The golden light in the clouds lasted for a long time. Rorschach could feel countless powers of faith at this moment, converging towards himself. Although these powers of faith are very weak, they add up to a lot, and the total power is still very impressive.

After the night sky in Gotham returned to darkness again, the power of faith of the people of The Narrows has not weakened but has continued to grow. Perhaps for these people, Gotham makes them feel hopeless.

Now a god appeared, bringing them hope for the future, and it was this hope for the future that turned into countless powers of faith, gathering towards Rorschach in an endless stream of power.

“I can feel my power growing rapidly.”

Rorschach nodded in satisfaction. Perhaps because of the Source Wall, Rorschach has collected the power of faith in this world, which is stronger than in the Marvel Universe. The Source Wall connects the power of all the new gods of the DC universe, and Rorschach is an existence between the new and old gods.

He can use the power of faith to strengthen himself, and he can also grow with his own strength and reach the highest peak.

When the people worshiped Rorschach, Al Ghul hijacked the train departing from Narrows, and he personally escorted the device to the Wayne Group building.

In Al Ghul’s plan, they have already evaporated the water resources of Narrows, and now they are waiting to arrive at the Wayne Building and activate the transmitter device again to turn the water resources of the entire Gotham City into steam that are carrying fear gas.

Al Ghul saw the Wayne Group building through the window on the train. The moment to destroy Gotham is just around the corner. Al Ghul shows a look of victory.

The next second, a bat hook shot through the window of the high-speed train, and five seconds later, a bat figure flew over and flew into the train compartment. A dozen warriors stood in front of the device.

Al Ghul was at the back, with his hands behind his back, looking at Batman, who was coming leisurely with a victorious smile on his mouth.

“Bruce, why did you come here so quickly? Did you abandon those guests in your house in order to stop me and save the entire Gotham City? No, with your hypocritical character, you will not abandon those people.”

Al Ghul suddenly laughed loudly, “Then you gave up the principle of not killing. So you came to stop me so quickly, am I right, Bruce?”

If Bruce continues to stick to his principle of not killing, then it will take twenty minutes at the fastest to defeat all the warriors who invaded Wayne Manor. If the situation is not in his favor, it may even take thirty or forty minutes.

After such a long time, Al Ghul had transported the device to the Wayne Group building a long time ago and turned on the device, turning the entire Gotham City into hell.

if Bruce Wayne gave up the principle of not killing, then he would only need ten minutes at most to deal with those warriors. Al Ghul asked Bruce Wayne to choose whether to save his guest or the city.

“I will atone for my killing. But before that, I will stop you.”

Batman’s eyes were extremely firm. He rushed towards Al Ghul and the others and fought with dozens of warriors in an instant.

Al Ghul still stood at the back. His eyes seemed to be instructing his disciples in his practice, “Bruce, you are still so hypocritical. You can kill someone today to save someone, so can you kill someone tomorrow because someone is about to commit a crime? Killing for the sake of killing, your so-called principle of not killing, is a joke.”

“You can’t shake my heart because… I’m Batman.”

He was not affected by Al Ghul in the slightest. He attacked those warriors fiercely, causing them to be knocked instantly.

Seeing that Batman is not bewitched by his words, Al Ghul laughed at himself, “You have a strong heart and extremely firm willpower. I have hopes for you, but unfortunately, you insist on standing against me.”

Batman has disabled two elite warriors of the League of Shadows. Al Ghul had no choice but to end the game himself.

He strode forward and punched Batman. He had been wary of this old man for a long time and responded the moment the opponent made a move. In mid-air, the two collided with each other, and a muffled sound erupted.

Batman and Al Ghul took a few steps back, but the moment Batman retreated, the surrounding warriors raised their swords and slashed at Batman.

He hastily folded his hands above his head. He was wearing a bat armguard on his arm, and there was a row of barbs on the armguard. After blocking the slash of the sword, he turned his arm and used the barb on the armguard to break the sword.

However, Al Ghul took advantage of this moment and struck again, hitting Batman in the chest with a powerful punch.

Even with the defense of the armor, Al Ghul’s punch is really strong. The terrifying force penetrated the bat armor, bombarded Batman’s chest, and sent him flying backward with his punch.

Batman opened his bat cape like a giant bat flying in the night sky. After stabilizing his figure mid-air, Batman hastily fired a hook at the train.

However, this time the hook cable failed to hook the fast-moving train, and Batman continued to slide forward with the help of the bat cape. But no matter how fast he was gliding, how could he be faster than the train?

Seeing the train driving farther and farther, Batman’s heart also sank to the bottom.

Another sound of a hook breaking through the air sounded like flying from above the train, approaching Batman quickly from far to near.

However, this hook was not fired by Batman. In fact, Batman has only one hook gun on his body. Before the first hook is retracted, he cannot fire the second hook gun.

He saw a golden rope descending from the sky, tied around Batman’s waist. The next second, Batman felt a huge force coming from the rope and pulling him quickly.


This sudden scene took aback Batman, but when his figure was dragged back to the train, he finally saw clearly who was pulling him back with a rope.

There’s a woman. A very beautiful woman in armor with a round shield on her back and a long sword inserted in the shield.

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Published On: June 1, 2023

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