wayne Group building. The train track in front had been tampered with. If the train didn’t stop in time, the train would be derailed and crashed into the Wayne building.

Currently, countless people are still working overtime in the Wayne building. If it hits, it will be a huge disaster for both the employees and the Wayne Group.

“We can blow up the rail brackets ahead and let this train fall from it…”

Batman talked about his plan, and Diana didn’t want to hear it halfway through. She sighed, “Your thinking is obviously still at the level of a mortal.”

Leaving such a sentence behind, Diana put away her sword and shield. She jumped up and bumped out of the train. This time, she jumped a few hundred meters and blocked the front of the train. Diana spread her hands as if trying to forcefully block the train.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Batman’s mouth twitched, and he felt that his views were shattered today. From this moment on, he must allow himself to accept the fact that there is extraordinary power in this world.

The next second, the train slammed into Diana. She roared and tried her best to stop the train from moving forward. Her arms burst out with astonishing strength.

The terrifying impact crushed and deformed the front of the train, as if it was a soda can that was crushed and compressed to the limit. The speed of the train slowly decreased, and Diana was also pushed backward by the train.

On the train, Batman felt that the train he was in was also beginning to deform. Even under the joint action of inertia and Diana’s flat thrust, it began to rise vertically, and the same was true for the rear. Like a giant snake waving its tail, it flung its tail towards the Wayne Building behind.

“Damn it!”

Diana cursed, gritted her teeth, and continued to support the front of the train with one hand, trying to hold the train car that was driven by inertia. However, after the inertia threw the train high, it suddenly fell apart, and the carriages down one after another.

The Wayne building was brightly lit, and many employees who were still working overtime moved to the windows and looked at the scattered carriages. There were also many onlookers gathered on the ground. They looked up at the train and fled in horror.

Just as the train was about to hit the Wayne Building, there was a sonic boom in the sky, but when people heard the sonic boom, a dark figure had already appeared in front of the train carriages.

Like stacking building blocks, all the carriages were caught and stacked together.

Everyone stared blankly at the black figure who saved them in mid-air. Diana looked at the dark figure on the rail and unconsciously showed a faint smile at the corner of her mouth.

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Published On: June 2, 2023

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