Rorschach glanced unintentionally towards Jane Foster, seated next to him, as he considered this. He’s not sure what would happen if Jane were to pick up Thor’s Hammer right now. Even without Rorschach, the primary plot predicts that Thor will finally be able to raise the Hammer once more, defeat the Destroyer Armor, and reveal Loki’s scheme.

Rorschach can only begin with Jane Foster if he wants to significantly alter the plot and gain a lot of mission points.

Jane Foster should replace Thor as the Female Thor. Hela, the goddess of death, will break Thor’s hammer so that it cannot be utilized for a few years. A stronger axe will then replace it.

It is better to remain on Earth than to allow Thor’s Hammer to be destroyed in vain.

“All right, you go aid this man!” Rorschach complied with Peter’s requests.

As soon as possible, Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Harry, and even Darcy all sprinted into the pit to aid the unfortunate man who was unable to lift the hammer.

When Rorschach turned to her and smiled, Jane Foster was still standing outside the pit and tinkering with some instruments. “Dr. Foster, why don’t you try it?”

“Try what? You mean the hammer?”


“What else can you try because it’s just a hammer? They don’t need me at all because there are so many of them that require assistance.” Jane Foster wasn’t too concerned about the hammer.

Peter and the others gradually made their way to Thor’s Hammer in the large pit.

“Hey, cheer up. What’s the material in this hammer? You appear so powerful. How come you can’t raise this hammer?”

Thor, who was squatting on the ground, was lifted up by Peter, and Harry and Darcy eagerly anticipated removing Thor’s hammer from the pit. He has to admit that Thor’s Hammer seems to possess a unique mystical force that compels onlookers to lift it up.

It even precipitated a hammer-lifting incident in the town during the major plot line. Everyone in the community came to sample it and then commented about it online, catching the attention of several departments.

Naturally, Harry and Darcy’s efforts were unsuccessful. Together, they gave it their all, but they were unable to move Thor’s Hammer.

“It’s useless. The Hammer can only be lifted by those who are qualified. Even I have now lost my worthiness. You cannot raise it. You cannot move it.”

When his hammer is touched, Thor becomes a little irritated. Thor still maintains faith that one day he will be able to restore his qualifications, his father’s trust and become the greatest monarch of Asgard, even if he currently lacks them.

After putting in a lot of effort, Harry and Darcy eventually gave up. Mary Jane followed suit and attempted to move, but to no avail.

“Peter, maybe we need a car to pull this hefty hammer,” someone said. Mary Jane had a thought.

Peter didn’t even think about this possibility. Is the car’s power comparable to mine?

Thor’s Hammer was immediately hopped around by Peter, who then stepped on the ground, grabbed it with both hands, and drew it out firmly.


Peter’s feet slid into the earth as the ground abruptly collapsed with two footprints, but Thor’s Hammer was still not raised.

“Oh my God, this hammer is too heavy to lift. I’ve never seen anything so heavy!” Peter made several more attempts, but they all failed. Others were astounded by Peter Parker’s strength.

“According to myths and traditions, Thor’s Hammer can only be raised when it comes into contact with a trustworthy individual. This weapon, Mr. Rorschach, must be Thor’s Hammer from tales and legends!” Suddenly, Norman considered this scenario.

If you consider it from this perspective, Norman quickly understood everything.

Rorschach may have been drawn to this location for Thor’s Hammer from the beginning, as evidenced by his prior investment in Jane Foster’s project, his personal travel to New Mexico, and his past conversation with that powerful man.

Rorschach gave Norman a look that suggested I had it all figured out. “That’s right, this is Thor’s Hammer, and the large person in front is Thor,” he said while nodding.

“Unbelievable.” Norman nodded while grinning.

Rorschach’s words nonetheless compel him to believe even when the facts are beyond belief.

Thor genuinely felt better when he realized that no one could lift Thor’s Hammer because he believed that the idea of “someone worthy enough” was complete nonsense. Other than him, is there anyone else in the world? That they deserve this power?

Impossible, absolutely impossible.

Rorschach asked Norman, “Do you want to go up and try?”

Norman directly refused, “No need. I know I definitely don’t have the qualifications, so I won’t humiliate myself. Mr. Rorschach, why don’t you try it?”

In Norman’s view, Rorschach ran all the way here, probably because he wanted to lift Thor’s Hammer. But Rorschach also shook his head, “I don’t have the qualifications either.”

On the question of who is “qualified” to hold Thor’s Hammer, there does not appear to be a consensus.

The official position is that you must possess strong moral character and convictions, yet they are not uncommon traits. Peter obviously possesses these two attributes, at least in Rorschach’s eyes. However, there is no story where Peter Parker raises Thor’s Hammer in either the comics or the movies.

This seems a little irrational.

Rorschach believed that the so-called “qualification” of Thor’s Hammer required a small amount of fictitious “destiny” in addition to these two traits. Peter may not have this “destined” element, despite having the “qualifications,” to lift Thor’s Hammer.

“Dr. Foster, I believe you ought to try. Perhaps you are the one who qualifies,” He said. Jane Foster received another invitation from Rorschach.

When Jane Foster heard Rorschach discuss Thor’s Hammer, she was still unable to comprehend the situation. After all, Jane Foster is a scientist who is a staunch materialist. It will be offensive to her for a while if you abruptly inform her that there are gods in this world.

“No, I’m not really qualified,” Jane Foster declined once more.

Darcy made it clear that she didn’t find the excitement very noteworthy. Many of them failed to raise Thor’s Hammer, which sparked Darcy’s strange drive to triumph.

“Let’s try it,” Darcy pleaded with Jane, “It’s simply a matter of lifting a hammer.”

“Jane, don’t you frequently state that science is to never let go of any possibility?” Dr. Selvig added from the side. Lifting that hammer is okay as long as you do it in a group activity.

“All right, then I’ll give it a shot, and you can’t laugh at me,” she said. Everyone eventually convinced Jane Foster.

“Then you should raise it up, Your Highness Thor,” Darcy answered, imitating Thor’s tone of speech.

For a brief period, Thor was at a loss for words and had no idea what to say. Rorschach helped Jane Foster move to the side of Thor’s Hammer, where she slowly extended her hand and placed it on the grip. All of them held their breath.

“I’m positive I can’t lift it.” Jane Foster wished to withdraw once more.

“You are too self-aware, ma’am, and you are too skinny. Our new Asgardian baby girl is much stronger than you. You are not a competent fighter at all. In fact, none of you are qualified.”

Thor’s comments slightly irritated Jane Foster, who clinched her teeth and raised Thor’s hammer forcefully.


At this moment, a horrific storm formed above everyone’s heads as the sky suddenly erupted in lightning. The thunder in the sky was not noticed by anyone.

They all turned to look at Jane Foster. Because she was able to lift the Hammer.

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Published On: February 7, 2023

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