Gordon led a large number of armed special police officers and surrounded the Arkham Asylum. All the police officers were wearing body armor, and Gordon took the lead in the charge and was the first to enter the Arkham Asylum.

“Doctor Jonathan Crane, you are suspected of instigating crime, participating in the smuggling of contraband, and helping criminal members to be judged as mentally ill to escape legal sanctions. You have been arrested. This is an arrest warrant. You have the right to remain silent.” Gordon raised his gun and pointed it at Dr. Crane.

He is relatively short and looks a little thin. However, facing the siege of many policemen, Dr. Crane didn’t panic at all and was even a little excited.

Gordon saw that he was acting weird, he approached him cautiously and scolded, “Raise your hands. If you dare to act rashly, I will shoot immediately.”

In Rachel’s file to Gordon, there is clear evidence that Dr. Crane, code-named ‘The Scarecrow’, has developed some kind of fear gas, which can make people fall into hallucinations so that they have a mental breakdown.

Dr. Crane glanced around coldly. He slowly raised his hand and said to Gordon, “Don’t shoot, Commissioner Gordon. We are old friends.”

“Tell me, where is the contraband you transported earlier?” Gordon pointed a gun at Dr. Crane.

Dr. Crane gestured to the inside of Arkham Asylum with his eyes and said, “It’s inside the Arkham Asylum. Do you need me to show you?”

Seeing his cooperation, Gordon felt that something was wrong.

However, he still exchanged glances with his assistant and said, “John, take two teams and surround Arkham Asylum. The rest of you, follow me.”

While speaking, Gordon handcuffed Dr. Crane, grabbed his shoulder with one hand, and pressed the pistol against Dr. Crane’s back with the other hand, saying, “Take me to where you hid the contraband.”

Dr. Crane followed what he said, leading a large group of Gotham City police led by Gordon into the interior of Arkham Asylum.

The doctors and nurses inside the Arkham Asylum were a little surprised by the sudden appearance of a large number of police officers, especially after seeing Dr. Crane with his hands handcuffed, and they didn’t know what happened.

Gordon didn’t explain anything to the doctors and nurses. He followed Dr. Crane to the basement of the Arkham Asylum.

In a room full of water pipes, a group of warriors in black combat uniforms supervised a group of mentally ill male patients, pouring buckets of white medicine into the water pipe. The white drug quickly spread out, polluting the entire water source.

After Dr. Crane brought Gordon here, the expression on his face suddenly became ferocious, and he laughed loudly, “Commissioner Gordon, do you know what fear is?”

Before the police officers could respond, the warriors in that room took the lead in pulling out their swords from their waists and charging toward the police officers. Gordon immediately returned fire with his gun.

The small-caliber pistol bullets fell on the combat uniforms of the warriors, but there was only a muffled sound, which slightly blocked the pace of the warriors’ attack. Only a shotgun or a larger caliber rifle can shoot through their uniforms and kill them.

Obviously, the uniforms worn by these warriors have certain bulletproof properties.

The police officers were beheaded by the warriors after they met each other. The men behind him pulled back Gordon.

“John, we need support. There is a mysterious group in Arkham Asylum!” Gordon is under the protection of his men, fighting and retreating and calling for backup.

Dr. Crane took the opportunity to escape from this place. Relying on his familiarity with the Arkham Asylum, he returned to his office, opened the handcuffs, took out a large bag of fear gas, put on the Scarecrow mask, and faced the armed police offers below by dropping fear gas bombs.

“Feel the taste of fear.”

After inhaling the fear gas, the Gotham officers immediately had hallucinations in front of their eyes, and they felt what terrified them the most. Some people are afraid of demons, some are afraid of poisonous snakes or spiders, and some are afraid of ghosts and spirits…

No matter what the people who inhaled the fear gas are afraid of, at this moment, the things they fear will appear before their eyes, stimulating their nerves.

“Hold your breath and put on your gas mask!” Gordon learned about the Scarecrow’s fear gas in the file Rachel gave him. Once this gas is inhaled, they will immediately hallucinate.

He almost choked on the fear gas, immediately held his breath, raised his gun quickly, and fired several shots at the Scarecrow. The police officer who had hallucinations of fear in front was not controlled, but the warrior from the rear killed him.

Sheriff Gordon suddenly fell into a bad situation. For a while, gunshots rang out, and the smell of blood and burning filled the entire Arkham Asylum. The doctors and nurses in the hospital kept rushing out of the gate.

After receiving a call from Gordon for help, John rushed into the mental hospital with armed special police officers and joined the battle. The Scarecrow threw a few more fear gases, he stopped paying attention to the battle here but quickly ran to the backyard of the Arkham Asylum.

In the open space of the backyard, a white truck was parked. Several warriors carried a huge wooden box and loaded it into the back compartment of the truck.

“Doctor Crane. He has arrived in Gotham City, and the device is ready.” A warrior walked up to The Scarecrow and said.

He glanced at the device inside the huge wooden box in the truck’s rear compartment. That is a device called a microwave transmitter. You can think of it as a long-distance large-scale oven. A superweapon made by the Wayne Group for warfare. It can evaporate the enemy’s water supply in an instant from a long distance.

This is also the most important part of the implementation of the League of Shadow’s plan to destroy Gotham City.

They first smuggled the drugs used to make fear gas into Gotham City, and then in Arkham Asylum, made the fear gas and poured the fear gas into the town water pipes.

However, just pouring it into the water pipes will not have any impact on the people. Because the fear gas is inhaled, they need a device that can instantly evaporate the entire water system into steam in order to complete their plan to destroy Gotham City.

“Let’s go then.” The Scarecrow glanced back at the Arkham Asylum with a smile and then jumped onto the truck.

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Published On: May 28, 2023

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