While Gotham City is in chaos, Rachel’s home is in harmony.

“Rachel, here, have some soup.”

Rorschach made another soup, and all of them have been served on the table, just waiting for Rachel to open the door and come out of the bedroom to finish the meal. Harleen on the dining table, was almost drooling and couldn’t help but reach for the grilled oysters with garlic vermicelli.

It is Rorschach special garlic sauce, served with top-quality oysters. After one bite, no matter how weak their energy is, they will be revitalized again. Rorschach glanced back at Harleen, who immediately withdrew his hand and looked elsewhere with a nonchalant expression.

It’s not that Rorschach forbade Harleen to start first, but he was worried that she would have eaten this batch and there wouldn’t be any left for Rachel. The most bizarre thing is that no matter how Harleen eats, she won’t gain weight.

“Rachel, it’s time for lunch.” Rorschach said again to Rachel.

There was still no response. Just as Rorschach was considering whether to break in, a chaotic noise came from far away.

Rorschach listened carefully. It came from The Narrows. Al Ghul had already used a microwave transmitter to evaporate all the water in The Narrows into the air. The Scarecrow’s fear gas was carried in the vapor, which the citizens of The Narrows inhaled, and everyone fell into madness.

A few hours later, if there is no effective antidote, the people will suffer from organ failure due to excessive intoxication. It’s time to show himself in front of others and earn a wave of power of faith.

No one would regard superheroes as beliefs in the prosperous age of peace. The heroes in the prosperous age of peace are nothing more than another form of a star. Only when the world is in despair will people regard the emergence of heroes as the last hope.

“Rachel, I have something to go out. Eat well, and I will come back to you after I have dealt with the problem outside.” Rorschach pulled out a box and two gas masks from the cabinet in the living room.

He picked up the box containing the antidote to the fear gas and the cloud catalyst, which could spread the antidote to the Earth in the form of artificial rainfall.

Although the fear gas is inhaled, the antidote does not have to be inhaled in the form of steam. Even if it comes in the form of rainfall, they can absorb the antidote and remove the toxin when it touches the skin of the human body.

“Take these two gas masks. If white steam suddenly appears around you, wear a gas mask.” Before leaving, Rorschach said to Harleen.

He may not care about other people’s life or death, but he must leave Rachel and Harleen behind.

“Hey, where are you going? The door is here.” Harleen looked at Rorschach, who was walking towards the window and asked in confusion.

“Superheroes don’t take the normal way.” Rorschach said to Harleen, and then in front of her, the Necrosword covered Rorschach’s suit and turned into a black battle suit.

But this time, Rorschach didn’t cover his face. After putting on the suit, Rorschach’s figure moved and flew out of the window. After a loud sound, Rorschach’s figure instantly disappeared in front of her.

“Holy shit, this guy can really fly.” Harleen was amazed.

After Rorschach left, Rachel gently opened the door, and after making sure Rorschach had left, she walked out of the room clutching her waist.

“I’m hungry…”

Harleen had just recovered from Rorschach wearing a strange suit and could fly. Seeing Rachel’s appearance with thick dark circles, she couldn’t help but feel a little strange, “Rachel, What’s the matter with you? What did you guys do yesterday?”

Rachel grabbed an oyster, opened her small mouth to take a bite, and said while eating, “Yesterday, Rorschach and I were making love.”

In the United States, having intercourse is not a taboo topic.

Harleen immediately became interested and asked, “Look at your frail appearance. Are you tired from that activities yesterday?”

“How would I describe it to you?”

Rachel grabbed another oyster, took a bite, and said, “Last night, it took all night for us to do that.”

“Wow~” Harleen finally understands why Rachel is acting like this.

“Well, at least you should eat now to nourish your energy.”

“Thank you, Harleen.”


The Gotham City Police Department received an order from above to mobilize all armed forces to suppress the riot on The Narrows.

On the map of Gotham City, The Narrows can be regarded as the garbage dump of Gotham City. Various harmful chemical factories are built here. The people here worked at these factories.

Now that there is a riot on The Narrows, the factories are the most affected. This is also why the Gotham City executives did not hesitate to use all their armed forces to suppress the riots on The Narrows quickly.

Gordon led an armed special police to block the bridge on The Narrows, which is an important transport line from The Narrows to downtown Gotham City. Therefore, this place is considered a strategically important place.

When Gordon led people to deploy the fortifications, he encountered a large number of warriors who had evacuated from Narrows Island, and a shootout broke out between the two.

Scarecrow got out of the car. Even though he was wearing a scarecrow mask, Gordon recognized him at a glance.

“Crane, you have been surrounded. Surrender now. I can help you even if you’re doing all of this.” Gordon picked up the loudspeaker and shouted at the Scarecrow, trying to persuade him to stop the fight.

However, Gordon got a fear gas bomb as a response rather than an actual answer.

“It’s fear gas! Everyone, put on your gas mask now!”

Based on the previous lessons, Gordon obviously came prepared this time. All the special police officers have prepared a pair of gas masks, and the accompanying medical staff has already prepared antidotes.

Although the fear gas failed, the warriors still put a lot of pressure on the police.

In close combat, a warrior can quickly kill four or five police officers before he is likely to be killed. However, if he keeps a distance and looks for cover for long-range combat, their weapons are mostly ineffective against the police’s guns.

Those warriors from the League of Shadows can still suppress them in a fight. On the police side, killing a warrior requires the casualties of two to four police officers.

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Published On: May 31, 2023

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