“My father took away my power from me. It appears that in order to restore my divine strength, I must travel to Mjolnir.”

Thor, Rorschach, and the others said goodbye before running in the direction where the “meteor” fell. Darcy and the others exchanged glances, but the situation remained incredibly unpleasant.

Thor eventually stopped running after covering a certain amount of ground, and he embarrassedly requested Rorschach, “You, will you lend me a horse?”

“We’re sorry, but the US doesn’t have any horses. You are welcome to drive in our automobile.” Rorschach gave Norman Osborn some instructions.

Norman drove the automobile as directed even though he was really astonished and didn’t comprehend Rorschach’s actions.

“Peter, you and MJ go to Dr. Foster’s car. Let’s go and see together what kind of thing fell from the sky.” Rorschach said.

Jane Foster wanted to stay and continue studying the magical runes on the ground, but as he spoke, everyone else became interested in the objects that had fallen from the sky. As a result, they hastily snapped a few pictures and then piled into the car to start driving away.

Thor was whining to Rorschach along the way about being exiled to Midgard by King Odin, losing his godly strength, and feeling like he had a stomach full of complaints that no one could possibly understand.

Due to the fact that Rorschach was the only person in Midgard who was open to speaking with him, Thor started to argue that his father was too petty, frail, and often boasted about himself.

Darcy is currently operating the wheel of Jane Foster’s vehicle. While holding the steering wheel in one hand and sometimes looking at Peter Parker in the rear seat. Darcy remarked, “Did Mr. Rorschach get this kind of thinking recently, or has it always been like this?”

She obviously believed Rorschach could be insane.

“You are not permitted to say that about Mr. Rorschach. There must be a reason for him to act in this way, but we still don’t understand it,” said Peter and Mary Jane, who were feeling a bit unease.

“You don’t actually think that stupid guy is Thor, do you? I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Darcy replied indifferently.

“No matter who this person is, there must be something special about the aurora tonight. Perhaps when we come to the fall of the “meteor,” where fresh discoveries may be made,” Jane Foster was still contemplating the location where Thor appeared, the enigmatic rune on the earth.

“Please, is that just a small asteroid, okay? What do you expect to see? Clark Kent’s spaceship?” Darcy asked with a casual smile.

Two cars go through the night, one in front of the other. It wasn’t too far from where Thor’s Hammer had fallen. After spending several hours looking, everyone located a sizable crater.

“Am I not mistaken, is that a… hammer?”

One by one, they all exited the vehicle. Darcy gaped and peered into the crater up ahead as if she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Others also stopped breathing. From their perspective, the objects that fell from the sky were only little meteorites and the like. Even if a spaceship fell off, it was still within grasp. But a hammer is really out of place.

The focus was on Thor. Thor then caught sight of his Hammer, which gave him newfound hope. He made another attempt to call Mjolnir with his hand. The unfortunate thing was that Thor’s Hammer did not move.

“Don’t worry. Everything is under control. I’ll descend right away and raise Mjolnir.”

Thor was the epitome of what it means to be a stubborn person. He forced a smile onto his lips before falling into the large pit and stumbling toward Thor’s Hammer.

“What does this guy wish to do, Mr. Rorschach?”

“He wants to pick up that hammer.”

“I still don’t understand why a hammer just dropped from the sky or is it that we are in the middle of a reality show, and a number of cameras are pointed in our general direction?”

“Peter, it’s great that you have doubts. I concur that the camera should be in the corner.”

Thor had already arrived in front of hisĀ  Hammer as Rorschach was speaking with Peter. After a protracted separation, he smiled upon seeing his first love again. He then carefully put out his hand, holding the Hammer’s handle with gentleness.

His heart felt a comfortable sensation. Thor has been engaged in combat with his hammer for centuries. Thor views his hammer as his partner, relative, and most trusted friend in arms.

He thought that he would be able to wield his hammer with ease as usual, so he softly lifted it while clenching the handle.

However, this time Thor’s Hammer did not move at all.

Despite having a look of incredulity on his face, Thor persisted in trying to lift his hammer with all of his might. He reached out his hands to hold it. However, his hammer stayed still.

“He appears to be in difficulty. Hi, do you need assistance?” Peter said to Thor as he stood outside the pit. “If you want to pull out that hammer, I can help you,”

Peter’s sense of self-assurance is still very strong. Peter possesses an unusual strength of several tons after becoming Spider-Man, although being just fourteen or fifteen years old. As his body and age mature, this strength will only grow.

Thor, in the large hole, remained silent. He even exerted all of his strength, but nothing could make the Hammer move. Thor was aware of the spell placed on Thor’s Hammer by his father, Odin.

‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’

“Why? why am I unable to lift Mjolnir? Am I not worthy enough?” Thor shouted as though wanting to air all of his frustrations.

Peter, on the side, unable to remain still. After spending a while watching Thor wield the hammer in front of him, his heart began to itch.

“Mr. Rorschach, can I assist him? I feel pity for this man!” Peter once more sought advice from Rorschach.

Thor’s depiction of Hamlet’s tragedy impacted not just Peter but even Darcy, who felt Thor was crazy.

“Why don’t we assist him? Well, this individual must be a drama player, as he greatly presented this emotion and line.”

Darcy also made a help offer. It couldn’t help but make Rorschach laugh. He had to say that the most distinctive weapon in the Marvel universe should be Thor’s Hammer. Thor, the God of Thunder, has consistently boasted that “only I can lift this hammer” and has always felt special because of it.

But in reality, quite a few people are capable of lifting Thor’s Hammer.

For instance, Captain America covertly rehearsed using his shield and hammer despite pretending that he couldn’t lift Thor’s Hammer in front of others. Another illustration is Hela, the goddess of death, who was the original owner of Thor’s Hammer.

Vision and elevators (literally). Even Black Widow Natasha Romanoff has raised Thor’s Hammer in the comics. Lastly, there is Jane Foster, the famous female Thor.

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Published On: February 7, 2023

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