Rachel finished her day at work, and she made a detour to a supermarket to buy new bed sheets and men’s daily necessities. When she walked out of the supermarket, she saw a brand new Rolls Royce Dawn.

It was a four-seater convertible luxury sports car. Just by parked on the side of the road, it would attract the attention of countless people, not to mention the man sitting in the car, who even hugged two models from left to right like a female companion.

“Bruce?” In astonishment, Rachel stopped in her tracks and looked at the man in the car.

That person is none other than Bruce Wayne from the Wayne Group, who has been missing for many years.

Bruce Wayne also saw Rachel. He left behind the two female companions and walked quickly to Rachel. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to speak.

Rachel saw him and smiled, “When did you come back?”

“Just today, around nine o’clock in the morning.” Bruce Wayne replied.

He just wanted to say a few words, but she saw a girl walk up to Bruce’s car and urged him, “Bruce, we should go, the prom is about to start, and you definitely don’t want to miss today’s party.”

Listening to the urging of the female companions behind him, Bruce Wayne twitched the corner of his mouth in embarrassment.

In fact, he was pretending to be a playboy to cover his identity for the upcoming Batman. After all, no one would compare a superhero who punishes evil and promotes good in the dark with a young model who spends their days just drinking.

However, on the first pretending to be a playboy, he ran into his childhood friend.

Rachel looked at Bruce Wayne’s hesitant look and said, “Bruce, in your heart, maybe you are still the innocent boy you were before. But the key is not to look at your heart but what you do.”

After speaking, Rachel left quickly, heading straight to her home. Looking back at Rachel leaving, Bruce Wayne felt it would be good to leave Rachel’s life like this. At least he would not put her in a dangerous situation because of his Batman persona.

He stepped into his car Royce and drove to a certain bar with other girls laughing all the way.


The clock strikes midnight. The bells echoed in the night sky of Gotham City.

A dark figure jumped down from a height like a bat. After gliding for a certain distance, the dark figure jumped to the window of Gordon’s house.

“Jim Gordon, I have something to ask you.” Bruce Wayne, wearing a Batman suit, sneaked into Gordon’s house through the window, hoping to learn more about the crime family and the Dark Knight from Gordon.

Although it was already midnight, Gordon was still working at his desk at home. He was quite frightened by the mysterious man who broke in suddenly. When he took a closer look, he was wearing a black cloak and a black hood with two inverted triangular ears erected.

At this moment, Gordon’s heart was about to explode. He opened the drawer almost without hesitation, took out a pistol, and fired several shots at the dark figure who broke into his house.

Batman stared blankly and quickly pulled up his cloak to avoid the bullets. His bat cape is made of a special material, which is very soft but hard to destroy, and can even withstand the impact of a grenade explosion.

“Enough, Jim Gordon. I didn’t come to trouble you. I just wanted to talk to you.”

Bruce Wayne used a voice changer to change his voice and shouted at Gordon. Trying to calm him down and listen to himself. However, Gordon didn’t listen to him at all. After the pistol finished firing a round of bullets, he immediately replaced a magazine and continued to shoot.

Facing Gordon’s refusal to cooperate, Bruce Wayne cursed secretly. He retreated to the window and jumped out of the window.

“The Dark Knight has appeared. John, notify all police officers and dispatch all police forces to me. I want to arrest the Dark Knight.”

Gordon climbed out of the window while contacting his assistant, jumped onto the fire stairs on the outer wall of the building, and then chased forward the dark figure.

“Commissioner, are you sure what you saw was the Dark Knight?”

“I’m sure, 100%. He is able to fly into the sky. Of course, that’s the Dark Knight.”

“Commissioner, please pay attention to your own safety. I will immediately dispatch an armed helicopter to support you.”

“Very well.” After a short reply, Gordon ended the communication and kept jumping around in the rooms of this building.

The buildings in Gotham City are very dense, and you can easily jump from the top of the building to the top floor of the next building. Gordon is just like parkour tracking the dark figure in the night sky on the top of the building.

Bruce Wayne’s bat cape can glide in mid-air. When he landed on a building, several Gotham police officers who were talking on their walkie-talkies ran down below. The police officers heard the movement above, and when they looked up, they were face-to-face with Batman.

“Hear me out…” Bruce was about to explain something, but those police officers immediately drew their guns from their waists and fired a burst of shots in his direction of him.

In desperation, Bruce could only continue to escape.

“Damn it, if Commissioner Gordon shot me. It could be explained that I invaded his house illegally and made him feel that I threatened his life. But why did these police officers say nothing to me?”

“This is not normal…Could it be that they have mistaken me for…the Dark Knight?” Bruce suddenly wanted to swear.

“Damn bastards, You guys actually think of me as a Dark Knight?” Although Bruce doesn’t know what the Dark Knight looks like, he is definitely not wearing a bat uniform.

If they can’t differentiate between the Dark Knight and Batman, Bruce is disappointed in Gotham’s police system.

Just as Bruce was preparing to return to the Batcave, ending today’s bad day.

A helicopter flew from a distance, and a beam of bright light shot from the helicopter, locking onto the figure of Batman.

“What are they doing?!” Bruce wanted to curse.

In order to arrest The Dark Knight, the Gotham City Police Department actually dispatched multiple helicopters. In addition to the one above him, Bruce has heard the sound of helicopters flying in two directions in the distance.

Bruce couldn’t understand what was going on.

Of course, it’s normal for him not to understand. For Bruce’s intelligence cognition, he only stays at the fact that the Dark Knight killed a dozen gang members, and he doesn’t know that the Dark Knight killed the criminals very cruelly.

Even the criminal psychologists in the police department said that the inner personality of the Dark Knight is: a dangerous anti-human being who is extremely indifferent to life and has no compassion.

Hence, Gordon put the Dark Knight on the list of first-degree criminals long after the dock incident.

The massacre in the apartment that just happened raised the danger level of the Dark Knight to a higher level.

Therefore, after treating Bruce as the Dark Knight, Gordon mobilized all the forces he could use and began to chase and catch the “Dark Knight” in all directions without dead ends.

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Published On: May 27, 2023

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