Bruce didn’t try to explain anything. After all, even if he shouted and said they had caught the wrong person, he’s Batman, not the Dark Knight. The police will not give up their pursuit of him. Instead of making useless excuses, thinking about how to get out is better.

“Dark Knight, you are surrounded!” John held up a megaphone on the helicopter and spoke loudly to him. The sound penetrated the night sky and echoed throughout the area.

Bruce was extremely calm at the moment. He retracted his bat cloak, jumped, jumped between two buildings, and escaped quickly with the cover of dense buildings.

Three helicopters in the sky locked Batman’s position with searchlights, and a large number of armed special policemen below armed with shields, shotguns, and other anti-terrorism equipment hunted down Batman from all directions.

“Damn it.” Bruce suddenly felt that there was no way for him to go.

Today was his first time acting as Batman, but he encountered such a large-scale hunt, which made Bruce, who had no superhero experience, a big headache.

“I should be more prepared. I need a heavy-duty tank-type Batmobile, even a Batmobile that can change directions at will…” Bruce felt that he was acting too recklessly, lacking effective plans and contingency plans.

Fortunately, the area where Bruce is located is a residential area, and it is impossible for the police to use weapons in residential areas. At least under the command of Gordon, it is impossible for this to happen.

After some maneuvering, Bruce was surrounded by armed special police, and the three helicopters in the sky also formed a siege. It seems that he is doomed.

Just when Bruce thought that his first appearance as Batman would end with being captured by the police, he suddenly noticed the sewer cover under his feet.

Bruce Wayne pulled off the manhole decisively and then jumped.

“Gordon, we lost the Dark Knight.”

“Keep searching. He must be nearby.”

“We’ve searched the entire area unless he’s hiding in a resident’s house or… the sewers!”

Bruce drilled through the sewers more than once when he was studying with his teachers worldwide, so this time, he used the sewers to avoid the pursuit of the Gotham police.

After going around for a few hours, Bruce quietly lifted a sewer manhole cover from the ground, and he crawled out of the sewer after making sure that there were no police around. Bruce could bear the stench on his body, but he couldn’t bear the embarrassing experience of being chased by the police today.

He began to reflect on himself, “It’s because I didn’t prepare well. In addition, my weapons and equipment need to be updated, and I need to leave some backups in every corner of the city.”

“Also, fucking Dark Knight. I will find you one day.” Bruce swore secretly in his heart, then dragged his bat suit and returned to his manor.


Rachel’s house.

The sheets that were just changed this evening were stained again. This time it wasn’t just the sheets that were stained but also the pillows. Rachel was dripping with sweat. She took out the pillow from her waist. It was all wet, obviously she couldn’t continue to sleep on it.

“Rorschach, my pillow is dirty. I don’t want to put it on my waist, I’m going to sleep, and I have to go to work tomorrow!”

“Why do you have to go to work tomorrow?”

Rorschach stretched out his hand to stroke Rachel’s hair, his eyes fixed on Rachel’s pretty face, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Seeing the familiar smile, Rachel only felt a backache.

“Stop. I really have to go to work tomorrow. So by the end of the year, I can become an official attorney.” Rachel rejected Rorschach’s proposal. She is a very ambitious woman. She does not go to work to make money but to have higher ideals and pursuits in life.

Rachel got out of Rorschach’s arms and walked to the bathroom.

“How’s the case with Carmine?” Rorschach also followed Rachel to the bathroom.

Rachel was defenseless. While wiping the sweat and stains off her body with a towel, she replied, “Carmine gave me a lot of evidence about Dr. Crane of Arkham Asylum involved in the smuggling. It has been handed over to Commissioner Gordon, but it is not known whether he will take action.”

Mentioning Gordon, Rorschach turned his head and glanced at the bathroom wall.

He saw through X-ray vision that he was hunting for Batman all over the city. No, it should be said that it was Gordon who was hunting for the Dark Knight. What happened tonight couldn’t escape Rorschach’s super hearing.

Gordon mistook Batman for the Dark Knight and almost mobilized the entire police force of Gotham City to hunt down Batman.


Early morning.

The first ray of sunlight dispelled the night of Gotham City, and the bright colors painted a layer of brilliant colors for the city shrouded in darkness. Gordon stared, was tired, and returned to his home. He originally wanted to lie on the bed and go to sleep, but his eyes caught sight of the unfinished file on the desk.

“The file that Rachel sent me seems to be about a gang smuggling case…”

Gordon sighed. He decided to look at the file’s follow-up and get a general idea of ​​the progress of Rachel’s investigation and then went back to catch up on sleep.

Picking up the file, Gordon yawned with his mouth wide open. He glanced blankly at the photos and text on the file. Suddenly, Gordon seemed to be awakened from his sleep, and suddenly there were strong emotional fluctuations in his eyes.

“The Arkham Asylum? Evidence of Arkham Asylum’s involvement in the smuggling case?” These are not clues anymore but evidence of a crime happening back then

Gordon suddenly felt his energy fully charged again. He grabbed the police gun on the table in high spirits and headed straight for the Gotham City Police Department.

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Published On: May 28, 2023

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