At noon, the scorching sun was in the sky. Rorschach took Rachel’s arm and returned to her home. Although the two spent the night together, the expressions on their faces were quite different.

Rorschach’s face was radiant. On the other hand, Rachel is restless, her feet are weak, and she looks like she has been hollowed out by staying up late and working overtime. Because she was too tired yesterday, Rachel made an exception and asked for a day off today.

“From now on, you are not allowed to enter my room for three days.”

Rachel felt that if this went on, she would die in Rorschach’s hands sooner or later. As soon as she got home, she went straight to the bedroom. Rorschach wanted to follow, but Rachel blocked the door.

“Okay, you have a good rest. I will cook you a big meal in the evening.” Rorschach promised with a smile.

“Oh, man.” Rachel looked hopeless, closed the door with a bang, and ignored Rorschach.

Rachel closed the door here, and not long after, the door next door suddenly opened. Harleen poked her head out.

“You are finally back, I’m so hungry. I haven’t had lunch yet.”

“What does it have to do with me that you didn’t eat lunch? so you don’t have to go to work today?”

Rorschach’s eyes fell on Harleen, and he couldn’t help frowning, “Why are you wearing my clothes?”

“I resigned from Arkham Asylum, and now I am unemployed. I took a shower yesterday and forgot to bring a change of clothes, so I have to wear yours.”

However, Rorschach didn’t care.

“You can wear Rachel’s if you don’t have clothes, why wear mine?” Rorschach said a little annoyed.

“Rachel’s clothing is too small, I can’t breathe in it.”

Harleen puffed out her chest, implying that she and Rachel were not the same in terms of body.

“Then you can’t take my clothes casually, no matter what your reason is. It’s considered stealing, you know.”

“I’ll give it back to you then.”

She lowered her head, stepped on the floor with her toes shyly, and was about to take off Rorschach’s clothes with her hands crossed.

Halfway through, Harleen suddenly made a face at Rorschach, and laughed while clutching her stomach, “What are you expecting? You really think that I will take off my clothes here huh?”

Rorschach snorted coldly, “You have such a big tattoo on your chest.”

Rorschach pointed to Harleen’s other parts of the body and continued, “You have a pink butterfly tattooed on this spot and on your back…”

Harleen’s smile froze on her face, and she said suspiciously, “Did you put some device in the bathroom? Or in my room?”

As soon as she mentioned her own room, Harleen’s expression froze for a moment, and then her face turned red in the next second as if her little secret was discovered in embarrassment.

“Where did you put it? you pervert, I’m going to tell Rachel!”

He can see it with his X-ray vision, so he doesn’t need those kinds of stuff.

Harleen was a bit mad, she went back to her room alone and rummaged through the boxes to find the camera, but no matter how much she searched and rummaged, she couldn’t find it.


Alfred held a birthday party for Bruce Wayne and invited many upper-class people from Gotham City to attend.

In the evening, the entrance of Wayne Manor was full of luxury cars. Celebrities from all walks of life brought their partners and arrived at Wayne Manor to celebrate Bruce Wayne’s birthday.

Bruce Wayne is currently staring at the news broadcast on TV.

Television is reporting what happened at Asylum yesterday. In fact, Bruce Wayne went to Arkham Asylum as soon as he learned about it yesterday afternoon. Gordon and the officers who the fear gas had hit had recovered at that time.

Bruce Wayne, as Batman, met with Gordon again.

He learned the lesson from the last time, and chose to hold Gordon hostage when he went to the bathroom alone, warned him not to act rashly, and listened to him carefully. Only then did he explain clearly that he was not the Dark Knight and expressed his willingness to assist the police in arresting Jonathan Crane.

Gordon was skeptical and finally agreed to tell Batman all the information about the case. Only the information obtained by the police cannot find out the hiding place of Jonathan Crane. In order to obtain more information, Batman went to Rachel’s house at night.

He wanted to ask Rachel for more information. But Rachel wasn’t home last night. Batman hung on the wall for a long time, and Rachel didn’t come back. In the end, he had no choice but to leave.

“I have to find Rachel and ask who gave her the clue and whether it is really the Dark Knight as I guessed…”

Bruce Wayne feels that the Dark Knight is definitely not a good person. Bruce Wayne convinced himself in his heart that he planned to go to the Batcave, put on a Batman suit, and investigate the Scarecrow case again.

“Master Wayne, the guests outside are waiting for you.” Alfred saw that his young master had not entertained guests for a long time, so he went to the room to urge him.

However, before arriving at the room, Alfred bumped into Bruce Wayne, who was going to run to the Batcave through the secret passage of the manor.

Bruce Wayne glanced back at him, “I have more important things to do, Alfred. Please send our guests home.”

Saying that Bruce Wayne was about to turn his head and leave. Alfred was a little annoyed. He turned to Bruce’s back and said in a deep voice, “Those are your guests, Bruce Wayne’s guests. You need to care about your reputation. You can’t ignore your father’s name. That’s all he has left, don’t make the name Wayne a joke.”

After hearing these words, Bruce stopped, turned around, walked to Alfred, and sighed, “I will only stay for twenty minutes at most.”

After finishing speaking, he put on his suit and tie, held a glass of champagne, and walked towards the banquet hall. Alfred, standing behind him, showed a relieved smile.

Bruce came to the banquet hall, and he instantly became the center of attention. He forced himself to smile and warmly greeted every guest present.

The atmosphere of the banquet reached its peak in an instant, but every second spent in this banquet made Bruce feel like he was sitting on pins and needles.

After finally surviving for twenty minutes, Bruce saw that the atmosphere of the banquet was lively, and guests had already started chatting with each other, gradually ignoring him as the main figure.

So, Bruce was going to find an opportunity to sneak away.

When he silently retreated to the corner of the banquet, an old lady dressed in fashion and luxury stopped him, “Bruce, I want to introduce you to a great person, and you may need his help in the future.”

Bruce just wanted to refuse and find an excuse to leave, but a middle-aged figure caught Bruce’s attention.

“Bruce, this is the famous Ra’as Al Ghul.”

During the old lady’s introduction, the middle-aged man turned around slowly, looked at Bruce, and showed a smile, “Hello, Bruce.”

“Impossible… You are obviously dead. I watched you die…” Bruce’s eyes froze, and he looked at the middle-aged man in front of him in disbelief.

However, the middle-aged man’s smile remained unchanged, and he explained, “I am Immortal, and I have supernatural power. Bruce, my most proud disciple, let us work together to save this rotten city.”

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